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sponsorship / donations q's

Postby stevieb » Sun Apr 29, 2012 8:40 pm

Good evening all,

I am currently trying to get some sponsorship / donations / product / funding from various skate related sources for our skatepark group...so far with zero success.
I have gone down the route of informing them about the project and the total cost and also of an upcoming fundraising event we are holding.
I have tried Monster / Adidas Skateboarding / Red bull and some of the larger skateboard outlets in the UK and have had what appears to be a standard "bugger off" email response.

We do have a fundraising section of the committee who are going to be targeting all the usual suspects for funding / grants etc. but I thought that the companies involved in the skate scene might be a little more sympathetic to us and our cause and at least give us something to raffle or even stickers ! But no...
Maybe it is the economic downturn or they are getting hassled for stuff all the time and only go for the higher profile projects.

If anyone on here connected with the industry or has done this before for a skatepark can possibly point me in the right direction or msg me some contacts that would be very much appreciated indeed! - Thank you...

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