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Please be aware that some of this page WILL contain strong ADULT language !

Name: Keith Bales / [email protected] 

Age: 30
Town/Area: Stockport, Greater Manchester
Started skating: 1988
Total years skating: 10
Fave terrain: Police free streets
Fave park ever: Stevenage when dinosaurs ruled the earth
Least fave park ever: Darwen with a wet floor
Fave board ever owned: Vallely ‘don’t eat my friends’
Most memorable skate moment: Early 90′s radlands comps-Penny and Shipman
Comments: Do what’s fun-not what’s cool

Name: Lee Shaw / [email protected] 

Age: 29
Town/Area: Nantwich Cheshire
Started skating: 1985
Total years skating: 17 years
Fave terrain: mostly ramps now and waves/wind
Fave park ever: Bones/Stockport
Fave board: Powell peralta frankie hill bull dog still have it, thunder
trucks, dodo wheels
Least fave park:
Most memorable skate moment: dropping the vert at tattenhall Chester
Brief comments, getting air

Name: Stuart (Dangerous Brian) Dykes M.O.T.H.S 

Age: 38
Town/Area: Taunton
Started skating: 1974
Total years skating: 29 on & off
Fave terrain: Skatearks (Vert)
Fave park ever: Mad Dog
Least fave park ever: No such thing
Fave board ever owned: 10″ Alva
Most memorable skate moment: All memorable!!!!
Brief comments: No comment from me, but my skatin buddies say if i am skatin
keep out of my way! I don’t know why?

Name: Russ!!!!! M.O.T.H.S 

Age: 35
Town/Area: Exeter outskirts
Started skating: Not very long ago
Total years skating: Not even one yet.
Fave terrain: Anywheres good..
Fave park ever: Dreamfields Taunton
Least fave park ever: N/A
Fave board ever owned: Haven’t bought one yet.
Most memorable skate moment: Watching veteran skaters ripping shit out of
everything a park has to offer.
Brief comments: Pure adrenalin,, Pure frustration,, Total dedication,,,,,,

Name: Calum Henderson M.O.T.H.S [email protected] 

Age: 28
Town/Area: Taunton
Started skating: 1988
Total years skating: 15
Fave terrain: Ramps
Fave park ever: Play station and Burnside, Yeeha!!!!!
Least fave park ever: Watlington Bowl.
Fave board ever owned: G&S Danny Webster
Most memorable skate moment: Breaking my wrist on the vert…
Brief comments: I’m shit at vert!!!!!!

Name: Mat Edwards M.O.T.H.S (email to follow) 

Age: 31
Town/Area: Taunton
Started skating: 1987
Total years skating: 16 more off than on!!!
Fave terrain: Mini ramps & bowls
Fave park ever: Mount Hawk
Least fave park ever: None
Fave board ever owned: All of them!!!
Most memorable skate moment: Still being able to ride!!!
Brief comments:

Name – Ayd / [email protected] 

Age – 28
Town – Lymm, Cheshire
Starting Skating – 84/85 ish
Total Skating – 5/6 years
Fave terrain – Street (Crown Square Machester used to rule)
Fave park ever – Boards @ Bury
Least Fave park – Mini Ramp in Northwick Park, really knackered my arm on
that one
Best board ever owned – Blind Jason Lee, cat in the hat model. Gullwing
base plates, Venture hangars, Santa Cruz Snot Balls wheels. (still got it)
Most memorable skate moment – Last year when me and my mates stepped back
onto a skate board for the first time in at least 10 years and finding out
I could still ollie!
Brief Coments – Is this really healthy with my knees????? aw f**k it, it’s
fun anyway!

Name: Carl “C-Money” Kincaid
/ [email protected] 

Age: 39
Town/Area: Chicago, IL
Started skating: 1975 Bellevue, WA
Total years skating: 28
Fave terrain: Slalom Racing
Fave park ever: Clairmont YMCA, San Diego
Least fave park ever: Deerfield, IL Skatepark
Fave board ever owned: Torque Freestyle, ACS 500s, Road Rider 4s
Most memorable skate moment: Meeting Alan “Ollie” Gelfand and
skating his halfpipe in Olliewood last November.
Brief comments: Skate 4 Ever!

