Titus Gumballs 55mm and Titus Silverstar bearings


Titus Gumballs 55mm and Titus Silverstar bearings

Postby Skatalite » Tue Sep 04, 2018 10:12 am

After rolling on 52mm 100a Fireball wheels for the last little while, my fillings were crying out for something smoother. I headed to my local store, Titus, and picked up a set of their their own brand Gumballs in 85a and a set of their own brand Silver star bearings. I’m Tighter than a duck’s arse at the best of times, combined with just moving house and I decided that own brand stuff was the way to go.

I was excited, to the point of semi-tumescence, to see that the bearings are half shielded, a totally sensible way to reduce potential friction, I asked the dude in the shop if they were decent, he said they were not the right bearings for hitting the biggest stair set in town. As I was carrying a child on my shoulders I think he could tell that was an unlikely event. The dude also suggested that soft wheels wouldn’t be great on rails / grinds but again, no probs there.

Anyway, I slapped the bearings in with no fuss and got rolling.

I use the board on the street, not for parks or concrete, fairly nice tarmac is as good as it gets. Suddenly I was actually moving, each wimpy push propelling me 3x farther than before! I’m sceptical that a 3mm increase in size could make a real world difference so put this improvement down to the softer wheels and maybe the shiny new bearings.

I still got the same height Ollie (ie not much) despite the softer wheels but noticed that landing felt different, not just ‘damper’ but also that the board wanted to follow its own path, rather than skitter to follow me. I also ride a Penny with super soft wheels which does the same,

One vague niggle is that the printing on the wheeels is a little scruffy, is it harder to get a good finish on a softer material? As my board is more than a little scruffy and my style that of Sad Sack from The Raggy Dolls, I’m certainly not complaining.

Overall, lovely, a great upgrade for my type of riding.

I can’t post pics or links easily from my phone, I’ll update later...
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