galston road outlaw D/H

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galston road outlaw D/H

Postby BOOMERDOG » Fri Mar 19, 2010 11:21 am

this was t'other day @ galston gorge road,a gnarly/bumpy/ twisty to say the least,
this was the first run.. :twisted: 8)

the second run didn't go so well ..blackwood ( the guy in the vid) hit an oncoming ute drifting a corner,the board got totalled & it ripped one of the big zig wheels clean off the truck ,just leaving a hub of the wheel on the axle... :shock:
luckly there was no injuries the driver of the ute was cool about it all.. :lol:

be careful out there kids..outlaw bombs can go a bit wrong sometimes..go fast!.. :twisted: :roll: :twisted: x-x ..-
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