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Name: Peter Noble. / [email protected]
Town/Area: London East (Org. Hamilton. Scot)
Started Skating: 1977
Fave Terrain: Smoooth Crete
Fave park ever: Livi
Least fave park: Ha!, there are quite a few!

Fave board ever owned: Variflex Hirsch, 9" Indys, Sims wheel 2
Most memorable skate moment: Nailing that skate to a plank of wood. Never
been the same!
Brief comments: I wish for decent concrete in London (excepting Meanwhile,
course). I wish, I wish

  My name is John Washington / [email protected]
Age: 38
Town: Dallas, Texas
Started Skating: 1975

Total years skating: Unknown
fave terrain: whatever my buddies are riding
fave park ever: Oasis
Least fave park: I’m not a hater
Fave board: Zorlac "gargoyle"
Most memorable skate moment: my first trip to a skatepark "Carlsbad"
77 or 78

brief comment:never stop trying to learn new tricks. i like your web-site.
picture on the way.

Name: Andy Elliott / [email protected]

Town/Area: Portsmouth
Started Skating: 1985 / 2005 again
Fave Terrain: Vert/Minis
Fave park ever: Southsea/latimer road vert/Rom
Least fave park: gotta think about that one!!!
Fave board ever owned: The very first Zorlac Abrook brothers deck, indys,
Bullet 66′s (I Think!!)

Most memorable skate moment: Seeing the isle of wight mini for the first
time in ’87 or so.. its
was straight out of animal chin.. landing my first caballerial in ’88 is
up there too…
Brief comments: Best thing I ever did was lose my inhibitions and get back

Name: Ryan Slee – [email protected]
Age: 32
Town/Area:Barry, South Wales, UK
Started skating: 1985

Total years skating: 20 years on and off (more off these days)
Fave terrain: Concrete
Fave park ever: Radlands
Least fave park ever: The Knap,Barry
Fave board ever owned: H-Street Ron Allen/Schmitt Stix Bryce Kanights (Gargoyle
1 I think)
Most memorable skate moment: Bones Brigade Tour ’89

Brief comments: Skate with your kids, show em its not all flips and switch!

Name: Lee Moses / [email protected]

Age: 37
Town: Poplar
Started skating 1979-’81 started back 2003…Never too late to start back.
Fave park new Meanwhile(3 bowl) Plus any skatepark that’s free…skatin
should be free.
Skate buddy:Peter Noble(shredder) plus who wants to hook up.
Fave skate moment: still to come…(dropping in for the first time was something

Name: Mark Lawrence / [email protected]

Age: 42
Town/Area: Romford, Essex
Started skating: 1976
Total years skating: 5
Fave terrain: just gentle ramps and slopes
Fave park ever: the Rom

Least fave park ever: is there any
Fave board ever owned: Benjyboard meanwhile madness, ex tracks and white
Most memorable skate moment: breaking a council run ramp by getting too
Brief comments: aint skated in years now my youngest has started and guess
what…Ive still got the bug

Name: Paul Stephan / [email protected]
Age: 30
Town/Area: Hamburg, Germany
Started skating: 1985/86

Total years skating: always, sometimes more, sometimes less
Fave terrain: street
Fave park ever: schoolyard in my old village
Least fave park ever: see above
Fave board ever owned: SC Rob Roskopp 87 (eye-design), venture trucks, OJII
Most memorable skate moment: skating with my good old friend Holger aka
Harry in 1988 and know again in 2005

Brief comments: the knees hurt, the fun stays.

Name: Matt Cook / [email protected]

Age: 16
Town/Area: Yate
Started skating: 2001
Total years skating: 4
Fave terrain: Big bowls
Fave park ever: Yate

Least fave park ever: Pucklechurch
Fave board ever owned: Blank 8.25 with AC/DC grip.
Most memorable skate moment: First ever drop in. 8th go lucky.
Brief comments: If your not having fun skating then stop doin it!!!

Name: Ed Slateford / [email protected]
Age: 37
Town/Area: London
Started skating: 1976

Total years skating: 8
Fave terrain: smooth concrete
Fave park ever: yet to ride it
Least fave park ever: these crummy halfpipe/rail/funbox/quarter pipe efforts
that are all over the place.
Fave board ever owned: can’t remember what the deck was called (Skoda??),
but it had a palm tree motif under clear griptape, set up with some Tracker
halftracks and 70mm blue Kryptonics. This was the seventies, clearly.
Most memorable skate moment: the summer of 1976

Brief comments: It’s not how good you are, but how much you enjoy it.

