Day 1 – Travel Day – Manchester – Houston

As ever a cold day in Manchester as we set off to Texas USA (via Chicago), a long flight but past quickly due to our inane babble about fuck all on the plane…Arrive in Houston TX to find it very warm and very sunny … result!

Ken Owens one of the “Texas Pool Sharks” meet us at the airport and one the introductions were done we headed off to meet Big John (Tex) Gibson for a few beers and a few shots of Wild Turkey 101 (very rough whisky) in a “very” dubious bar on the outskirts of Houston full of people your mother warned you to stay clear of!, thankfully I never listened to my mother.

A few (too many) drinks later and it was like we had all known each other for years and the banter just flowed, I guess that’s the effect of the 101 kicking in?…. as you can see in the pics… Tex was a little to keen to show his imitation willy ?

Seems Rich was so impressed this he was trying to imitate it at every moment of the trip there after !!!! GET over it dude!.

Then it was off to a Mexican food place were we just laughed and joked about skating and music and just about everything else in-between, a very amusing start to the trip.

The jet-lag was kicking in by this point so it was off to find a “Motel 6″ and crash for the night before the drive to Austin in the morning……

Day 2 – Austin TX

Well as ever on this trip it was off to find a Denny’s or something about the same to eat dead stuff and eggs (steak and eggs), oddly enough Ken wasn’t feeling to great after the Turkey 101 and really couldn’t face food …. call yourself a Pool Shark !!!!

Once feed and buckets of coffee was consumed it was on the road and head to the the “69 Bowl” at the Skatepark of Austin.

And what a fucking bowl it is, 6 feet shallow end and a nice 9 feet in the deep end and fast as hell, this has to be one of the best wooden bowls I have skated, the hips and waterfall just made the ride so easy, lines a plenty and the locals as ever ripped the place apart.

The street course I was told was great as well and some of the locals just ripped it to bits, but anyone that knows me will know that I like corners and round stuff.

After several hours of flinging ourselves around the bowl it was time to leave and head to San Antonio where we knew that Daune Peters new band “Gunfight” where playing a small club of 6th Street.

And what a gig, his new band rocks, if you get chance to see his new band go see them, but the other top band that night was “Love = Death” but way too much Lone Star Beer was drunk …. hick! .. and as ever silly pics taken…

Day 2 – San Antonio

So as you can get a late night watching bands and drinking beer, sort of made for a SLOW start to the day, but we got an invite to skate a ramp called “The Claw”

Put it this way I was out of my league in this ramp 12 feet high and a foot + of over vert!!!! this was a invite only ramp for amazing skaters, awesome ramp and Carter “Dusto” Dennis ripped this place apart and Rich did a fucking front side grind on the over vert section, I have to say I was a complete girl on this ramp….. you have to know your limitations to learn when you have to skater harder.

Hats off to Dusto for building a ramp of this magnitude

The it was time to head on down to Corpus Christi to skate a new park called Ingleside and the 2 new bowls, “The Amoebae and “The flow bowl”.

It was a long drive but the park was fucking killer and one of the best I have ever skated

Meeting us there was more of the “Texas Pool Sharks” Chris “yes sir” , Lewis, Fred and his son Brad, and a few others, I have to say Rich and I was made to feel really welcome and had a great laugh with all of them,

Since it was getting late and we needed to find another motel and eat we left the park and headed off to prepare for a morning at Ingleside park

This is sort of a clover leaf bowl that was 6 feet shallow, 7 feet mid bowl and 10 feet deep in the deep bowl, This has to be one of the best made bowls I have ever skated, it just flowed and front side or backside it sent you right into the next bowl…. perfect!

Day 2 – Ingleside – Corpus Christi / San Antonio

OK so after more dead stuff and eggs for breakfast and shit loads of coffee, we headed to the Ingleside park again to skate with a few of the pool sharks and as ever we had a blast, you can’t have a bad day when the sun is shining and you have perfect crete to skate, that’s heaven right?

But i really want to say thanks to RoseAleta and her staff at the park she was so cool and let us skate for free since we traveled from the UK … your one cool lady

for the nerdy skaters the Shallow 6.5 feet, pocket 7.5
feet, and deepend 10 feet.

Well after a few hours we get a call from Dusto in San Antonio, he has cleaned a pool and we are welcome to skate it, So we said our good bye’s to the Sharks and headed to the pool

Shallow Hall Pool, is a 1930′s pool .. that’s right nineteen thirties , it is permission only and I can’t say where it is other than San Antonio, but what I can say it is fucking gnarly and the session was going off when we got there and as ever Dusto was ripping the place apart, no coping and only 4 feet deep and it has very and over vert!

The dusk sets in quick in Texas so it wasn’t long before it was too dark to skate, shame really since it was a killer pool, but it was great to get the invite to skate such a place

Day 5 – Army’s Bowl / San Antonio

So…. off we go to the middle of nowhere to skate a Army’s private bowl, nicknamed the Pony Bowl since the pony was watching us from the side ….Small but perfectly formed :)

What a great bowl, no coping as yet, but it was being molded and it will be fitted at some point, but that didn’t stop us have a lot of fun skating this bowl, I guess it is like two shallow ends of Stockport bowl glued together,

Then it was back to meet another Pool Shark at the “69″ bowl and then I have to say I slammed the door on Ken’s fingers OUCH!… sorry dude… I hope you can still play guitar?, then long drive back to Houston ….An few beers and a laugh as we talked over the trip.

At this point I really want to say a massive thanks to Ken and all the Texas Pool Sharks (Dusto, Fred, Chris, Lewis, Brad, Big Tex, and all the guys that that we skated with in Texas, it was one hell of a road trip and you guys made it the best… see ya next year

Silly Pics

March 10, 2014 by Wo ody

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