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be aware that some of this page WILL contain strong ADULT language !

Name: Grave Maurice email [email protected]

Age: 38

Town/Area: Sauchie/Central Scotland

Started skating: 1978

Total years skating: Not a lot – gave it and just started again.

Fave terrain: Vert
Fave park ever: Vans, Orlando

Least fave park ever: Stirling (it’s so poxy it aint a park).

Fave board ever owned: I like my current Powell, Jay Adams Grindkings, 60mm
Spitfire Classics or red classic Kryps.

Most memorable skate moment: Getting back on a board after all these years.

Brief comments: I seem to be alone in Scotland so anyone visiting Perth
or Livi give me a shout.

Name: Andrew Cielecki / [email protected]

Age: 42
Town/Area: Preston

Started skating: 1978

Total years skating: 9 from 25

Fave terrain: Transitions

Fave park ever: Livingstone

Least fave park ever: Bolton the 1978 version

Fave board ever owned: Variflex Eddie Elguera, indy 169′s, sims the wheel

Most memorable skate moment: Watching Henderson, Gayton, Harding etc shredding
the pole bowl at Rolling Thunder…chin on the floor

Brief comments: See ya at warrington!!

Name: steve “salba” alba / [email protected]

Age: 40

Town/Area: the badlands of course

Started skating: 1974
Total years skating:1974-2003…you figure it out!

Fave terrain:concrete pools,pipes and parks

Fave park ever: upland pipeline and new upland park

Least fave park ever:they were all fun in way or another..maybe pomona pipe
and pool

Fave board ever owned: any of my models especially the k-beam….. or a
badlands pool tool with ick deck

Most memorable skate moment:winning any contest i won ,sk8ing pipes like
ammo or site 2

Brief comments: i hate when people say i am too old to sk8!skate or die

Age: 43

Town/Area: Encinitas, CA

Started skating: 1965

Total years skating: 38 years

Fave terrain: Banks, Ditches, Pools, Pipes

Fave park ever: Marina, Upland, Cherry Hill

Least fave park ever: All the silly little rail and ledge parks being built
all over CA.

Fave board ever owned: Arrow Hackett Model, Hackett Skull Skates Street
sickle, Makaha Commander

Most memorable skate moment: Beating Tony Alva, Mike Weed, Jerry Valdez
and Shawn Peddie at Kona Skatepark in 1978

1st Place US Open Mens Bowl and Pool riding. Also riding OG Dogbowl with
Jay, Biniak, Wentzle, Alva, Adams and Stacy. Also riding the Pipe at Upland
on opening day.

Brief comments: Ride DEATHBOX, OSIRIS, INDY, NINJA, and Learn to Turn.

Name: Dean Pattrick ([email protected])

Age: 35
Town/Area: Helsinki / Finland

Started skating: Mid 70s for a few years, then started again 2003

Total years skating: 4+

Fave terrain: I will give anything a go…

Fave park ever: Still to ride…

Least fave park ever: Still to find…

Fave board ever owned: Aste (Finnish brand) 7.75, Fury trucks and Tikari

Most memorable skate moment: My first ramp after a very long break

Brief comments: Live the dream.!

Name: Graeme ¡±BIG G¡± Larsen-(M.O.T.H.S) /
[email protected]

Age: 31

Town/Area: Originally Tiverton in Devon but now living in Oxford .

Started skating: 1985
Total years skating: Every wked for 6 yrs, ruined my education, currently
looking for a board

Fave terrain: mini ramps and fast flowing street runs

Fave park ever: Bedminster (gone now)

Least fave park ever: Southsea, always too busy

Fave board ever owned: Santa Monica Airlines Steve Rocco and my Mark Gonzales
mk 4

Most memorable skate moment: 1: First time I ollied a traffic cone, 2: Landing
my first method air off a jump ramp, 3: Seeing the Bones Brigade at Southsea

Brief comments: Can’t believe the value of all the old decks I once had,
gutted. Now a keen snowboarded, working in the Alps this winter, snow is
a lot softer when you slam. Oh, and Vinny is god ¨C I love him.

