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Name: Jonathan Ware / [email protected]
Age: 39
Town/Area: Lexington, Kentucky
Started skating: 1974
Total years skating: 4
Fave terrain: Long steady inclines and mellow bowls.

Fave park ever: Louisville Extreme Park
Least fave park ever: I have not found it yet.
Fave board ever owned: Sector 9 Flexy Cloud 9.
Most memorable skate moment: Yet to be found.
Brief comments: Pain is weakness leaving the body.


Name:Jan "Janne" Harrysson / [email protected]

Started skating:1977-1981,2005-present(thanks to my son Benjamin 9 who
make me start over again).
Total years skating: 5
Fave terrain:Miniramps,quarter pipes,banks,bowl,some vert ramp,street…I
would like to ride one of those classic halfpipes again.The U-shaped ones
with no flat bottom.
Fave park ever:The New Sport House indoor skatepark in stockholm.This
was the place to be during the late seventies.

Least fave park ever:Nothing comes to mind.
Fave board ever owned:My fave board was probably a New Sport Booster (10×30,
no concave)with red kryptonics.Can´t recall the trucks.Or my new
Bulldog Quadplane 2nd gen.
Most memorable skate moment:Skating New Sport House and watching the local
team(Tony Magnusson,Per Viking,Tobba Stenstrom…)practice and doing shows.4-6
people was lyin on the ground andI jumped over them.
Brief comments:Why did I give up in 1981?What a stupid *&@`§{}@
I was,butIt´s never too late to start over!Just have fun!

Name:Philip Bond / [email protected]

Town/Area: Adelaide South Australia
Started skating: 1977
Total years skating: 28 on off
Fave terrain: concrete bowls wooden parks
Fave park ever: Rolling Thunder Brentford UK, Pipeline and Carlsbad Ca.
Look Ahead and Bruma Lake Johannesburg
Least fave park ever: Putney pisshole

Fave board ever owned: 70s 80sBenjy Boards Sablosky phoenix trucks and benjy
boots. 80s 90s tony hawk 1990 model, Now my PIG.
Most memorable skate moment: Too many to mention, skated in presence of
Shogo Kubo( in Uk), Tony Alva (in Ca), Steve Schneer and the airborne Zorlac
team, Tony Hawk and Ray Barbee(in RSA). Also Sven Martin (now Turner Honda
MTB),Rory Hinds, Dallas Oberholzere & Greg Finch all South African rippers.
Brief comments: !!%kg and still snapping boards, What a freekin laugh.Great
site full of skate gods!!!!

Name: Ian Jenkinson / [email protected]
aka thebaron
Age: 40
Town/Area: London
Started skating: 1976

Total years skating: 1976-1980, 1984-86, 2005-?
Fave terrain: concrete parks, banks, ramps, pools etc
Fave park ever: Malibu Dogbowl Nottingham, The Cove Santa Monica
Least fave park ever: hhmmm let me think
Fave board ever owned: Benjyboard competition 2, mid-tracks and powerflex
Most memorable skate moment: first time into Malibu Dogbowls bowl shite
it was scary!

Brief comments: 2005 back on a board and more team pain!

Name: Renatao D’Oliveira / [email protected]

Age: 44
Town/Area: Porto Alegre,RS ,Brazil
Started skating: 1972
Total years skating: A lot (26 years off)
Fave terrain: Pools & parks (vertical)

Fave park ever: Swell Skate Park
Least fave park ever: Swell Skate Park
Fave board ever owned: my board now: Powell caballero 9.5 x 32 ,Indys
169 and Black label Blood drop wheels
Most memorable skate moment: When I returned to the coping after 26 years
Brief comments: SwellSkateboarders Rules!!!

Name: Matt Sefton / [email protected]

Age: 39
Town/Area: Newcastle upon Tyne
Started skating: 1977
Total years skating: 8-ish
Fave terrain: bowls, pools, moguls, fullpipes
Fave park ever: Plymouth Zoo (for the skating), Tynemouth Plaza (for the

Least fave park ever: Hartlepool’s deadly metal ramps
Fave board ever owned: Dogtown Jim Muir, Trackers, Kryptonic conicals
Most memorable skate moment: Stepping into a full pipe for the first time,
Plymouth, ’79/80-ish
Brief comments: Thank you MAS for being there when I needed it.

Name: Richard Roberts / [email protected]
Age: 30
Town/Area: North Wales
Started skating: 1995

Total years skating: About 8
Fave terrain: Transition
Fave park ever: Stevenston, Scotland
Least fave park ever: The original gravel-floored(!) park in Holyhead!
Fave board ever owned: Stereo Jason Lee
Most memorable skate moment: My first ever (small) bowl to bowl transfer
in Blantyre a few weeks ago

Brief comment: It’s good to be scared

Name: Tom Edwards / [email protected]
Age: 31
Town/Area: st albans
Started skating: 1988
Total years skating: in total about 10
Fave terrain: street, mellow crete

Fave park ever: harrow
Least fave park ever: playstaion, brilliant but too modern and crowded
Fave board ever owned: SMA Natas
Most memorable skate moment: Meeting Matt Hensley
Brief comments: just moved to Herts with no one old school to skate with,
please be my friend.