Name: Golden G. Richard / [email protected]

Age: 40
Town/Area: New Orleans, LA
Started skating: 1977
Total years skating: 1977-1988: lots, now: lots
Fave terrain: Smooooth transitions!
Fave park ever: Any!

Least fave park ever: None!
Fave board ever owned: Kryptonics K-Beam, 11.25" wide
Most memorable skate moment: 12 360s!
Brief comments: I skated almost every day between 1977 and the late
1980s. Since then, I’ve pulled whatever board was still alive out of

the closet every few years for a short ride, then for some reason didn’t

continue riding. This time (2005), it’s until I can’t skate anymore!

  Name: Toby Slight
Age: 20
Town: Stockbridge, Hampshire
Started skating : April 1998
Fave terrain: Weird concrete things like Playing place, Slade farm,etc.

Fave park ever: Southsea

Least favorite park ever: none
Fave board ever owned: My first – a cheap banana shaped £20 complete
from allsports!
Most memorable skate moment: Its a tie between landing my first kickflip
with both feet and the realisation it was time to start skating again after
3 years in the wilderness!
Brief comments: I’m finally ready to return to what I love and I couldn’t
be happier

Name: Steve de la Rosa / [email protected]
Age: 42
Town/Area: Glasgow
Started skating: 1975 through to 1978

Total years skating: 5 on and off (mainly off ! )
Fave terrain: Pools and Mini Ramps ( i can dream ! )
Fave park ever: Brookfield Hall Sunday skate club Ashford , Kent (thanks
Mr King! )
Least fave park ever: Not Braved that one yet but Will do this week !
Fave board ever owned: Super Deluxe from Tesco bought by Dad ! Slick willy

Poolrider/Kryps withCali Slalom Pro .

Most memorable skate moment: Looking at the Cali Slaloms and Gullwing Trucks
, Wheels and Stickers through a glass case when i was 11 and running home
to cut out the logos from a magazine and sticking them on my Super deluxe
and helmet with sellotape ;-) I was and still am Hooked !
Brief comment : Never to old to do the right thing , To have a dream , to
fall over and make an arse of yourself ! trust me i know !

  Name: Zach Attack Lepak / [email protected]
Age: 16
Started skating: like 3 years?
Total years skating: alot i bet
Fave terrain: pipes, gaps, drops, poolz

Fave park ever: a fullpipe in a feild
Least fave park ever: none
Fave board ever owned: Wide one
Most memorable skate moment: stalefish over the chanell
Brief comments:

Name: Ben Gazzal / [email protected]
Age: 29
Town/Area: Melbourne Australia, then Paris France / St Germain en Laye area

Started skating: 1987
Total years skating: 10 with break at some point
Fave terrain: Streets and bowls. Jump ramps !
Fave park ever: Bassins under the Eiffel tower, then Bulleen bowl, Prahan
Least fave park ever: 2ème vague ramp
Fave board ever owned: my first vision "psycho stick" ( sentimental
reasons ) then the Natas models I’ve had, old school boards and then my
first new, also a Natas…

Most memorable skate moment: learning to ollie, followed ,many years later,
(after the discovery of them little light new boards almost the size of
a freestyle model-and new muscular strength) by the first time I ollied
over that bench and cleared it. Oh and skating the Eiffel tower bassins,
the whole 340 team thing.Oh and seeing Animal Chin, the video.

Name: Lee Nolan / [email protected]

Age: 30
Town/Area: Tonbridge, Kent
Started skating: 1989
Total years skating: 10 ish (with big gaps)
Fave terrain: Flat,Steps (and enjoying learning mini at the moment)
Fave park ever: Romford

Least fave park ever: Currently Unit 1 in Rochester (too damn slippery)
Fave board ever owned: My first.. whatever it was
Most memorable skate moment: First time at Romford ("they actually
made this for skateboarders?…woah!!!")
Brief comments: If I can’t skate in heaven, I’ll demand a refund.