Name: Andy Elliott / [email protected]
Age: 30

Town/Area: Clitheroe / Preston / Bolton

Started skating: 2003…

Total years skating:

Fave terrain: Only tried wood so far, but films of big concrete parks are
what attracted me in the first place.

Fave park ever: Wooden Waves @ Newquay

Least fave park ever:

Fave board ever owned:

Most memorable skate moment: Someone else said it already, but the first

Brief comments: I’ve never been part of a sport where so many total strangers
are so supportive.

And why oh why didn’t I try this sooner?

Name: Mark Futcher / [email protected]

Age: 41
Town/Area: New Malden / Surrey

Started skating: 1974

Total years skating: 30

Fave terrain: Minis / old crete / pools / pipes

Fave park ever: southsea in the old days.

Least fave park ever: portland (1st uk park)

Fave board ever owned: cabellero / trackers / bones.

Most memorable skate moment: skating with hawk @ southsea / unconsious at
epic last year!

Brief comments: age is a plus, you simply don’t care anymore, you just do
want to do!.

Name: Dave Hopkins / [email protected] /

Age: 38

Town/area: Hillingdon

Started skating: 1976 with a blue fibreglass skuda

Total years skating: 27 years on and off
Fave terrain: used to be concrete pipes and pools but in old age its banks
and mini ramps

Fave park ever: toss up between Rolling Thunder and Harrow……….at
least Harrow is still there

Least fave park ever: too many to list…….

Fave board ever owned: Steve Alba Bevel, Indys and Gyros

Most memorable skate moment: big rock n roll slides in the Harrow pool in
early 80’s

Brief comments: H-Boyz…”sworn to fun loyal to none”

name: mark suchanek / [email protected]

age: 35

town/area: munich/germany

started skating: 1982

total years skating: 1982-1989/1993-

fave terrain: pools&bowls
fave park ever: at the moment block37/switzerland

least fave park ever: all the obstacle new school stuff

fave board ever owned: first tony hawk, tracker trucks, bones

most memorable skate moment:the first drop in on vert ever

brief comment: ride wider boards & softer wheels!

Name: Ben Ashfold (M.O.T.H.S) [email protected]

Age: 40
Town/Area: North Devon

Started skating: 73 ish

Total years skating: Stopped in 81 and started again in Feb 03

Fave terrain: Concrete bowls/pools

Fave park ever: All the smooth concrete ones

least fave park ever:

Fave board ever owned: Bengy John Sablosky , ACS 651s and Powerflex 9s

Most memorable skate moment: A recent trespas onto a ramp near Braunton

Brief comments:Vert – is it wise?

name: jay hughes / [email protected]


town/area :wellingborough, northants

started skating:1980 to 90

total years skating; 10 (just started again)
fav terrain: concrete parks , banks ,bowls ,mini ramps

fav park : meanwhile2 & southbank

least fav: street skating, pavements

fav board: powell tony hawk skull/cross hammerhead , indy 169′s.sims 97a
nitros wheels

most memo skate moment; boneless across gap at meanwhile2 ,back side boneless
to fakie.

breif description: skated with any one , skates hard and fast dont like
the new ollie everything era, love the old school tricks like boneless etc

Name: Craig Latimer-Brown / [email protected]
Age: 30

Town/Area: Originally Barnsley S/Yorks, now Pembrokeshire

Started skating: 1985

Total years skating: Uhhm….1985-1995, 1999-Present

Fave terrain: Mini ramps, smooth snake runs, I used to like vert but im
now too scared!!!!!!!

Fave park ever: Southport brings back some good memories, Crantock ramp
used to rock.

Least fave park ever: They are all worth a visit.

Fave board ever owned: New Deal Danny Sargeant

Most memorable skate moment: Barrow in Furness all nighters.

Brief comments: Anyone got a spare set of Rector Riot gloves(with thumbs)

Name: Tony Hawk

Age: 35

Town/Area: Carlsbad, CA
Started skating: 1978

Total years skating: do the math

Fave terrain: vert

Fave park ever: Calgary

Least fave park ever: Carlsbad skatepark

Fave board ever owned: Sims Andrecht (my first new board ever received)

Most memorable skate moment: pulling my first 900

Brief comments: I can¹t quit.

name- Paul Fox (Foxy) / [email protected]

Age- 38

Town/Area- Bridlington, though been part of the Middlesbrough & Peterborough
skate scenes.

