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Name: Mat Richter / [email protected]

Age: 39
Town/Area: San Diego
Started skating: 1977
Total years skating: 30
Fave terrain: Bowls
Fave park ever: Boogie Bowl

Least fave park ever: They’re all good
Fave board ever owned: G&S Tony Jetton
Most memorable skate moment: Christmas Day 1988 I was
skating a 12′ tall wooden 1/2 pipe in Okinawa Japan on
a skateboard purchased from a toy store. Needless to
say that session didn’t last very long.

Brief comments:

AGE 34 AREA Cambs
FAVE TERRAIN Concrete bowls,wooden bowls,anything carvable-the gnarlier
the better!!
FAVE PARK Wicksteed[rip]The Deaner!!

FAVE BOARD Circle A Ricky Windsor with cutter trucks and crossbones
MOST MEMORABLE SKATE MOMENT 1st Yate session with gnarly nick,dil and flip

COMMENTS Just do it with a smile and a laugh

Name: Dean Tyrell
Age: 42
Town/Area: Cambridge / Palma de Mallorca
Started skating: 1976

Total years skating: 5 years.1976 to 80. Back on it again since Palma council
opened two free parks, one concrete! Plus the Spanish climate adds to fun!

Fave terrain: bowls, pools, banks and long slopes.
Fave park ever: Romford, Rolling Thunder
Least fave park ever: Cambridge
Fave board ever owned: Alva maple, Tracker full tracks, Yo Yo’s, My
first decent set up, I learn to skate vert on this board.
Most memorable skate moment: ConcussIon so bad I went "blind"
for 3-4 hours after hanging up during a pool re-entry (not recommended)
and Alva signing my deck at the Mad Dog Bowl back in the day…was it
early 78?

Brief comments: Falling off never hurt this much when I was 14

Name: Lee Durham / [email protected]

Age: 33
Town/Area: Bradford, Yorkshire
Started skating: 1988
Total years skating: 4ish (1988-1992 i think)
Fave terrain: Was street but goin for street and ramp now
Fave park ever: Anywhere

Brief comments: At least i don’t feel too old to skate now!!!

  Name: Hector I. Andino / [email protected]

Age: 39
Town/Area: Wappingers Falls, NY USA
Started skating: Approx 6 years old (on my belly paddling with my hands)
Total years skating: All my life basically, long hiatus after early 90′s,
just resumed skating again.
Fave terrain: Smooth concrete/asphalt, light and deep bowls, ramps, sidewalks.
Fave park ever: Skate park in "La Carolina" in Quito, Ecuador.
Anymore good parks out there?

Fave board ever owned: My current SIMS E Kamikaze w/red SIMS street wheels,
white Ran Alli trucks, (just replaced all ball bearings with Lucky 7′s).
Most memorable skate moment: Skating on sidewalks in Glendale, CA with my
Doberman Pinscher ROCKY(R.I.P.) pulling me on a leash at top speed!
Brief comments: Just got back on my board again and discovered that I can
still skate like when I was a teenager, and pretty proud of it! Any old
school skaters here in upstate NY or South Florida want to skate give me
a holla!

Name: Chris Morgan / [email protected]
Age: 32
Town/Area: Clapton, London / Porthcawl, Wales
Started skating: Discovered skating in 1985 or something like that, hooked
for life.
Total years skating: 21 so far

Fave terrain: Street…lines on smooth flatland, blocks, hills, skating
spot to spot, rolling for miles
Fave park ever: Berkeley concrete park autumn 2006…sickest session
Least fave park ever: All of those unskateable toy council parks…waste
of time, waste of money
Fave board ever owned: In terms of graphics, a Tracker Adrian Demain on
a natural wood board…Wish i still had it. In terms of skating, the board
im skating right now.
Most memorable skate moment: Bombing the hills of SF and jsut getting to
skate SF in general with locals…stoked
Brief comments: Keep On Pushing!!!

