Saltwell Park , Gateshead, mid to late 1970's

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Saltwell Park , Gateshead, mid to late 1970's

Postby tiptopflyer » Fri Jun 30, 2017 11:42 pm

In the mid 1970's l spent the hot summer of 76 gadding about on a Tiptop Flyer, (bought at Tescos Gateshead, Old West Street), l thought l was the bees knees, the flyer was much faster than the plank roller skate combo l was used to, however, in truth it was not good on corners and neither was l, (anyway I digress), halfway through the summer l saw my first 'plastic' board, it was stunning and if l close my eyes l can see it clearly even now decades later, red plastic with round bushes, and cherry red see through wheels. Anyway, jump ahead a few weeks later, Steve Jackson the owner of the cool plastic board, (and coolest skater in Gateshead), said would you like a go.............'What a stupid question', l thought................Soooo l jumped on and gave a few, or rather, more than a few pushes to get going. If you have ever been to Saltwell park, well its a park built on a hill, a big hill, through the centre it had a pathway which at the bottom of the incline had an open air can probably see where this is going. So back to the story, my Tiptop flyer, and its forerunner, (plank and roller skate), needed a lot of encouragement to get going, so with muscle memory and ingrained mindset keyed into how l skated, l gave the same amount of effort to the plastic board, dear God l can still picture the scene now, l must have broke the sound barrier, l had more wobbles than a Weeble, but l stayed on, l shot past burnt Geordies who were struggling with the unusually sunny summer, their faces locked with shock and surprise as this kid screamed past, l wish l could say l handled the situation like a pro.........l did not, what l did was invent 'pool' skating, but this pool was full, full of water, kids, mothers, dead flies and wasps doing backstroke, that day l lost my fear, pride and a front tooth, happy days and its started all over again, only this time l am 51 struggling to stop a Bustin Mekanik 35, and this time bushes and hedges come to my rescue :oops:
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