Started Skating- 1977

Fave Terrain- Concrete Parks, especially bowls
Fave Park Ever- gotta be the new Meanwhile gardens 3 bowls, R-Cade, Redcar
is rad too!

Least Fave Park- all these council efforts, abysmal!!!

Fave Board Owned- been so many, gotta be Zorlac Devil Fish, Thunders &
OJ II’s (circa 1986)

Most Memerable Moment- shaking Steve Cabereros hand at the Leeds Festival

Breif comments- age is just a number, think for yourself, dont bow down
to pressure, if you wanna skate…do it and do it tuff!

Name: Gary Edwards / [email protected]

Age: 43
Town/Area: Chessington / Surrey

Started skating: 1977

Total years skating: 2

Fave terrain: Caterham skate pk

Fave park ever: Dickerage lane new malden

Least fave park ever:

Fave board ever owned: Current

Most memorable skate moment: My first rock & roll

Brief comments: Am I to old for this ? NO

Name: John Bozic / [email protected]

Age: 30

Town/Area: Brighton

Started skating: 1986
Total years skating: 10

Fave terrain: Hills

Fave park ever: illegal warehouse, Toronto 1991

Least fave park ever: i’ll ride it once

Fave board ever owned: Powell Peralta – Mike Vallelely

Most memorable skate moment: riding my custom made speedboard for first

Brief comments: Speed is the key

Name: Chris Woolley / [email protected]

Town/Area: Leeds

Started skating: 76 cousin cut some roller skates in half nailed them to
a plank and tried to slalom outside his house he could’nt do it so you can
guess the rest.

Total years skating: 10

Fave terrain: Ramps

Fave park ever:dewsbury my brother and i built it, someone must remember

Least fave park ever:Queens hall Leeds Anyone remember that pile of ****!

Fave board ever owned: i’ve loved them all

Most memorable skate moment: Knocking my tooth out on a vert ramp in sheffield.

Brief comments;im getting on a bit now but i still love skating, Its in
the blood

Name: David Hardacre / [email protected]

Age: 39

Town/Area: Cardiff
Started skating: end 75

Total years skating: 28

Fave terrain: concrete bowls

Fave park ever: Kidderminster

Least fave park ever: gorseinon nr Swansea

Fave board ever owned: welsh skateboard centre deck, ACS 500s, original
blue kryps

Most memorable skate moment: on holiday, went to Portland skatepark, Skateboard!
test team were there, too scared to approach them.

Brief comments: more immature now than I was in ’75. Tom, we’ll meet up

Name: Alec Brown / [email protected]

Age: 41

Town/Area: Woking, Surrey

Started skating: 1975

Total years skating: 28 on and off, more off than on

Fave terrain: Old crete, pools, bowls, banks, ditches.
Fave park ever: Skatestar, Guildford.

Least fave park ever: Fleet, Hampshire.

Fave board ever owned: Sims Taperkick, Bennett Pro’s, Powerflex 5′s.

Most memorable skate moment: Breaking my wrist in the moguls at Rom

Brief comments: Getting old is compulsory, growing up is optional.

name:Pete (cammo) Makarski / [email protected]


started:Early 70′s

Total:30+ years on and off(always had a board!)

fave terrain:Concrete bowls,pools.

fave park:Marseille

least fave park:Old swan,Liverpool(un-rideable)

fave board:Homemade ply,shit trucks,different sized wheels.(loved it as
a kid!)

best memory:First time I rode a pro board(fiberflex,trackers,mixed krips)Forbidden

comms:Any body want to go skating?

Name: Brian Snapp / [email protected]

Age: 34

Town/Area: San Diego, California

Started skating: 1977

Total years skating: 77-present
Fave terrain: pools/bowls

Fave park ever: Coronado

Least fave park ever: Santee

Fave board ever owned: Dogtown Jay Adams

Most memorable skate moment: I’ve had tons of great times skateboarding..There
are just too many memorable moments to include.