  Name: iain roberts / [email protected]
Age: 42

Town/Area: edinburgh ,scotland
Started skating: 76/77
Total years skating:
Fave terrain: smooth
Fave park ever: livi
Least fave park ever:

Fave board ever owned: ick stick slalom/alva/santa cruz
Most memorable skate moment: too many.though seein shogo kubo skate stands
Brief comments:should have kept skatin

  Name; Martin (big pandies) Wiseman
Age; 29
Town; bradford
Started skating; 1988 to 1994, then 2007 onwards
Total years; 6

Fave terrain; street, learning mini ramp tho!
Fav park; any!!
Fave board ever owned; Jesse martinez full, with gulwing bases and indi
hangers, slimeball wheels!
Most memorable moment; breaking my femur 1n 1990!
Comments; Just started out again after 13 years!, gettin some stuff back,wanna
learn some ramp as i never got the chance back in the day, don’t laugh

when you see me try, or i’ll knock your teeth out! :D! just kiddin, i’m
agettle giant really!

Name: Vikki Cartwright

Age: 24
Town/Area: Hatfield, Herts
Started skating: 2007
Total years skating: about 3 months
Fave terrain: smooth tarmac and hills.
Fave park ever: Harrow, very friendly, good for longboards.

Least fave park ever: Welwyn Garden City full of chavs!
Fave board ever owned: only had 1 – Lush Mako Longboard
Most memorable skate moment: Nearly hitting a cattle grid at the bottom
of a hill on the Lush – Boardfree Bath to Bristol skate.
Brief comments: Come on girls get out and skate!

Name: Dean Cartwright
Age: 27
Town/Area: Hatfield Herts
Started skating: 2007

Total years skating: about 7 months
Fave terrain: smooth long downhills and banks
Fave park ever: Harrow
Least fave park ever: Welwyn Garden City
Fave board ever owned: Lush Samba
Most memorable skate moment: Getting shouted at by a security guard in a
multi storey carpark – he was younger than me!

Brief comments: Don’t get boring – get out on your board!

Name: Dale Bragg

Age: 34
Town/Area: North wales/Chester
Started skating: 1983
Total years skating: about 20 on and off
Fave terrain: street
Fave park ever: old concrete one that used to in

Least fave park ever: none
Fave board ever owned: Natas 101, gullwing trucks,
santa cruz speed wheels (yellow)
Most memorable skate moment: 180 flipping bus station
stairs in chester (1992)

Brief comments: Never stop thrashin!!!!

Name: Lucas Gomersall

Age: 12
Town/Area: Braunton
Started skating: 2006
Total years skating: 1
Fave terrain: bowls, pools, mini ramps.
Fave park ever: Mount Hawke skate project.

Least fave park ever: Motion skate park, Bristol
Fave board ever owned: Zoo York 8 inch deck, Independent High Trucks, Powell
Mini Logo wheels, Jacked bearings.
Most memorable skate moment: First Drop-in
Brief comments: Never too young to ride old-school.

Name: Craig Stringer
Age: 36
Town: Leeds, Yorkshire
Started: On my 5th birthday

Total years: 31 on and off
Fave terrain: Street, concrete, minis.
Fave park: Rehab – Wakefield, Hyde Park – Leeds.
Least fave park: Garforth, Leeds. You need to see it to believe it.
Fave board: Pretty much any Natas deck.
Most memorable skate moment: First time I did the pig & whistle handrail
in Leeds.

Name: Joe Taylor
Age: 34

Town/Area: Wrightwood, California
Started skating: 1983
Total years skating: 24
Fave terrain: Ditches, red curbs, my ramp
Fave park ever: Original Pipeline and probably Sadlands
Least fave park ever: I make the best out of any park

Fave board ever owned: Andy Howell w/ Indys and OJ Teamriders
Most memorable skate moment: Anytime I was on a board w/ my buddies
Brief comments: Enjoy every moment skating with your buddies

Name: Neil Davey AKA ‘Beerday’
Age: 31
Town/Area: Edinburgh, Scotland
Started skating: ’86/’87 ish

Total years skating: 10 and counting
Fave terrain: Steep smooth hills
Fave park ever: Not a park but ‘Governor’s Hill’ – Southern California
Least fave park ever: Anything with potholes!
Fave board ever owned: Gravity BE40 with Tracker BII’s and Krypt ProI’s
Most memorable skate moment: Sliding with the Gravity guys in SoCal