Name: Chris Dyer (M.O.T.H.S) [email protected] 

Age: 28.
Town/Area: Taunton.
Started skating: 1987.
Total years skating: 16 Years.
Fave terrain: Mini Ramps, Street, anything.
Fave park ever: Mount Hawk, Pink Palace (RIP), Yate.
Least fave park ever: Priorswood (Taunton) Rubbish.
Fave board ever owned: Jim Thiebauld (SMA).
Most memorable skate moment: Dogtown Boys Jam @ Bedminster Dame Emilys 1988ish.
Brief comments: Remember, you never get a second chance with sand!!

Name: Gary ‘Gazza’ Palmer / [email protected] 

Age: 39
Town/Area: Swindon
Started skating: 1975
Total years skating: Almost 8 -on and off
Fave terrain:…and worst at=Pools
Fave park ever: SouthBank?
Least fave park ever: Skate City
Fave board ever owned: – Long term ‘borrowed’ G&S Warptail
Most memorable skate moment: Nowadays
Brief comments: Scabby knees are funny (on a grown man)!

Name: Woody / [email protected] 

Age: 47
Town/Area: Poulton-le-Fylde Nr Blackpool
Started skating: 1976/7
Total years skating: you work it out :)
Fave terrain: Bowl / Ramps / Concrete
Fave park ever: Tuff one that ….. Maybe Stone Edge Florida or Wigan Roller
Least fave park ever:
Fave board ever owned: Alley Cat Rocker Deck , ACS Trucks and Excellerators
Most memorable skate moment: Far too many to list here
Brief comments: It`s not how good you are, It`s how good it makes you feel.

Name: Ulf “Uffe” Meijer / [email protected] 

Age: 38
Town/Area: Norrkoping, Sweden
Started skating: 1976
Total years skating: 27
Fave terrain: Banks, miniramps, vert, flat – anything thats well built and
Fave park ever: Skateland, Gothenburg
Least fave park ever: -
Fave board ever owned: G&S Teamrider with ACS Lites and green Kryptonics
65. Or my new Shogo Kubo Bulldog…
Most memorable skate moment: Skating “with” Mike Weed at Skateland
( -78 i think )
Brief comments: Check out my old school moves at: Bert
revert and stuff like that.

Name – Simon Lovat / [email protected] 

Age – 44
Town – Brighton
Started sk8ing – 77-80. 2003-
Total yrs sk8ing: 3 the first time, a month the second time, so far…
Fave terrain – Ramps, slopes, and the snake-run-esque new underpass at University
of Sussex.
Fave Park. Currently Brighton.
Least fave – Portchester – anyone remember that tragic concrete scab?
Fave board – G&S Fibreflex, big red Kryps, wide Lazers. Very smooth
Memorable sk8 moment: Pulling off a handstand wheelie to impress my future
partner.(It worked.)
Brief comment. How the f*** d’ya do an Ollie?

Name: chris dunn / [email protected] 

Age: 30
Town/Area: Wigan
Started skating: 1988
Total years skating: 7ish.
Fave terrain: Bowls / anything really
Fave park ever: Rampworx.
Least fave park ever: None really, but Pipeline if i had to choose
Fave board ever owned: Death Box Pete Dossett clown.(my first proper deck)
Most memorable skate moment: “Thats not Alan Woods!!”
Brief comments: For oldish guys, Carl K, Den and Rob rock!!, Avy too!

Name: Paul Draffan (Draff) / [email protected] 

Age: 39
Town/Area: Originally Redcar, Cleveland, now Beverley, East York’s
Started skating: 1977
Total years skating: 1977 – 80 1998 – present
Fave terrain: Anything my delicate frame can handle
Fave park ever: British steel pipes at Warrenby
Least fave park ever: Redcar library
Fave board ever owned: Streetstick, Tracker trucks, Alva conical’s (brother
sold it at a car boot sale, [email protected]#d)
Most memorable skate moment: Getting chased by security each time we skated
at Warrenby.
Brief comments Top site, ignore wife / family and deny any references to
mid-life crisis’s

Name: Ian Dodd / [email protected] 

