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Please be aware that some of
this page WILL contain strong ADULT language !


Name: peter snowball / [email protected]
Age: 49
Town/Area: Spennymoor, Co.Durham
Started skating: 2004
Total years skating: 1
Fave terrain: park, bowls

Fave park ever: R-Kade skatepark, Redcar
Least fave park ever: is there one?
Fave board ever owned: Alva-Inca, 9 inch
Most memorable skate moment: riding down the first big flat bank
Brief comments: age isn’t a disability!!

Name: Julian Tredinnick / [email protected]
Age: 34
Town/Area: Penzance – Cornwall
Started skating: 1976

Total years skating: 30
Fave terrain: Big bowls
Fave park ever: Penzance!
Least fave park ever: Meanwhile 2
Fave board ever owned: Santa Cruise ‘Picasso’ Deck- GullWing Trucks – Death
Box DoDo Wheels (beaten up, but still got it!)
Most memorable skate moment: Going for the gap at Meanwhile 2 and not making

Brief comments: Love it when new faces turn up at the bowl, pad up and have
a great laugh and live the true spirit of skating for all the youngsters
to see what it is all about!

Name: Mike Edge ([email protected])

Age: 43
Town/Area: Chester, NW England.
Started skating: 1977.
Total years skating: 5 (77-80, 2004-6).
Fave terrain: Bowls and pipes.
Fave park ever: Arrows, Wolverhampton back in the day, and Black Pearl,
Cayman Islands now.

Least fave park ever: My hometown park in Bolton was rubbish I admit.
Fave board ever owned: 29" Z Woody, Mid-Tracks with 65mm green Kryps.
Most memorable skate moment: Too many to mention…
Brief comments: None.

NAME – ANDY EL B’STARDO / [email protected]
AGE – 41 GOIN ON 14



Name: Andrew Lomas /

Age: 45
Town/Area: Chatsworth, California (Leeds)
Started skating: 1976
Total years skating: 30
Fave terrain: pools,pipes
Fave park ever: Lakewood,Calif

Least fave park ever: Queens Hall
Fave board ever owned: Ray bones
Most memorable skate moment:Skating with Shogo @Colne
Brief comments: watching my 2 kids skate is too much fun

Name: Jason Lewis / [email protected]
Age: 31
Town/Area: Wichita Kansas
Started skating: 1986

Total years skating: 7
Fave terrain: Street, anything…
Fave park ever: Not one for Parks, the kids drive me nuts.
Least fave park ever:
Fave board ever owned: Double Vision, Double Tail….yummy..
Most memorable skate moment: sliding face first down a huge hill.

Brief comments: it’s not the years in your life, but the life in your years!
Just getting started back, I cannot believe I ever stopped!

Name: Simon Gillard

Age: 34
Town/Area: Exeter
Started skating: 1985
Total years skating: 21
Fave terrain: mini / bowls / street / vert
Fave park ever: not a park really DEAD RABBITS RAMP !!! (R.I.P)

Least fave park ever: Torquay
Fave board ever owned: Ennvi
Most memorable skate moment: 360 mellon spine transfer to broken ankle…
Brief comments: As You Roll Remember The Strength Of The Pebble !

  Name: Brent Duron / [email protected]

Age: 32
Town/Area: Anaheim, California
Started skating: 1979 (at the ripe age of 5)

Total years skating: You do the math
Fave terrain: Ditches, Pools, Banks, Schools
Fave park ever: Pipeline Skatepark
Least fave park ever: At least 75% of the free city parks
Fave board ever owned: They all have good memories attached to em!!
Most memorable skate moment: Skating all the neighborhood ditches and pools
with my friends!

Brief comments:Never let the kid in you die!! In our hearts,minds and souls
we are still as young as we want to be! Skate or Die!!

Name: Tobbe Hellberg / [email protected]

Age: 33.
Town/Area: Malmo, Sweden.
Started skating: ’77.
Total years skating: too fuckin few.
Fave terrain: bowls.
Fave park ever: stapelbadden.

