For real men... Thunder 151mm

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For real men... Thunder 151mm

Postby OldSkoolSkater » Sat Feb 16, 2013 7:41 pm

Don't know if somebody already talked about it... an big us skate store got Thunder 151mm in stocks and now in the new Thunder 2003 catalog (thunder homepage) are listen two version (normal and light) of the Thunders 151mm.

Thunders 151 = 8.75 axle to axle ... equal to Independent 159ers.

Thunders with bones hc bushings are a good alternativ to Indys (in my eyes). Rode Indys, Thunders etc. and as quick review... they turn different than Independent -but equal good. It's a mix of a little bit less quickness but provide deeper turns. Also (in my eyes) you can ride thunders easier than Independents (more stable). They grind like nothing else.. very fast and long... but they also grind down a little bit faster than Indys. In fact of their construction.. the regular and for sure the light version are a little bit light-weight than Indys.

But finally, for me - who (re) found his big luv in "bigger" boards 8.88 - 9.5 it's good to see that also Truck Co. cares again about the "older folk" ;-)


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