Taunton Skatepark Announcement

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Taunton Skatepark Announcement

Postby Edgie » Wed Apr 30, 2008 3:37 pm

Below is a copy of a letter sent today to the people involved with this project.

Dear All

After much soul searching I have decided that the time has come to hand on the baton as Chairman of the Community Skatepark Project (Taunton).

Since I took on the role some 5 years ago we have achieved much:-

We have land,
We have £25k pump prime funds
We have a great design,
We have planning consent,
We have a commitment from TDBC to put the current plan to tender.

However, in my opinion this is not enough, we still do not have a skatepark in the County Town of Somerset, which frankly is unbelievable.

Steve Hughes the Sports Services Manager of TDBC has been very helpful, very patient, and very supporting. The previous council leader John Williams and his team were also very supportive and demonstrated an understanding of the needs of the young people they represent, sadly the same cannot be said for the current council leader Ross Henley or his team, although they say all the right things there is no real desire or substance behind any of the words, frankly to date they have let the young people down.

Today in the local paper the headline states “ £1m Bonanza for local projects – Cash handouts for local communities to spend on tackling key issues” every councilor at council hall will have £15,000 to put into local projects, you would think that if the skatepark project was on the councils radar this would be a huge move forward, sadly it is not surprising that the current leader of TDBC has not thought of this and made contact.

I have spent the last 5 years searching for an amicable route to a new skatepark, I sought to bring the council and the young people together to develop a greater understanding of each other and learn to work together to achieve the goal of a skatepark that the county town of Somerset can be proud of, in the main we were very successful with this policy as our relationship with TDBC under the conservatives was excellent, however, at the last local election my policy failed as the new Liberal Democrat council have shown zero support to the project.

Russ Squire has kindly stepped forward offering to take up the role of the new Chairman of the Project, I am confident that handing over the baton to Russ is the right thing to do and hope you will all join me and support his election. I believe Russ will attack this challenge in a very different way to me and I really hope he achieves the final result for the sake of the people of this beautiful town, we need to cater for our young people not leave them to wander the streets. I have made it clear to Russ that I am here whenever he needs me as a skatepark for Taunton will always be something I will support.

I would like to thank every single one of you for your support, especially Guy Hague, Eric Smith, Russ Squire, and hope that you will support Russ in the same manner.

Yours Sincerely

Mark Edgecombe

You can contact Russ Squire on 01823 338404 or [email protected]
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Postby Overseer » Thu May 01, 2008 10:50 am

shocking news mate.. we've already spoken about this.. but its a shame, but hopefully some good will come of this, new blood, new life etc.. we still love you, and you'll be around regardless :)

.. and as russ's right hand man (i do the shop website, as well as help with many other things, including another local skatepark we're both consulting on) i'll be officially "on board" with this project very soon.

one thing that may be of interest to MASons is..

for the project website i'm going to do a page documenting the history of the scene here.. photo's and stories would be especially useful.

i started around 88 (around the time of the council protest led by Nick Jones, Simon Cottrell and Matt Watch) so my knowledge goes back to then and beyond up to the around 98.. didnt start again till 02's... so didnt miss much, and my friends were active then, especially thanks to jon vallance we have videos dating from the late 90s to the present day.

anything taunton folks can help with, especially from the 80s and before would be extremely appreciated. i can scan and return any pictures and media if its dropped into ape skates (east street next to the former rooster records shop) with a return address.
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Postby Thors Hammer » Sat Jun 28, 2008 11:37 pm

Some people are trying to watch the movieeeeeeee.
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