Please support Crystal Palace planning application

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Please support Crystal Palace planning application

Postby IainB30 » Fri Jul 08, 2016 11:49 am

Please support the planning application for the new skatepark in Crystal Palace, SE London

The usual anti-skate brigade are trying to stop this skatepark from happening, and so we need to make it clear to the local council that this is a hugely positive and welcome proposal, and which has significant public backing.

You can cut and paste this text if it helps:

I am very strongly in support of this new project which will:
- provide a much needed skatepark for skaters, bmx-riders etc
- attract users of a wide range of backgrounds, age, gender and ethnicity
- make use of a previously fenced-off part of Crystal Palace park
- use a low-impact design and landscaping to add to the park
- build on the heritage of Crystal Palace as a major venue for skateboarding for over 40 years.
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