Brief comments: It’s not a sport, it’s a way of life..

Name Alan Reaney / [email protected]

age 47 years

Town Wrexham / Chester

Started Skating April 2003

Total years skating 3

Fav terrain Parks & Bowls

Fav park Ever …. Clitheroe

Least fav park … its all good

Fav board ever owned … Love them all

Most memorable skate moment … Dropping Vert

Pref comments …. MAS Changes lives

Name: Steven (Surfy) Crook / [email protected]

Age: 41

Town/Area: Birmingham
Started Skating: 1977

Total years skating: 27yrs and still pretty average!

Fave terrain: Pools, Bowls, Banks & steep hills!

Fave park ever: Kiddiminster Safari Park, Arrow Wolverhampton, Skatopia

Wolverhampton & Epic Birmingham

Least fave park ever: Bearwood Birmingham

Fave board ever owned: Sims Jeff Phillips

Most Memorable skate moment: The old ESA comps at the Safari park. Watching

Steve Cabellero and Lance Mountain ride the old Wheels ramp in Birmingham.
The 1987 Wind/Surf show demo

Brief comments: Skate and Surf till your body falls apart!!!

Name: Bret Connolly / [email protected]

Age: 43
Town/Area: Melbourne, Australia

Started skating: 1974

Total years skating: far too long!

Fave terrain: bowls

Fave park ever: Toms “Ring of Fire”

Least fave park ever: Doveton

Fave board ever owned: Dogtown Bigfoot

Most memorable skate moment: Sk8ing with my daughter

Brief comments: Having more fun now than ever

Name: Paul “Fletch” Fletcher / [email protected]

Age: 42

Town/Area: Melbourne, Australia

Started skating: 1973
Total years skating: had a big break from about 82, got car and always surfing.
started sketing seriously again this year

Fave terrain: bank and bowls

Fave park ever: Ring of Fire, Hobart, Tathra

Least fave park ever:

Fave board ever owned: Jay Adama Z flex, halftracs, road riders

Most memorable skate moment: 1st fronside grind

Brief comments: should never have stopped skating.

Name: David ‘Slyde’ Thornton / [email protected]
Age: 30

Town/Area: Washington State

Started: 1979

Total Years: Over twenty

Fave terrain: concrete parks with lots of transitions

Fave Park: Kanis Pool in Little Rock, AR

Least Fave: Germantown TN

Fave board ever: too many to name

Most memerable moment: Skating with Maddog Alva

Brief Comment:

Name: Justyn / [email protected]

Age: 28

Town/Area: Harefield / Middlesex
Started skating: 1988 till 1992 then March 2003 till present

Total years skating: 5

Fave terrain: Ramps, Pools & Concrete

Fave park ever: Has to be Harrow – its been my local my whole life

Least fave park ever: Anything clad in metal – it sucks

Fave board ever owned: Every single one had its day

Most memorable skate moment: Watching Steve Douglas pull a big method air
in Harrow half pipe.

Brief comments: Skateboarding, its like a drug. I thought I kicked the habit
long ago but am glad to be hooked again.

name; graham edwards / [email protected]

age; 34

town ;melbourne australia


fav terain;anything knot kinked
fav park; arrow birmingham

least fav;parkdale bowl

fave board;sims lonnie toft

memoorable skate;seeing hawk 900

comment;too old too be told,too young too control

Name: Martin Ellis / [email protected]

Age: 40
Town/Area: Colchester, Essex

Started skating: 76 – 82 , then again 2003

Total years skating: 7

Fave terrain: Moguls, wooden minis, smooth tarmac.

Fave park ever: ROM

Least fave park ever: Wet ones, it rains here sometimes.

Fave board ever owned: Sims Mike Folmer, Tracker Fulltracks, Powell Cubics.
Still miss it like mad! -

Most memorable skate moment: Dropping into ROM miniramps & cloverleaf
this year

Brief comments: Anyone visiting Essex or London, give me a shout if you
want to meet up to skate. :0

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Started skating:

Total years skating:

Fave terrain:

Fave park ever:

Least fave park ever:

Fave board ever owned:

Most memorable skate moment:

Brief comments:

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