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Hi From Oxfordshire

Postby Binky » Sun Feb 24, 2019 5:10 pm

Hi everyone,
I've just hit 40 and am thinking about getting back into skating. I started as a kid and skated on and off into my 20s although I must admit I was never that good!
Now with a dodgy knee and a need for a form of exercise that I can actually feel enthusiastic about I'm thinking that a leisurely carve around the watlington bowl is what I need in my life.
I'll welcome any advice from locals on a suitable set up. I've picked up some Randall trucks and Abec11 wheels off Facebook recently, I also have a 44" blockhead longboard with Indy 159s and 70mm Kryptos gathering dust somewhere at my mum's house although I remember it never turned very well with those trucks on.
I popped down to the bowl for the first time today to check it out, are there any regular meets or jams there?
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