Brief comments: ‘Roll with Soul’

Name: Sally-Anne (SalAbama) Scrivener
Age: 33
Town/Area: Leicester
Started skating: 1996
Total years skating:
Fave terrain: Bowls & Minis,

Fave park ever: Stockwell Skatepark
Least fave park ever: Victoria Park, Leicester
Fave board ever owned: My Jamie Thomas Zero
Most memorable skate moment: Finally learning to do rock fakies after about
5 years of trying! (on and off that is ;-)
Brief comments: I wish I’d started earlier, so I’d got all the scary learning
bits out of the way when I healed quicker! But still get the urge to go
out now and then, need people to skate with tho. Esp. girls! miss the London
crew! Have a long board too now – need some good terrain for cruising that

Name: Billy Savage
Age: 43
Town/Area: Los Angeles

Started skating: 1969
Total years skating: Took 30 years off between 1978-2008
Fave terrain: Steep!
Fave park ever: The Big O
Least fave park ever: The Concrete Wave
Fave board ever owned: Dogtown Bulldog

Most memorable skate moment: Destroying my left arm in a Canyon Jump attempt
in ’78 at the Big O.
Brief comments: I just got back into it after a 30 year sabbatical. I still

name- Nigel Pinnick-Smith
age- 35
town/area- Lowestoft, SUFFOLK
started skating- 1985/86
total years skating- 10 (85 to 91 – 04 to now)

fave terrain- mini, midi, bowls, pools and vert
fave park ever- Rom, Stockwell, Chingford and gillingham
least fave park ever- Don’t really dislike any
fave board ever owned- Powell & Peralta Mike V. with Indy’s and T/Bones
most memorable skate moment- Dropping into Latimer Road. And a bad one,
shattering my kneecap in 2006 on a midi doing a 50/50, the coping had been
waxed and I over rotated on the way back in, still waiting for an op to
remove metal work. Hasn’t stopped me skating though.

brief comment- I will only stop skating when my body is to broken or to

  name – Matt

age – 42
town – Cardiff
Started skating – 77-Early Eighties / 2005 – Present
Total years – >10
Fave Terrain – Curvy surfaces Bowls & Halfpipes

Fave Park – Havn’t been there yet
Least Fave park – Havn’t been there yet
Fave board – Fond memories of a Sims Lonnie Toft, Trackers and big Red Krypt’s.

Most memorable moment – 1; Getting burgled in the early eighties…. ”The
VCR?? Fuck the VCR, they took my SKATEBOARD!!!!” 2; Replacing said board
20 years later…..”aaaahh…now I remember…oh….that feels good!”

brief comment – Got back into skating just before moving away from London
to a place where there is nowhere to skate and it rains all the time….DOH!

Jonny Floater (>[email protected])


Hayling Island, South Coast, UK


Total years skating:errrm, 34!!

Fave park ever:

Fave board ever owned:
Hobieflex Pro Slalom, California Slaloms, Tunnel Rocks (still got it, still using it)

Still lovin it after all these years. Mainly recreational downhill, slalom, and cruising / carving. Love it when the kiddies point and laugh at my Turner Summerski ‘what the f**k is that?!’ 

Name: ben carey / [email protected] 

Age: 33

Town/Area: lymington, south coast

Started skating: 1988

Total years skating: 20

Fave terrain: concrete and home made stuff

Fave park ever: southsea

Least fave park ever: that huge one in shanghai. lucky, lucky bastards!!  

Fave board ever owned: new deal templeton V-ply

Most memorable skate moment: street skating in town centres on sundays before tesco got their breadhead way! 

Brief comments: grind it!

Name: John Fudala

Age: 40

Town/Area: From Va. Beach and still frequent, but reside in NYC claiming all of the Mid-Atlantic

Started skating: 1975

Total years skating: do the math

Fave terrain: Tranny

Fave park ever: Charlston SC Hanger and the old parks of Va. Beach Thunderbowl, Norfolk Skatepark and Concrete Pipline.

