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OK this might seem like a odd place to go skating, but I was lucky enough to hook up with Nick Smith and Matty in the fall of 2004 and skated with them at Stockport Bowl where Nick said he was looking to build a pool and skate park in India ……….

As we all know there is a lot of talk in the skate world and most of it never gets done, so what a shock it was when i get a call a few months later saying it was being built and would I go over and skate it …

Anyone that knows me will know that I travel … and if there is a pool to skate Iam there!

So on the 9th Dec I set off on this little adventure, I arrive at the park at around 5pm and time to skate!

After we coked the pool lines were much easier to find and for the next 7 days it was wake up at 8am(ish) and skate before breakfast, and before the sun got too hot

What none us expected was to find snakes in the pool, and guess who got the job of removing the snake!!! ME! … pics to follow

Mosquitos are a fucking pain and I did get attacked most days, but to be honest your skating in almost paradise here and you really had to kick yourself every 10 mins to realize where in the world you are, but finding centipedes 4 inches long seeing monkeys in the trees and butterflies and dragon flyes flying around you, you just smile and say “fuck I am skating in India!”

Indians have never seen skateboarding and you normaly finish your run to look up to see a handfull of very confused old Indian men looking at you wondering what the hell your doing, but that made the trip just that little bit more fun.

Most days skating stopped around 11am as was a little bit too warm and we headed off to the beach for a rest and food, the beaches are awesome really quiet .. as you can see ..

Food is Cheap here as if you like Indian food you will fucking love this place, one meal for 3 cost us 60p …. so it isn’t like you need a lot of cash once your there

I have to say it did take me a few days to get to grips with the half pipe but well worth it, Matty, who got there a week before me ripped the half pipe to bits, awesome skater and is out there all season … so fuck knows what he will be skating like when i go back out there… lucky bugger!

I guess it is hats off to Nick Smith for having the vision to build this park, other features are ledges and stair sets, and once the half pipe is bowled out in the shallow end it will be awesome, and give us pool fools more corners to work with

Ok thats about all the footage i have untill i get the CD with the video footage after xmas, but more info at www.sk8goa.com so you will just have to deal with silly pics …… and what is that saying never work with children and animals !!!!

October 18, 2009 by Wo ody

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