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Zebrahead - the band

PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2011 1:20 pm
by Carl Arnfield
i just interviewed them!

Re: Zebrahead - the band

PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2011 1:34 pm
by Carl Arnfield

Re: Zebrahead - the band

PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2012 11:36 am
by Carl Arnfield
You guys are from Orange County? …I have skated there a few times... any of you guys skateboard, or have done?
Yeah, I use to be way into skateboarding. Still try from time to time but I am a bit lame these days. I grew up going to the upland skate park which was amazing. Nowadays almost every city has a small skate park and the Vans one in Orange is amazing.

So you’re on your 11th album? “Get Nice”, bet that feels good …
Yeah it does feel good. We are really lucky guys to still get to be travelling the world and playing music after all these years. Consider ourselves the luckiest guys ever actually.

Are you happy with how the “Get Nice” album came out or are there things you listen back to now and wish you’d done something different?
I think as a whole we are pretty stoked. After you finish an album you have listened to it 1,000's of times so you give it a rest for a few months and then go back to it later. I had a listen a couple weeks ago and I was still cool with it so it is a GO!

Any of the albums in your massive back catalogue you’re not overly happy with, or are they perfect children spawned from your hard work?
I would say on our album "Playmate of the Year" i would have sped songs up a bit and made them a little less produced sounding. I am a fan of how our album MFZB sounded and felt so I would want things to sound similar in recording quality to that. It is a good melt between not sounding to good and not sounding to crappy....the right amount of polish???

Really good to see you can stream your album via your site, (listening while I type) it’s nice to see your not paranoid with the thought you might get your music stolen. How do you feel the whole “free music” generation these days? And how do you think the industry has changed over the years you have been writing, recording & releasing albums?
Well...there is nothing you can do to stop it these days. So you might as well embrace it. It is nice when people still buy albums...but let’s be honest here...that is an extreme minority. We have always looked at it as a way of people spreading the word about our band. More people can now hear you which leads to more places you can travel and leads to more people at the shows.

I was looking over your 2011/12 tour dates, wow, you’re covering a few miles and countries to play your music, to what looks like a hell of an amount of people, do you guys still get nervous before a tour or a gig?
I think the only time we get nervous is when it is something weird. Like yesterday we played in Berlin live on TV with NO line check and NO sound check. We just got up there and hoped that things would pull together. It worked out good but that made it more fun in the end. I would say things like that. I really enjoy when we play headline shows the best.

What’s the biggest buzz for you about playing a show?
The time on stage watching all the people go crazy is the best. I love to see the crowd go nuts and feed off the energy of the show and it in itself makes us feed off their energy.

What’s been the craziest moment on tour that sticks in your memory?
I would say we have had a ton of really messed up thing happen on tour since we have been doing it for so long. But I will go with a story from this tour. Our guitar tech and merch guy decided to have a drink off. It ended with the guitar tech crawling across the floor to find the shoes and clothes of the merch guy and throwing up in them to get revenge. Made for a really funny video and quite the most exciting night. There were a lot of hangovers last night.

So after you get off tour, what’s the first thing you guys do?
A. go to rehab?
B. vow never to see any of your band members for 6 months?
C. start writing your next album?
D. other? Please state…
I would say start writing the next album as soon as possible. I don't like wasting time and sitting on my ass. I would rather have a new album sooner than later!

From your videos you seem to use a lot of different guitars … so who’s the guitar junkie in the band?
We are lucky enough to have some guitar companies helping us out. Fuji Gen Japan has been awesome at hooking us up with custom ideas that we come up with. They sound awesome and they will design them to our any idea. Damn cool.

What’s been the most fun video to make so far?
I liked the Ricky Bobby video because it was so simple. One room that was changed out with different things going on in it. Well...that or the "Playmate" video since it was at the Playboy mansion. I will have to admit that was pretty cool.

What’s the most stupid thing any of you have done that the whole band has just said WTF!?
Umm…that happens daily... cause we are all pretty dumb guys… and find it fun and funny to make fun of each other all the time. I would say the king of that is usually Ali. He tends to get lost and things like that a lot.

And finally… After you have finish yet another tour... what’s next for Zebrahead?
We are on our quest for global domination of the beer supply of every that will continue....we are catching up....but have a long way to go! Oh...and write a new record!

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PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2012 3:13 pm
by ghost-with-the-most
Great interview, mate. I used to be quite into Zebrahead a few years ago but completely forgot about them, so it was nice to see this! Must have been really cool to have met them. My dad interviewed Reel BIg Fish a few years back, still have'nt been able to overcome the jealousy! Haha

Re: Zebrahead - the band

PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2012 9:13 am
by Carl Arnfield
..... i have to be honest i had never heard of them ...(yes i know...numpty what i am)

i was just asked to interview them, im glad i wasnt aware of WHO/WHAT they were before i accepted the interview, i think i would have been overwhelmed if i had know JUST how big a band they were/are!!

sadly it was just an email interview ... so didnt get to meet them, but they seemed really easy to deal with via email