Least fave park ever: not worth remembering

Fave board ever owned: eh Micky Alba K beam for the memories.

Most memorable skate moment: WRV Van Road trips to the Florida Cambodia Ramp Jams.

Putting on the Mid-Atlantic Skateboard Series and more

Name:  Steve Beed [email protected]

Age: 43

Town/Area: Teignmouth Devon

Started skating: mid 80′s

Total years skating: 20ish (but never a frequent skater)

Fave terrain: smooth concrete

Fave park ever: The Rom

Least fave park ever: eh?

Fave board ever owned: That beat up Schmitt Danger Stix in the corner

Most memorable skate moment: what, just one!

Brief comments: I suck, and truly don’t care anymore – I’m just happy not to fall over!

Name: steve bayless
Age: 34
Town/Area: happisburgh,norfolk,uk
Started skating: xmas 1983
Total years skating: 25(i think)no stops
Fave terrain: pools,mini ramps but i will give anything a go
Fave park ever: milipitas CA,saffron walden,knebworth(rip),yarmouth,bowes lyon,the list goes on….
Least fave park ever: not many i can recall cos it’s not the park,it’s how you ride can enjoy a curb and a vert ramp equally if you want to.

Fave board ever owned: easy this,zorlac aaron deeter,gullwing street shadows,oj street razors(89/90 ish)
Most memorable skate moment: s.u.a.s southsea,bones demos(latimer,stevenage,rom)dropping in my first vert ramp,seeing some friends ride concrete for the first time ever,too many others
Brief comments:jumped this train in 83,hope the guard don’t catch me cos i don’t wanna get off.

Name: Lewis (Lewy) Harvey

Age: 42

Town/Area: Middlesbrough           

Started skating: 1974

Total years skating: 74’ – 79’, 05’- 08’ so 8 in total.

Fave terrain: Ramps, Vert, Pools, Pipes.

Fave park ever: Blackpool, R-Kade, Prissick Plaza, Tiffany’s Nightclub (Old Bowling Alley in the 70’s)

Least fave park ever: None

Fave board ever owned: Simms Lonnie Toft, Gullwing Pros, 65mm Red Kryps.

Most memorable skate moment: Skating with Gliffberg & Mountain @ Flip Demo, Prissick Plaza

Brief comments: You are never too old to start again!!!!

Name: Felipe “Mongoose” Campos

Age: 37

Town/Area: Chile, Southamerica

Started skating: 2003

Total years skating: 5

Fave terrain: lost hills

Fave park ever:

Least fave park ever: Parque Bustamante

Fave board ever owned: Dregs pinstripe

Most memorable skate moment: My first time with a board

Brief comments: ..never give up!!
Name: Osvaldo Mellado
Age: 38

Town/Area: Chile, Southamerica
Started skating: 1987 skate, 2007 longboard
Total years skating: 5 skate, 1 longboard
Fave terrain: concrete wave maitenes, marbella
Fave park ever: parke bustamante Santiago
Least fave park ever:

Fave board ever owned: dregs surf, sector 9
Most memorable skate moment: saca eh shucha en los maitenes
Brief comments: skate or die

  Name: Patrick Gunn

Age: 25

Town/Area: Manistee, Michigan

Started skating: 1996

Total years skating: 8

Fave terrain: Smooth park concrete

Fave park ever: Mason Skatepark, Mason, Michigan

Least fave park ever: Local Manistee skatepark

Fave board ever owned: Neil Heddings Black Label

Most memorable skate moment: My first arrest :)

Brief comments: Ive been bumming about not skating lately and then I found your site. I have a kid and a fiance and skating is always on my mind. I cant wait to get a new board and take my Daughter to our local park and shred.

Name: Ed Roman

Age: 36

Town/Area: Sterling, VA

Started skating: 1983

Total years skating:10

Fave terrain: Street

Fave park ever: Potrero Del Solm San Francisco, CA

Least fave park ever: Adam Curtis Park, Manchester, NH

Fave board ever owned: Element #13 7.87 Helium

Most memorable skate moment: First handrail slide when I was a kid

Brief comments:


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