8.38 deck, Indy 149 hollows, spitfire 80HD, risers?


8.38 deck, Indy 149 hollows, spitfire 80HD, risers?

Postby chris6teez » Tue Mar 12, 2019 11:43 am

Hey all,

Setting up a cruiser, street, tranny deck. Wondered if anyone is running the 80HD and how they are getting on with them? I’m after a longboard feel with street performance and think the 80s will be a good compromise? I am after a true all terrain board for English terrain. What size risers if any should I put on these hollow 149 with 54mm 80HD chargers?

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Re: 8.38 deck, Indy 149 hollows, spitfire 80HD, risers?

Postby xsaraman » Tue Mar 12, 2019 8:39 pm

I have been skating them every now and then. They are really nice for cruising. But i did not feel comfortable doing street tricks with them.
They bounce around a lot. I kicked once away the board, maybe an ollie on flat. And it bounced straight back towards me.
So i only cruise with significantly softer wheels.
Right now i run one setup with minilogo 90a. Still soft, less bounce.
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Re: 8.38 deck, Indy 149 hollows, spitfire 80HD, risers?

Postby warwick » Tue Mar 12, 2019 10:46 pm

You shouldn’t need risers with 54mm wheels, unless your trucks are so loose they wobble. I’d only use risers with 58mm and up, and then only 1/8”

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Re: 8.38 deck, Indy 149 hollows, spitfire 80HD, risers?

Postby reckless toboggan » Wed Mar 13, 2019 12:24 am

[obiwan]These are the wheels you're looking for...[/obiwan]

https://powell-peralta.com/powell-peral ... mm-90a-4pk

I have them on a board I set up for exactly the purposes you're describing. Soft enough for cruising the really crappy, cracked and cobbly rotting asphalt streets and sidewalks around here, good enough speed for bowls and a bit more grippy so you don't slip out.


The angle of this picture makes them look tall and narrow, but they are wideish, not quite as wide as the 80HDs. At 56mm, they're might feel a little tall at first, but that'll go away once you realize that they'll just keep on rolling over the rough stuff, and how much you can really work them in a surfy kind of way. Also, keep in mind that at 56mm diameter, they actually only make you 1mm higher off the ground than a 54mm diameter, and they're only 1mm closer to your deck than 54mm.

As far as street tricks, like grinds and stuff on unwaxed/unprepped concrete, they will hang up more than the 103A STF Bones (obviously). But they also hang on to square flatbar, round flatbar, and coping really well due to their 90A durometer and sidewall shaping (conical), so you're not as likely to slip out of lock on the coping.

I run a thin (1/8" = 3mm) riser on my setup with hollow forged Indy's, but it's more for peace of mind than anything else. You could easily run them without risers, especially as they wear down a bit, and even more so if your deck wheel base is longer than 14.25".
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