Age: 40
Town/Area: Colchester, Essex
Started skating: 1976
Total years skating: (just returned Jan 2003 after 25 year break)
Fave terrain: Vert & Bowls
Fave park ever: Knebworth, Kidderminster, Kelvin Park Glasgow & Skate
City Tynemouth
Least fave park ever: A park that is closed !
Fave board ever owned: Benjyboard John Slabosky, Tracker Midtracks and 65
mm Green Kryps (Still got it)
Most memorable skate moment: I’ll tell you when it happens !
Brief comments: Don’t feel intimidated, get out of your Zimmer and shred.

name : Ian swift (aka swifty) / [email protected] 

Age : 37
Town / area : originally nr liverpool but now london
Total yrs skating : about 4 – 1976-80 / 2002 – present
fave terrain: concrete / pools
fave park ever : harrow (its nearest!)
least fave park : anything metal !
fave board ever owned: alva original 8 and half inch X 30 california slalom
trucks and C65 red kryps (2nd gen) still got it !
most merorable moment : doin coffins in mt pleasant / liverpool city centre
circa 1977 with about a hundred other skaters.
brief comments : regret i never kept it up all these yrs – good to be back

Name: Gary Holder [email protected] 

Age: 41
Town/Area: Horsham, West Sussex UK
Started skating: Christmas day 1976
Total years skating: 10 +
Fave terrain: Wood halfpipe or crete bowl & snake runs
Fave park ever: Horsham, Southsea, ROM, Skaterham
Least fave park ever: Billingshurst
Fave board ever owned: Alva scratch, Sunbeams, Indy – Alva OG, Blue Ditch,
Most memorable skate moments: Hooking up with skaters 30+ years younger
than me
Brief comments: Skate & enjoy

Name: Tony Edwards / [email protected] 

Age: 40
Town/Area: Kingston, Surrey
Started skating: 1976
Total years skating: about 2 in total
Fave terrain: bowls,mini’s
Fave park ever: Claremont, Perth, WA
Least fave park ever: Putney
Fave board ever owned: current
Most memorable skate moment: first visit to the South Bank 1977
Brief comments: Ouch..that hurts!

Name: Adrian Pitman [email protected] 

Age: 36
Town/Area: Birmingham
Started skating: 70s – 80s -2003
Total years skating: 2
Fave terrain: Big Ramp, Small Ramp, Bowls
Fave park ever: Epic
Least fave park ever: Is there one
Fave board ever owned: 32″ x 10″ Ply pool board with tracker trucks
and lotus4 wheels ‘smooooth’
Most memorable skate moment: Backside carve on my pool board West Midlands
Safari Park (what happened to those bowls ?)
Brief comments: Thanks to the boys at MAS for getting me back into skating

Name: Steve King / [email protected] 

Age: 40
Town/Area: Colchester Essex
Started skating: Mid seventies
Total years skating: Stopped when I found Girls
Fave terrain: Mellow concrete
Fave park ever: The South Bank London
Least fave park ever:
Fave board ever owned: Fiberflex bowlrider, tracker half tracks, powerflex
Most memorable skate moment: Standing on a board after 28years
Brief comments: Ouh me knee.

Name: Nick Sable / [email protected] 

Age: 39
Town/Area: Colchester, Essex
Started skating: 1976
Total years skating: 27 and still going
Fave terrain: pools, bowls, vert
Fave park ever: ROM, Rolling Thunder, Harrow
Least fave park ever: Colchester leisure world
Fave board ever owned: Z-Pig, 8 inch indys & Kwonda Roll out Wheels
Most memorable skate moment: Skating with Shogo Kubo at ROM
Brief comments: Style is everything, stay focused and shred

Name: Paul Perez / [email protected] 

Age: 32
Town/ area : Phoenix / Arionza
Started skating: 1985
Total years skating: 6
Fave terrain: half pipes / bowls / vert ramps / snowboarding
Fave park ever: Mike McGills Skatepark, Carlsbad,CA – USA
Least fave park ever:
Fave board ever owned: Natas Kapus / Thunder Trucks
Most memorable skate moment: BS 50-50 / 180 / to FS 50-50 Slappy (YEAH!)
Brief comments: Why Did I stop skating? Oh Yeah! It was to freaking Hot
in Arizona!

