My story...

where you skated ... and what you broke

My story...

Postby cyberbackpacker » Thu Jul 18, 2013 4:37 pm

Or at least some of it!

From about 11 years old to about 16/17 I skated all the time and everywhere! All of my decks were always secondhand, but that worked out because my best friend got new decks like most people get the gas bill! My only brand new deck I had was an 89/90 Hawk "street" model with the real small angular Hawk head by the front trucks and his signature by the rear trucks/tail.

When I was about 13 I asked for a launch ramp for my birthday. My dad said, "what's that?" I explained it to him and he replied, "why don't we make you one of these (moving his hand from side to side in a big "U" shape)". I was stoked... I really wanted a mini-half but didn't think we could afford it. It turned out to be 4' high, 4' wide with maybe 6' of flat iirc. And in hindsight, the transition could have been better... I had ~2" of near vert at the top of the walls! I literally rode that thing until it disintegrated beyond repair (outdoor wood ramps in Florida have a finite lifespan, regardless of materials and maintenance IME).

Those were the high times... Somewhere in the early 90's my ramp died, my friends had stopped skating, the type of riding I loved wasn't accessible and I had no interest in super flippy tricks, I didn't want to get injured and jeopardize my American football college scholarship, etc. and I slowly put the board away. I have always kept a board on me, even moving from coast to coast across the United States, and ridden it with varying levels of regularity. I found a really nice mini in my mid-20's just miles from my house and rode that for a good 4 months before I moved out of state. Aside from that stretch, my riding has never lasted much longer than a month or so at a time... life, marriage, work, children.

My oldest is 9 years old, and I had him in a skateboard camp a couple summers ago, and he enjoyed it. I am hoping to use taking him to the local park as my excuse to ride too! :twisted: That will be the story to the wife initially anyways!

So I am back for another go around... I have dabbled with Mountain Biking (only to finally be honest with myself that I've never liked biking!), rock climbing (difficult to do in a state without rock!) and I am tired of the attitudes of the early 20's guys that I play basketball with. I want something fun, some exercise, something I don't have to drive hours to participate in...

Why didn't I think about this sooner... I have always loved skateboarding!

Amazingly I never got pop shuv-its, and I still couldn't as of yesterday! I am afraid of the bail, so I wouldn't commit. Pads are needed if I want to jump into this again!

My frontside boneless though is still legit :D And I can still Ollie higher than a fire hydrant... as long as I am not moving :lol: Again, not willing to commit while rolling and risk the fall; I do have to go to work tomorrow to support the family!

There it is, or at least some of it, my skate story.

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Re: My story...

Postby GarethV » Thu Jul 18, 2013 5:00 pm

Monster ollies and Front Boneless is a pretty good starting point.

Get those pads catch those shove its and enjoy. :)
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Re: My story...

Postby Ziggy » Mon Aug 26, 2013 8:12 pm

Great story man, I hope you can manage to find some time to get back on the board :)
Perhaps, if you have the space and funds, you could consider creating a little mini ramp in your backyard as well... I'm sure you could justify it to wifey by telling her it's for your kids, which from what I've read probably would be true anyway :D

I have the same thing, amazingly enough I could do both kick and heel flips but I've never landed a shuv-it... Oh and last but not least, FS Boneless rocks!
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