Name: Mark (Bayvanman) Petersen
/ [email protected]

Age: 31
Town/Area: Luton
Started skating: 1984
Total years skating: On and off for donkeys…
Fave terrain: Smooth slopes/wide hills and car parks
Fave park ever: never go to parks

Least fave park ever: never been
Fave board ever owned: Powell Sidewalk Surfer
Most memorable skate moment: A tad to much to drink and boarding to Somerfields
in Newquay from the B&B and the Welsh Valleys.
Brief comments: I’m slowly becoming a mad collector of boards, Still Stoked
(6ft 1"), Powell Sidewalk Surfer (46"), Aircraft (Ally deck),
Envy (Classic ’57),Vision (Ouija), SMA (Alan Petersen) Decks x2 and a generic
"Panic" shortie. But it’s longboards for me now. :)

Name: Rob Kittler / [email protected]
Age: 30

Town/Area: Birmingham UK
Started skating: About 1987
Total years skating: Getting on to be 19 – thats scary when you think about
it! There were a few big breaks though.
Fave terrain: Ramps
Fave park ever: Not sure really
Least fave park ever: Haven’t got one.

Fave board ever owned: Santa Cruz Jason Jesse, or maybe my Brand-X or Death
Box Peter Dossett – the concave on that was like a skate park!
Most memorable skate moment: Just having a good cruise around with my friends
after getting stoked watching Public Domain or Hocus Pocus or something.
Brief comments: I like skateboarding. I am older now so I also like longboarding,
I have a job so I can afford to go snowboarding. Have a nice day.

Name: karl brandon / [email protected]
Age: 32
Town/Area: north wales
Started skating: 1985
Total years skating: wih the break…9 ish

Fave terrain: vert and mini
Fave park ever: romford
Least fave park ever: rhyl
Fave board ever owned: schmit stix steve douglus
Most memorable skate moment: skating with the bones brigade at morfa
Brief comments: it wasnt me

Name: Tom Mangelsdorf / [email protected]
Age: 46

Location: Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, USA
Started: 1965 or 66
Total years: I guess around 35
Terrain: Big hills – I like to go fast
Park: Endless Wave (Oxnard, California … I don’t think it’s there any

Worst park: The public sk8 park in Sun Prairie
Best board?: For cruisin, my 55" longboard. For bombing hills, my 46"
speedboard, For running cones, my 29" slalom board

name : Antonio Simone / tonio / [email protected]
age :43
town :Blackpool/lancs
started skating :1977 ish

total years skating : not 100% sure
fave terrain :ramps,concrete or wood
fave park : currently, ramp city
least fave :stanely park/Bpool
fave board : current set up ,with new "big woodys"deck

most memorable skate moment : getting woody to teach me how to drop in .
Watching my daughter Lucia rock to fakie before i could
brief comments : it keeps me happy

Name: Mike McGuire / [email protected]
Age: 45
Town/Area: St. Petersburg, Florida
Started skating: 1971
Total years skating: 35 Years
Fave terrain: Hills, Bowls, and Pools

Fave park ever: Aloha Skatetown
Least fave park ever: None
Fave board ever owned: Randy Fisher custom oak board w/Bennet Trucks and
Road Rider 4′s
Most memorable skate moment: California glory days, contests, Gainsborough
Bowl, Jungleland, & Aloha Skatetown.
Brief comments: God created us to be sub-creators of art and style. Know
the source and your legacy will last forever!

Name: David ”ossie” Östlund / [email protected]

Age: 44
Town/Area: Hassocks, but since 1990 Stockholm, Sweden.
Started skating: 1974
Total years skating: on-and-off all the time
Fave terrain: pools and bowls
Fave park ever: Just skated last November the brand new stapellbädds
concrete park in malmö Sweden… yummy :-)

Least fave park ever: none
Fave board ever owned: Z-Flex ”classic”
Most memorable skate moment: Won a skate comp at the Cage in Brighton…
prize, a crapy board and trucks but some smooth red
kryptonics. Plus last weekend took part in the Red bull pool party here
in Stockholm… blast… and meet Tony Alva.
Brief comments: wonder if I’ll still be skating when I’m 60… hope so

Name: Simon ( TRIGGER ) Trigell / [email protected]

Age: 33
Town/Area: Eastleigh Hants

Started skating: 1999
Total years skating: Nearly 7 Years
Fave terrain: Flatground / Mini ramp
Fave park ever: Slades Farm Bournemouth / Eastleigh Mini ramp
Least fave park ever: Romsey
Fave board ever owned: Atomic ( No longer Made )

Most memorable skate moment: Skating the old Mayflower park.
Brief comments: Having fun at last ! Web …

Name: Glen Cooper / [email protected]
Age: 32 (I’m a bloody year older – blast!)
Town/Area: Brissol / Clifton
Started skating: 1981-1991 (little ripper) then 2005-present (after a snowboarding
Total years skating: 10 years cruising past old ladies, 12 months shredding
my guts out!

