Paignton YMCA Skatepark circa 1977

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Paignton YMCA Skatepark circa 1977

Postby Kernow knowledge » Tue Aug 07, 2012 5:39 am

Found this clip on youtube of the Seventies skatepark built in Paignton Devon behind the YMCA at Clennon Valley. Photos of this skatepark are as rare as hens teeth, let alone any video footage and the clip attached appears to be the only one in existence. Unfortunatley the footage only shows the banked freestyle area. The original park was shaped like a big letter "L" with the freestyle area leading onto the top of the snake run, which although quite short did boast nice transitions if no vert. The bottom wasnt tight (ooh er missus) the same could not be said for the mini bowl that fed from the snake run. The snake run branched in two, right into the mini bowl or straight on down a very steep drop into the large bowl. The bowl was huge but the transitions were awful as was the drainage. Once the drain was blocked, and the park was no longer maintained the thing filled up with water, the weight of which pulled it clean off the side of the hill it was perched on!! The mini bowl was shaped like a teardrop with so little flat bottom it was only really ever used for carving around the lip.The freestlye area in the video had a massive wooden quarter pipe at one end and another run in ramp at the other, these went long before this video was taken

Anyawy here is the link
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Re: Paignton YMCA Skatepark circa 1977

Postby toneinblack » Tue Aug 07, 2012 1:10 pm

I think ive stopped at this park possibly early 80s with my sister , i always thought it was just out from torquay and car parking was out the front, we pulled in , walked round the back to the park area , ( we must have talked to some locals in torquay to be able to find it ) and the park was a dark sandy colour, as we looked around, somebody came out the ymca and said if we cleaned it out then we could skate it ( small bowl was filled with water and rest of park was really run down, as we only wanted a quick skate we had to pass up the offer as we were on way back to london after a holiday,
never went to park again. looks like same colour crete tho.
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