Least fave park ever: jurassic.
Fave board ever owned: W I , stick-o-rama.
Most memorable skate moment: if ya aint livin in the moment, ya aint livin.
Brief comments: you gotta roll with it.

Name: John Fowler / [email protected]
Age: 26
Town/Area: Stockport
Started skating: 2001

Total years skating: 5
Fave terrain: Leeds, Stockport
Fave park ever: Bones is where i discovered skating "so stockport"

Least fave park ever: Mossside
Fave board ever owned: Death Board "the one that says FUCK across it"

Most memorable skate moment: Picking up a board
Brief comments: to check my pics
I am currently sponsored by d-distance and in the middle of making a series
of how to dvd’s.

  Name: Neil Jay (China) / [email protected]
Age: 43
Town/Area: Chester – Cheshire
Started skating: 1976

Total years skating: 18
Fave terrain: wood, followed by concrete (wood is more forgiving when slamming
Fave park ever: Arrow (Wolverhampton) Mmmmmm the smell of new wood
Least fave park ever: Edge Hill (Liverpool) Exmouth (Devon)
Fave board ever owned: Jeff Kendle (Santa Cruz)
Most memorable skate moment: First front side air

Brief comments: oooohh thats going to hurt…!!! Does that look broken to

Name: Alain Haggar / [email protected]

Age: 44
Town/Area: Church Fenton, Republic of Yorkshire
Started skating: 1975
Total years skating: 8 (didn’t do much for the 20 odd middle years)
Fave terrain: Bowls and ramps
Fave park ever: Mine in Church Fenton of course! (Check it out). And, naturally,
the Works in Leeds – awesome place!

Least fave park ever: The huge half pipe in Correlajo, Feuteventura. It’s
totally knackered now.
Fave board ever owned: Bonzi flexi, with ACS 540 trucks and green kryps.
Most memorable skate moment: Dropping the 15 footer at the works. Made it
the first time, broke my ribs the second. Didn’t go for a third!
Brief comments: Got to keep skating to keep sane in corporate world.

  Name: chris spenceley / [email protected]
Age: 24
Town/Area: cambridgeshire
Started skating: 1998

Total years skating: 6 (stopped for 2 years due to injury)
Fave terrain: street
Fave park ever: radlands
Least fave park ever: a parks only really bad if your attitude is
Fave board ever owned: any of them, they’re just planks of wood
Most memorable skate moment: the early years, when all your mates still

skated and you’d be out on your board morning, noon and night, without ever

getting tired
Brief comments: always up for skating

Name: Tracy Weller
Age: 44
Town/Area: Dallas Tx.(Formally Southsea uk)
Started skating: ’75/6

Total years skating:30ish
Fave terrain: Right now Lakeway (Austin)
Fave park ever:Southsea
Least fave park ever:Southsea
Fave board ever owned:Present one (Shitbird,Indy’s,Blackfarts,Rocket’s)

Most memorable skate moment: Getting a photo in Transworld

Brief comments:Fuck ‘em if they can’t take a joke!

Name: Nicky (Pye) Morgan. [email protected]
Age: 33
Town/Area: Neath, South Wales.
Started skating: 1989.
Total years skating: 18 (On and off for past 4 years).
Fave terrain: Street (That’s all we had back then, oh and lots of rain and

Fave park ever: Not many existed close to us but I did skate the old Powell
Warehouse Santa Barbara CA, got Frankie Hills signature and also witnessed
Ray Simmonds pulling sick ollie grabs on the massive qtr with a knee brace
Least fave park ever: NA.
Fave board ever owned: H-Street Matt Hensley (Yellow Eagle/Falcon – on blue
Most memorable skate moment: First ollie hand rail at Swansea University.
Brief comments: Keep on cruising A – B. Peace to the Neath HardCore, Swansea
and Port Talbot Sk8ers. I’ve just bought a nice Vision (07 feb 2007).