Fave terrain: Plenty of obstacles, drops and slidey surfaces.
Fave park ever: Hengroove (still learning)
Least fave park ever: Whatever
Fave board ever owned: Home brew, snapped it whilst stuffing up a fast plant
off a wall.
Most memorable skate moment: Wind screaming past my face whilst skating
down hill in Brissol @ 1am in the morning
Brief comments:

Our Father, who art in skate-heaven,

Gnarly be thy grinds.
Thy shredding come,
thy will be done,
On ramps and in bowls as it is in skate-heaven
Give us this day our daily shred.
And forgive us our slams,

as we forgive those who hog the ramps and cut across us.
And lead us not into hang-ups and injuries,
but deliver us from frootbooters.
For thine is the kingdom, the power and the technical ability. for ever
and ever. Amen

Name: Simon Cook / [email protected]
Age: 30
Town/Area: Watford
Started skating: 1989

Total years skating: 17 on and off
Fave terrain: mini ramp / parks
Fave park ever: Radlands when it was open in Slough
Least fave park ever: Northwood mini ramp when they made it metal
Fave board ever owned: Powell Mike Mcgill (skull and snake), gullwing fluros
and T-bone wheels
Most memorable skate moment: Spending a whole week building a quaterpipe
sized spine ramp, then breaking my arm on my first go

Brief comments: if I can still walk, I can still skate!

Name: richard sadler / [email protected]

Age: 42
Town/Area: twickenham
Started skating: 1975 (with several long breaks) on a british made
very flexi fibreglass board cost me £17!!
Total years skating: 31 (with several long breaks)
Fave terrain: old rolling bowls

Fave park ever: stockwell – i lived in brixton for 3 years
Least fave park ever: meanwhile – it used to be so rough and i slammed there
so hard once
Fave board ever owned: steve douglas schmitt stick
Most memorable skate moment: one summer day at stockwell is stuck in
my mind forever. or dropping into the half pipe at stevenage for the first
Brief comments: do it and enjoy it…or don’t do it

Name: Kram / [email protected]
Age: 39

Town/Area: Manchester
Started skating:1976
Total years skating: 10 years
Fave terrain: Bowl
Fave park ever: Pandora Pickles Middleton
Least fave park ever: No such thing dude!

Fave board ever owned: Salba K-beam
Most memorable skate moment: Skating Southport back in
the day, me and my cousin, hot, sunny & all to ourselves. Meeting Alva.

Brief comments: Thank God I kept the K-beam!!!!!!Peace to all.

Name: Neil / [email protected]
Age: 40
Town/Area: Manchester
Started skating: 1975

Total years skating: 9 – back for more
Fave terrain: Bowls and Snake Pit
Fave park ever: Pandora Pickles Middleton and Southport
Least fave park ever: Uh!
Fave board ever owned: Still deciding Probably Salba Model (recent)
Most memorable skate moment: Southport, me & kram, hot, sunny &
all to ourselves. Meeting Steve Olson, Lance Mountain etc at Santa Monica
Bowl 05…Jim at Rip city oh ye and ALVA!

Brief comments: RickBlackhart where are you? Salba rips! Thanks be to Punk
Rock!. Yellow helmet?

Name: Jean Terrisse / ter[email protected]

Town/Area: Aix-en-Provence, France
Started skating: 1978 in Sweden (New Sport House)
Total years skating:About 25
Fave terrain: Holenite bowl (see pic), anything with lots of vert, and whatever
I can find
Fave park ever: so far, Marseille, but I haven’t been to the new ones

Least fave park ever: the Huntington Beach "streetpark". What
a waste!
Fave board ever owned: 1980 Powell Caballero. Lasted three years!
Most memorable skate moment: seeing Per Viking destroying New Sport House
park in Stockholm, Sweden.
Brief comments: Being mature means you’ve understood that skating’s the
only thing that matters. Please get in touch, I’ll skate with any visitors.

