Any good spots in Maryland?

Any nice spots/parks you want to tell everyone about?

Any good spots in Maryland?

Postby Viper » Sat Mar 02, 2013 8:22 pm

I used the search function, maybe I did it wrong but Maryland got no hits.

Anyway, to the point.
What are some good/free spots to skate in Maryland, be it Skate Parks, good random sections of streets, or etc?

I'm looking for some smooth streets, I'm not up to grinding, or jumps etc, I'm just looking for someplace good to hone my skills, I've outgrown the teeny tiny road I've been using and want to just ride, and practice my crap Ollie's till I can pull them off moving for the moment, so I'm not looking for bowls, half pipes or stairs, just good old smooth roads where I won't be hassled.

I'm open to skate parks if they offer the above, but prefer quieter places.
Ether way feel free to post experiences, and places, I'm sure this will be helpful to anyone who skates in Maryland.
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