Name: Axel Bottenberg / [email protected]
Age: 45
Town/Area: Manchester

Started Skating: age 16 on a Trans Am plastic job with huge roller wheels
Total Years Skating: 2 1/2, mostly ages 43 and above, first attempt aged
15 totally unsuccessful
Fave Terrain: wood
Fave Park ever: Projekts Manchester, Leeds
Last Fave Park ever: anything hard and with rough transitions
Fave Board ever owned: my own designs (on

Most Memorable Skate Moment: doing the ditch at Central Skatepark, Mcr.
Brief Comments: It may not be pretty, but I am having fun…..


name: victor batista—[email protected]
town:vancouver b.c.,canada—
started skating: 1977-1980 then stopped then 2005-2007—
total years skating:5 years total—
fave terrain:longboarding stanly park sea wall and skate parks—

fave park ever:skateboard palace—-
least favorite park: like them all—
fave board ever owned: long board larrys 60 inch newt & my 12 inch
pocket pistols pig board—-
most memorable skate moment: the opening of skateboard palace.

Name: Mark Russell / [email protected]
Age: 32

Town/Area: Malvern, Worcestershire UK
Started skating: 1986 until present day….with too much time off!
Total years skating: No idea, on and off but definitely on at the moment
and for the foreseeable future.
Fave terrain: mini ramp 4ft-ish and variations on concrete.
Fave park ever: Used to love Stevenage and knebworth back in the old days.
The cheese ramp (Wisbech)
Least fave park ever: There’s something at every skate park for everyone.
I’ve had great sessions at shit spots!

Fave board ever owned: Powell – Mike Vallelly or Small room – Box
Most memorable skate moment: Week in Cornwall at age 14ish with a mini bus
full of of skate buddies.
Brief comments: I wish I had never stopped, I might be good by now.

Name: Nathan Marshall / [email protected]
Age: 20
Town: Shoreham (near brighton)
Years Skating: Since around 10 years old
Fav Terrain: Handrails and hips ir just a good park

Fav Park: Epic in Birmingham is pretty good
Least Fav Park: The crappy quarter thing in hamble park, that thing is a

Fav Board: I swear by mini-logo’s
Most Memerable Skate Moment: winning the brighton leg of the 2004 tony hawk


Brief comments: none

Name-Danny Webster
Age- 42 years young
Town-Basingstoke hants
Started skating-1976
Years skating- 31 years
Fave terrain-Small vert ramps and mini ramps with hips and spines.

Fave park ever-Guilford R.I.P
Least fave-Thruxton ( what a joke that was)
Fave board ever owned-My phone bill mode it had g +s phone number in the
Most memorable- Winning the euro championship at crystal palace.
Brief comment-Despite the fact i cant draw a pin man running, skateboarding
remains an art form.

Name: Mick Erskine / [email protected]

Age: 37
Town/Area: Nottingham (originally Manchester)

Started skating: Sept, 77
Total years skating: it’ll be 30 years this year! I never stopped but I
never got any better either!
Fave terrain: freestyle flatland, banks, curbs, tiny minis
Fave park ever: well, Crown Square was the place in the late 80s but Stoke
Plaza is a lot of fun
Least fave park ever: hmm, not sure, Miles Platting?
Fave board ever owned: dayglo Christian Hosoi Street Mini or Per Welinder

Most memorable skate moment: Holeshot event in 87 with Gonz, Hosoi, etc.
Brief comments: I get out for an hour or so every couple of weeks and skate
the Arnold bowl in Nottingham.

Name: John langton [email protected]
Age: 43
Town/Area: South London
Started skating: 1976
Total years skating: you do the math
Fave terrain: mini ramps,bowls ect

Fave park ever: Southsea,the basement and dartford (if the pictures do it
Least fave park ever: any badly built ill concieved waste of council money
of which there are many
Fave board ever owned: ZORLAC!!!!!
Most memorable skate moment: southsea mogul session with powell team and
skating a pool for the first time
Brief comments: no briefs,go commando

Name: Andy Speirs / [email protected]
Age: 43
Town/Area: Was Croydon U.K. now Central Coast N.S.W. Australia

Started skating: 1976
Total years skating: Ongoing
Fave terrain: Halfpipes, Nice long downhill
Fave park ever: Rom, Rollling Thunder, Harrow and now several in the Sydney
Least fave park ever: Portland
Fave board ever owned: Sims 11"/Indi 181′s Alva Conicals.