Name: Garrison Parge’ / [email protected]

Age: 41
Town/Area: Amarillo, Texas
Started skating: 1975 (do plastic boards count?)
Total years skating: 20 years off so that would be 10.
Fave terrain: Pipes Baby!
Fave park ever: Paramount, California (just for sheer intimidation!)

Least fave park ever: Just having a park is a good thing no matter the
Fave board ever owned: My Tejas prototype. Indys and gyro double conicals
Most memorable skate moment: Skateboarder Magazine shoot for May 1979 issue

at AMMO pipe.
Brief comments: Thanks to my good friend Ken O. for telling me of middle

shred! You Brits Rock! Can I come live there?

  Name: Darren (Jay) Adams

Age: 34
Town/Area: Briz Vegas
Started skating: 1976
Total years skating: have always owned a skateboard since then
Fave terrain: Bowls, hills
Fave park ever: Inala QLD Aust. (complete with cradle)

Least fave park ever: all mini bowls near my home J
Fave board ever owned: Powell Peralta (Tony Hawk), Variflex and Slimeballs
…which I still ride regularly
Most memorable skate moment: the skateboard book I got for my 8th birthday
which was when I first saw pictures of the dogtown skaters who my friends
and I then tried to imitate and now everytime I ride a bowl with my 10 year
old son
Brief comments: a moment of silence for my element deck and independent
truckslying in a muddy grave at the bottom of the Briz Vegas river…..I
miss you my friend


Name: Peter Kittle / [email protected]

Age: 41 (as of August 2005)
Town/Area: Chico, California
Started skating: 1977
Total years skating: Probably 6 (very little from 1981-2004!)
Fave terrain: parks/ramps
Fave park ever: Medford, OR

Least fave park ever: Haven’t found one that I hated yet …
Fave board ever owned: G & S FibreFlex Pro Rider, Gull Wing Pros, big
Most memorable skate moment: Breaking a buddy’s Z-Flex Jay Adams when it
was just a day and a half old!
Brief comments: Still don’t do much more than carves & kickturns, but
I have a blast!

Name: Matt Miller / [email protected]
Age: 29
Town/Area: Harrow

Started skating: 1988
Total years skating: 15 years or so
Fave terrain: Street
Fave park ever: Radlands, Northampton
Least fave park ever: East Dereham, Norfolk
Fave board ever owned: Tough one this. Either Plan B Danny Way – Hannibal
Lecter graphic (1991 I think) or Powell Peralta Ray Barbee (1990)

Most memorable skate moment: Seeing Tony Hawk and Bucky Lasek at Southsea
Skatepark in 1991, or the Abrook brothers doing a mini ramp demo at OultonBroad
Park in 1990
Brief comments:

  Name: colin white / [email protected]
Age: 39
Town/Area: ryde, iow
Started skating: mid 70′s
Total years skating: about 8
Fave terrain: obscure

Fave park ever: anything a bit odd/crap
Least fave park ever: quarter/driveway/quarter types
Fave board ever owned: loved all but 1
Most memorable skate moment: 3 days ago when out skating i realised how
ridiculous it was…and it felt good
Brief comments:

Name: Gavin "Bod" Bodill
/ [email protected]
Age: 31

Town/Area: Driffield, East Yorkshire
Started skating: 1987
Total years skating: 18
Fave terrain: Mini-ramp
Fave park ever: Skatopia, Driffield
Least fave park ever: enjoyed them all really

Fave board ever owned: Lucero Red Cross
Most memorable skate moment: Anytime I do a old, forgotten trick and have
the young bloods say "what the fuck was that!!
Brief comments:

Name:Tim "Chinny" Brown
/ [email protected]
Town/Area:Ipswich until 18 months ago,now Woodbridge.

Total years:Never stopped,so…19 years.
Fave terrain:Smooth,flowing ‘crete & big,long hills.
Fave park:Rom(despite claiming to love "smooth crete"!)
Least fave park:Anywhere that requires a lot of ollieing!

Fave board ever:First Lucero Red Cross(before Santa Cruz took over the pressing)
with San Diego trucks & Cockroach wheels.
Most memorable skate moment:Watching Steve Crone coffin-bomb-drop into Rom
pool in the rain-NUTTER! Apparently he’s a Royal Navy diving instructor
Brief comment:Thank god for M-A-S & Oldskaters,for reminding me there’s
more to skating than seeking the approval of 15 year old lemmings! Skating’s
FUN again!!!!!

