Concussions? The end of modern sport?

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Concussions? The end of modern sport?

Postby Scissorhands » Sun May 12, 2019 12:29 am

Spate of media how scientists are coming out saying no under 12's to play contact sport.
Couple of top football strikers/headerers dead from CTE in the news this week.

USA soccer authorities banned ALL under 10's from headers, nationwide. And moves 'a foot' to remove the header from the game

Not a good time to invest in sport stocks or related businesses like physiotherapy, football boots ....

I was thinking of doing a sports coaching course and positioning myself as a skate coach for adult absolute beginners, now maybe not.
I think skating will be forced to change, and flatground freestyle and other styles of skating may make a comeback.

With so many newbies buying a board, soon getting hurt then leaving the sport and taking their money with them, a de-powering of the how - to - skate imperative will keep these early quitters and their money in the industry longer.

I have CTE and struggled with learning mini ramp and pump track due to the up and down motions jostling my brain.
So I try to stick to plazas now.
However, I think mini ramp and pump track motions kind of detoxed the tau tangles in my melon as I dont get headache or next day fatigue like I used to. But then I hardly ride mini/pump now.

Luckily, I like old school freestyle as I'm 56 and grew up with it.
Nowadays, I enjoy watching Andy Anderson skating, and think his mashup of the old and new to maybe be a genesis for future trends in skateboarding.

Kids still love zooming on concrete on wooden toys and scooters, so how its done is important as the world turns and new research shows harms in the light of truth.

Anyone with children needs to think twice when it comes to sports and concussion.

It may even be said that extreme sports can/may/does over stimulate the brain, and offers more harm than good in the long run, even without injury :shock:
The Greeks and the age of reason were also the birthplace of modern sport, so how it survives moving forward will be interesting.

I use a bicycle to get around, but the close calls and all the injury stats are worrying me to the extent I may quit cycle commutes until local cycle lanes are finished. Even then, its problematic. Had 2 bikes nicked one last week, cops do nothing as it sucks resources and 'eats into' doughnut time. Super hilly with fast descents here in Auckland too, coupled with side street traffic not seeing you, its ultra dangerous.

I recently starting walking instead as adrenal insufficiency from close calls was affecting me.
PTSD from cycling in traffic :shock:

Everything I love doing is harming my brain :shock:
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Re: Concussions? The end of modern sport?

Postby GoR64 » Tue May 14, 2019 11:15 am

I think the moment something intrinsically 'good for you', in terms of the health, progression, mindfulness that skateboarding or sports can provide, become overshadowed by the negative consequences, it's definitely time to reassess how we approach these activities.

I remember there being an attempted ban on 'heading the ball' in football in schools, essentially reserving the practice for professional players, I think safety skateboarding could be approached in a similar way: pad up unless you're really fucking good, or just for videos where you want to look cool. Unfortunately there's no reward without a certain amount of risk in many activities, so progression may come at the cost of safety, to a point.

Try enforcing rules on skateboarding though...
Don't call it a comeback...
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Re: Concussions? The end of modern sport?

Postby Scissorhands » Wed May 15, 2019 4:13 am

Interesting you mention progression.

I recently read that great skaters are those who learnt how to fall well early on, or knew this already at an intrinsic level.
Its a skill that transfers well into other areas of life, and gives a lot of confidence, like being proficient in self defense.

Of course it probably makes little difference for rugby or football headers, or most bike vs car situations.

A few weeks back I watched a lot of how to fall when skateboarding YouTubes. It was in the front of my mind for a while, but I doubted if I could automatically pull it out of the hat if required. However I did!

I lost it on transition about 2 meters up, landed in the flat on my hands and feet and went straight into a roll by pushing the ground with my hands and kicking both my feet, rolling out most of the impact.

Probably the first thing I would teach if I was a coach, how to fall, and come back to it often early on, practicing on grass and mats. Its extremely exhilarating to crash and roll out of it well, and great for self esteem and improves emotional resilience. Not quite escaping death but similar. A little bit of magic.
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Re: Concussions? The end of modern sport?

Postby Plan9Customs » Wed May 15, 2019 5:41 am

Cant always run, roll, or slide out of everything though. You play sooner or later youre going to pay. Went down hard and smacked my head and arm. No way out of it. Once I could feel my hand I had to get back up and do it again but make sure I landed it. Thats just skating and its what makes the makes and progression so rewarding.
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Re: Concussions? The end of modern sport?

Postby Scissorhands » Wed May 15, 2019 10:23 am

I think you can minimize slams by skating a certain way, specifically avoiding things like rails and forehand transition is so much more dangerous than backhand.

And guys like Mullen are so risk adverse. I am too now but not because of my dad but because I have had serious neurological dysfunction due to hitting my head.
I blame cannabis use and/or heavy drinking the night before, for many of the concussions that occurred whilst playing sports as a young adult.
I blame rugby, soccer, basketball, cycling and surfing especially, and also growing up with adhd for the rest!

As a young kid I banged my head a lot, due to hyperactivity.
I had a lot of hand tremor during my pre youth from mercury amalgam I suspect, which may have fueled/caused the adhd.

But yeah gotta pay your dues in skating, and in almost all other sports.
Met a roller derby jammer girl recently, she played at the highest level and the hits sounded pretty hard core.
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