Name: Glen Jones / [email protected]
Age: 36
Town/Area: Twin Cities Minnesota / (USA)
Started skating: ‘79

Total years skating: 27
Fave terrain: now: woodbowls w/ lot of hips
Fave park ever: The Turf
Least fave park ever: Twin City Skate Oasis when it went “street”
Fave board ever owned: old: zorlac double cut, indy’s & yo-yo’s,
new: black label duane peters

Most memorable skate moment: rolling with Danforth and the Nomad crew, late
Brief comments: come visit the US Midwest check,

Name: Tyrone White / [email protected]
Age: 33
Town/Area: Hampshire
Started skating: 1985
Total years skating: 7 – stopped – 2003 started again – Skating rocks
Fave terrain: Vert, Bowles & Mini’s

Fave park ever: Southsea – But it’s all fucked up now
Least fave park ever: Southsea – It could be some much more
Fave board ever owned: Jason Jessee
Most memorable skate moment: Starting to skate again, Skating real fast
Brief comments: Skating is always good this time round, I never seem to
have those stressed out sessions these days, don’t mind not nailing 10 new
tricks evertime I go skating, I don’t mind if I don’t have a mental session
everytime, I just like skating now, Skating so much smoother, faster, more

Name: Rob Powell/[email protected]
Age: 44
Town/Area:Marlow in Bucks

Started skating: 1974
Total years skating:couple then and a couple now
Fave terrain: Mini’s, Vert, Bowls, Big Flatbanks
Fave park ever:Billy Smarts Skatewave and Skatecity
Least fave park ever:
Fave board ever owned:Not sure have a large quiver.

Most memorable skate moment:Tail tap 4 wheels out on the mini vert quarter
with Stacey Perelta at Skatewave, me nailing it and him falling off over
and over..
Brief comments, Christ im old! but with old age comes your own personal
indoor mini and halfpipe :)

Name:fred ferand / [email protected] (forum
name el gato negro )
Age: 40
Town/Area: bordeaux, france
Started skating: 1976
Total years skating: 30
Fave terrain: pools

Fave park ever: Marseille
Least fave park ever:
Fave board ever owned: dogtown airbeam shogo kubo
Most memorable skate moment: xmas 1976, when I stepped on my first board…
Brief comments: thanx for that great site…

Name: Steve Fletcher / [email protected]
Town/Area: London

Started skating:1975
Total years skating:10
Fave terrain:street/southbank
Fave park ever: harrow/uxbridge
Least fave park ever: not
Fave board ever owned:Z-Flex Jay adams/half tracks/tunnel rocks

Most memorable skate moment:smell of death comp at Southbank
Brief comments:My sons are skating now hello!!!!!!!!

Name: Mike Fettes / [email protected]
Age: 57
Town/Area: Long Beach, CA. (USA)
Started skating: 1st time 1962, 2nd time 2001
Total years skating: 15 (had a major gap between 70’s and 00’s)

Fave terrain: Parks & down hill (I hate to push)
Fave park ever: Any park with steep bowls
Least fave park ever: Parks with shallow bowls
Fave board ever owned: Whatever I’m currently riding (now it’s
a Conspiracy 8.5×32.5)
Most memorable skate moment: Every time I try something new and scary

Brief comments: I think I’m getting past middle age!!

Name: Isidor Gelabert / [email protected]

Age: 28
Town/Area: Canary Islands
Started skating: 80´s
Total years skating: 10
Fave terrain: Parks, ramps, downhill
Fave park ever: Millenium Park, Calgary.

Least fave park ever: Badly built parks.
Fave board ever owned: Black Label John Lucero
Most memorable skate moment: Too much to say in such a short space
Brief comments: First broken bone and first self-built ramp, August 2006,
but riding again.

Name: Oliver Bradley / [email protected]
Age: 32
Town/Area: London (soon to be Dallas TX)
Started skating: 1984

Total years skating:I took a whole month off once when i was 18
Fave terrain: Everything, but smooth is good for the old ankles
Fave park ever: OVERGROUND (Amsterdam)
Least fave park ever: Bestwood Nottingham
Fave board ever owned: First pro board (Cab) was pretty exciting.
Most memorable skate moment: winning an unsponsered comp at Radlands

Brief comments: Skateboarding is better than anythting else.

Name: Sken / [email protected]

Age: 32
Town/Area: Leyland/Lancashire
Started skating: 1981
Total years skating: 18 with a few long breaks
Fave terrain: Street
Fave park ever: Rampcity

Least fave park ever: Edgeware lane, liverpool
Fave board ever owned: Powell Peralta Vallely Elephant
Most memorable skate moment: Sons first ollie


Name: Nigel Dodsley / [email protected]
Age: 41
Town: Derby
Started skating : 1977
Years skating : 6 but with a twenty year lay off.

Fave terrain: mellow concrete , Darley Dale is perfect for the mature
Fave park: Malibu Dogbowl, Nottingham.
Least fave park: Wadebridge.
Most memorable skate moment: Skating at Skatercrooss in Reseda ( the only
US park I skated)
Fave board: Alva deck, gullwings and Alva wheels.(still got it)
Comments: “Dad, stop showing off.”


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