Name: Julian Holt / [email protected] 

Age: 41 (I think — the brain cells die off when you get older)
Town/Area: Originally Birmingham (wheels) now Loughborough Leicestershire
Started skating: When I was 15 (1977)
Total years skating: Haven’t really stopped since I started, so 25+
Fave terrain: Ramps, long wide hills for carving
Fave park ever: West Mid Safari Park (Brilliant pool -shed a tear last year
when I visited the site with my kids -the pool was gone but the banks were
still there – under grass)
Fave ramp Birmingham Wheels in the 80′s
Least fave park ever: Probably Arrows skatepark in Wolverhampton – Stunk
of fibreglass
Fave board ever owned: Probably my Geoff Kendal 80′s stick with Indies and
Hosoi Rockets but my Lush Longboard is pretty close.
Most memorable skate moment: Sooo many but, probably downhilling with my
mate Jules at dawn when there was no traffic on the roads. Going so fast
that you slowed down massively as you stood up due to the extra wind resistance.
Brief comments: Skating is in my blood. I will NEVER give it up and it’s
great to get my kids into it. Peace.

Name: Carl Hayway / [email protected] 

Age: 40
Town/Area: Boston Lincolnshire but now Orlando USA
Started skating: 1977
Total years skating: on and off until present
Fave terrain: bowls and pools
Fave park ever: Romford or Bushmaster in Flagstaff Arizona
Least fave park ever: Skate City sucked
Fave board ever owned: Alva with Tracker full and white yo yo’s
Most memorable skate moment: best moment so far is realising that I am not
too old to wipe out!!!
Brief comments: To all MAS’s out there just keep on pushing and remember
you are never too old for this

Name: allen smith / [email protected] 

Age: 40
Town/Area: dewsbury
Started skating: 1976
Total years skating: 5
Fave terrain: ramps/concrete
Fave park ever: chris & dans ramp in Dewsbury (anybody remember it?)
Least fave park ever: anything that’s tarmac
Fave board ever owned: alva deck/tracker trucks/65mm lime green kryps
Most memorable skate moment: dropping vert for the first time and knocking
out my tooth when I slammed!
Brief comments: Is it normal for a bruise to last 4 weeks?

very old pic ... he is bald now ... but about the same height Name: Runcorn Rich / [email protected] 

Age: 46
Town: Sunny Runny
Started: 1969
Years: not enough -34
Fave terrain: concrete, pool, reservoir,snakes……..
Fave park ever: Maddog bowl, London
Fave board: Sims superlight 10, Indies, Bel-airs
Most memorable sk8 moment: 1st front-side air
Comment: Skateboarding, the key to life the universe……. and everything!

Name: Ben Cook / [email protected] 

Age: 36
Town/Area: Stockport/Manchester
Started skating:1977
Total years skating: 14
Fave terrain: bowls/ banks /curbs
Fave park ever: Bones
Least fave park ever: none
Fave board ever owned: My ‘antique’ Hobie Mike Wood Radical Terrain Model
with Gullwing Phoenix trucks and Sims Pure Juice wheels
Most memorable skate moment: Skating Leeds with Sean Sheffey
Brief comments” The new school/old school is just a bunch of bullshit.
Fuck, half the time I never went to school. I might as well be a goddamn
bus driver. I’ll drive you all to school motherfuckers!” – Shaun Palmer

Name: Ian “Sav” Savage / [email protected] 

Age: 37
Town/Area: Fleet Hants
Started skating: Mid 70’s
Total years skating: on and off ever since
Fave terrain: Bowls, snakeruns, halfpipes
Fave park ever: Millennium Park in Calgary is awesome!
Least fave park ever: Not too keen on street style parks….
Fave board ever owned: Gravity 36”indys+Spitfires, Poolservice, indys+No-skools
Most memorable skate moment: Loads..1st bs grind on vert, 1st handplant…
Brief comments: I’m a better skater now than I was in the 70’s,
its cool to keep on getting better with age, although, the morning after
can be pretty grim……. Great to see so many geezers getting back
into this stuff, with the aid of your site!Roll on!

Name: Mark Richards 

Started skated-76
Total years skating-27 years
Fave terrain-Anything concrete
Fave park-Harrow
least fave park-Skate City
Fave ever board-Chapstick,white yo yo`s,half tracks
Most memorable skate moment-First hand plant at Harrow pool
Breif comments-Take plenty of Cod Liver Oil!

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