Most memorable skate moment: Several with the early 80s Southbank Boyz e.g.
Dobie, Sweenie, Darren the punk etc etc.. Great Days
Brief comments:Just getting back into Skating after discovering that Nick
Sable and several others have moved into my area, so I’m not the only forty
something in the area, let the good times roll.

  Name: Ron Sutherland / [email protected]
Age: 38
Town/Area: Sheffield, Peaks area – originally Aberdeen
Started skating: Properly … 1990
Total years skating: About 4
Fave terrain: Street, lonnnnnnnngggg rails

Fave park ever: Never skated one – was a bit sparse up in the North (of
Least fave park ever: A half-pipe me and mates put up in Denmore. Dropped
in first ever time in dark, damn near died!!
Fave board ever owned: H Street Matt Hensley Jail model, green Gullwings,
Most memorable skate moment: The long slides on the walls at Broad street
– destroyed with jaggedy rails by council, anything in the Denburn
Brief comments: So stoked to find this site ………. I’m not alone!! May
have to un-retire the old Alan Petersen slick yet!!!!!!!

  Name: Brian McCarthy (jeff) / [email protected]
Age: 35
Town/Area: Fife originally Edinburgh

Started skating: 80′s ?
Total years skating: probably 12 but then my mind has never stopped yet
Fave terrain: Parks and half pipes
Fave park ever: has to be livi.
Least fave park ever: is there one out there
Fave board ever owned: the one i still got (schmitt stix steve douglas circa
1990 ish)

Most memorable skate moment: dundee factory (original)snaking in before
Lee Ralph only to hear this immense (i remember it being loud ok) noise
coming from his wheels and grinds behind me. Yep I bailed and his run continued.
I also remember being party to Sean Goff hair extensions being cut out while
he slept at Kenny Omonds (livi guru) house at a livi skate party late 80′s
Brief comments: Had so many good times and I still nip into the park when
I feel like it but my board is delaminating and I need a new one. any suggestions?
Good to see the old pros are in your lists.

name; brad lynch – [email protected]
town/area; stoke
started skating; 1989
total years skating; 18 years
fave terrain; street

fave park ever; wakefield or radlands in the mid 90′s
least fave park ever; shrewsbury
fave board ever owned; any which would last longer than two weeks
most memorable skate moment; sessioning a bench with kareem cambell
brief comment; if you want to skate regularly don’t have four kids.

name: Hakan [email protected]
Age: 42

Town/Area: Sweden, south
Started skating: -77
Total years skating: 20 something
Fave terrain: concr…
Fave park ever: "Stappelbed" , Malmoe

Least fave park ever: hm… ?
Fave board ever owned: Sims, Dave Andrecht
Most memorable skate moment: First Frontside air (-80?)
Brief comments: Great fun to skate with my son Lukas

  Name: Roger Palmer
Age: 41
Town/Area: Sunny Bacup Lancs
Started skating: 76

Total years skating: 3…76 to 79
Fave terrain: currently gentle slopes
Fave park ever: Rialto indoor park Manchester…it wasnt great but I got
good on the half pipe and they had a free it was cheap
Least fave park ever: Stalybridge
Fave board ever owned: bowlrider deck, ACS trucks, Green Kryps
Most memorable skate moment: my first 360

Brief comments: got an Asda board for the young lad and had a go. found
I could still skate!!! I’m now looking for a decent board and a longboard.
It may be a mid life crisis but I cant afford a beach buggy!!!

Name: Howard Davey / [email protected]

Age: 35
Town/Area: Torquay, Devon
Started skating: 1979
Total years skating: 25+
Fave terrain: Pool, Park
Fave park ever: Selwyn, North Van, Random Pool in Granada, Spain

Least fave park ever: Tescos parking lots !
Fave board ever owned: Skull skates – Skeletal
Most memorable skate moment: Slicing my lip on a mini ramp and the endless
Brief comments: Keep skating..and spread the word.


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