Lanzarote Skateparks

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Lanzarote Skateparks

Postby Stu_C » Mon Apr 01, 2013 12:07 am

I've posted some pics and videos of some of my other trips to the islands in the Atlantic before. This ones from Lanzarote.

Costa Teguise
Some face to face quarters making up a half pipe. The join between the quarters and the ground is quite smootth, I was expecting worse. There's a few ledges and rail to slide a long as well.
Costa Teguise Skatepark by Stu_C, on Flickr Map

Arrieta Mini Ramp
Little mini ramp, it's about 16 feet wide with a channel and roll in that's about a foot and a half wide on one side. Nice setting next to the ocean.
Arrieta Mini Ramp by Stu_C, on Flickr Map

Arrecife skatepark
If you like to skate round and round bowls like I do, then there's not much for you here. There's a big quarter about 7 feet high with various quarters banks and ledges around the place. Great location though, right next to the Ocean.
Arrecife skatepark by Stu_C, on Flickr Map

Here's a vid of me rolling around the parks.

That's seven-ply-- seven layers of a thin veneer...
that are bonded together, cross-grain...
to form a board that's practically indestructible.
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