  Name Jon Lamb / [email protected]
Age 41
Town Southsea
Started 1975

Total years skating apart from the last 4 years ever since
Fave terrain banks
Fave park liked them all
least fave as above
Fave board Bristol skateboard centre Cheapskate, fulltracks and 70mm green
Most memorable moment hitting the coping for the first time (a small bowl
in Western Supermare on holiday)

Copmments Glad to see i m not the only old bugger still trying to do it

  Name: Ben Potts / [email protected]

Age: 29
Town/Area: Horsham, West Sussex
Started skating: 1987
Total years skating: 1987-2005 (on and off :)
Fave terrain: Street, Blocks, Steps, Banks, Ditches, Learning to Sk8 Minis…
Fave park ever: Fairfield Halls, The Level, Stockwell, Mount Hawke.

Least fave park ever: None.
Fave board ever owned: Lucero, Tracker Six Tracks, Slimeballs….Nice!!
Most memorable skate moment: Watching the Gonz at Southbank….Melonchollies
at Fairfields…Midnight Coffins in Reigate !
Brief comments: Televisions create light ???!!!???

Name: Steve "Nukes" Cuthbert
/ [email protected]
Age: 33
Town/Area: Llandudno North Wales, Used to be South Shields.

Started skating: 1976
Total years skating: 26 and a half years
Fave terrain: everything
Fave park ever: rhyls old park
Least fave park ever: Llandudno’s new one
Fave board ever owned: Shaun Sheffy (think spelt right) on girl skateboards,

7 and half inch with a narrow tail. Has been my most progressive board.
Most memorable skate moment: Seeing Danny Way throw a huff at Shrewsbury
vert and bowl. What a spoilt little shite he was then. And look at how he’s
improved now!
Brief comments: Always been on a board, always will be on a board!!!

Name: Turbo Lux [email protected]
Age: 35
Town/Area: Hamburg/ Germany
Started skating: 1984

Total years skating: 21
Fave terrain: vert and vertical bowl
Fave park ever: Lincoln City (OR)
Least fave park ever: Bologna, Italy
Fave board ever owned: the first subVert deck!
Most memorable skate moment: My “Gros Plant” on Gros’ Head
in 1988 and then again in 2005 (

Brief comments: Vert never dies!

Casey Marzetti / [email protected]

Bonita Spings florida
35 years
Fav park Apple skatepark, cherryhill,upland
least fav i loved them all

fave board Lamar it was light
most mem moment There were so many i would say skating with elguera
in the egg bowl.
These days i skate pretty much everything me and my son giovanni now
14 we love to go in shred a pool .

Name:David Neer / [email protected]
Age: 38

Town/Area: Zanesville, Ohio
Started skating: April 2005
Total years skating: 1
Fave terrain: ramps
Fave park ever: Evolution Skatepark Canton Ohio
Least fave park ever: Newark, Ohio (halfpipe excluded).

Fave board ever owned: Alien Workshop Heath Kirchart Chaos
Most memorable skate moment: watching old footage of Jay Adams in Dogtown
– going fast down-hill
– it expressed freedom to me – At that moment, all the reasons and subtle
pressures that would
keep me from getting on a board fell.
Brief comments: Skating is aggression searching for joy…good for the glutes

Name: Pietro Swalens / [email protected]
Age : 26
Town/Area : London / Islington

Started skating : 1987
Total years skating : 10 (Altogether)
Favourite terrain : Anything skateable
Favourite park ever : Breakers beach (South Africa)
Least favourite park ever : None
Favourite board ever owned : Caballero (Still own it ! The origional –

restored now !)
Most memorable skate moment : 17 years old – First backside air
Brief comments : It’s been toooooo many years since I skated properly, but
I’m getting back in there !!

Started skating: 1988

Total years skating: 17
Fave terrain: STREET
Fave park ever: KENNINGTON
Least fave park ever: NOT SKATED THAT MANY PARKS
Most memorable skate moment:180 FAKIE NOSE GRINDS DOWN CONCRETE BLOCK DOWN

Brief comments: SKATERS


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