Towabro on longboard in West Warringon?

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Towabro on longboard in West Warringon?

Postby MikeJB » Sun Apr 13, 2014 12:58 pm

Hi all, I am brand new to the forum. Got a longboard a month ago after not skating for 20-odd years. Got a longboard due to the amazing footpaths around West Warrington (specifically Whittle Hall & Chapelford).

The lack of hills is a bit of an issue though. However, I was googling and found a YT video - search Youtube for:
skateboarding towabro style
(wouldn't let me post a URL as its my first post)

So I bought myself a waterski tow rope (cheaper than a "Towabro" plus I can vary the length of the rope), and the missus has taken me out for a few tows with her peddling my bike, my toddler daughter on the front bike seat and me getting towed!

I would like to get out a lot more though and so am looking for a tow buddy ! You tow me, I'll tow you, haha.

I live in Whittle Hall and there is a great smooth asphalt path that follows along Whittle Brook stream, and goes for about a mile, in three sections.

Also, I am going to make myself a "big stick" so as to get some land paddling done - search Youtube for
land paddling at it's finest

PM me if you want to get towed and do some towing. All you need is your board as I have the bike and tow rope.
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