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Name: Manuel Pedro (known as ‘Pi’) 

Age: 21

Town/Area: Oporto – Santo Tirso PORTUGAL

Started skating: 2000

Total years skating: stoped in 2003 and started again in 2008 (been skating oldschool since then)

Fave terrain: Concrete waves :) Pools ramps (everything in concrete that inclines) cause I went straight to the beginning (surf fusioned with skate )

Fave park ever: CASA DA MUSICA
Least fave park ever: esposende radical park

Fave board ever owned: My old blind board that I cuted to look like a banana board, added some powell G-Bones and started carving

Most memorable skate moment: Carvin in the pools in reguenga skatepark alone in the afternoon (the park is isolated in a forest) only crickets for company

Brief comments: Don´t be ashemed if it`s fun, if it makes you feel alive DO IT!!

Name: Andy Meader

Age: 40 in Dec 08

Town/Area: Salisbury

Started skating: Nov 08
Total years skating: Years! 2 weeks!

Fave terrain: It’s all an adventure at this stage!

Fave park ever: I’ve only skated Salisbury’s skate park :S

Least fave park ever: ???

Fave board ever owned: My Enuff (it’s the only one I’ve ever had)

Most memorable skate moment:Falling off on Fri, my arm still hurts!

Brief comments: Look forward to meeting skaters my own age, and getting better…

Name: Tom Knapp (Knapp-Time) 

Age: 35

Town/Area: Denver, CO USA

Started skating: 1987

Total years skating: 21 (and my body feels every year)

Fave terrain: Street

Fave park ever: Earth now that Jamaica Jim’s is gone (R.I.P.)
Least fave park ever: The asphalt in front of my house.

Fave board ever owned: Blind Jason Lee “Cat in the Hat,” Indy 159′s, and Slime Ball Big Balls.

Most memorable skate moment: So many to choose from.  #2387 – Breaking my ankle ollieing off my grandmother’s house (age 17).

Brief comments: Skate and Destroy…Just like my arm reads.

Name: Paul Cooper 

Age: 45

Town/Area: Los Angeles, CA North America
Started skating: 12

Total years skating: 9.5

Fave terrain: Pools, bowls, transition

Fave park ever: Fontana II, Glendale, Vans

Least fave park ever: Pasadena

Fave board ever owned:  Earth Wing Excecutioner

Most memorable skate moment:  Front Side Air 12 feet above ground

Brief comments:  Skate hard, live pure, always push yourself to do better and better!

Richard Searle 

age .45

Blackheath London

Started 77

never stopped

half pipe
mad dog bowl

skate city

Benjy Board comp, powerflex 5′s . cal slaloms

having the south bank to myself all day in the ninties

have group on face book called old and fat skateboarders (O.A.F.s)

Name: Keith ; [email protected] 

Age: 44

Town/Area: Croydon South London/ now Colorado Springs CO

Started skating: 1974
Total years skating: 74 to 80 started again in 2003.

Fave terrain: Home made ply ramps/nowadays  concrete.

Fave park ever: South Bank London/Bromley/Sutton library/Crystal palace.

Least fave park ever: overpriced ones.

Fave board ever owned: Alva/Trackers/Kryptonics.

Most memorable skate moment:Being chased by the cops for  skating at the South Bank.

Brief comments:Still having fun.

Name: Mick Groocock
Age: 45 

Town/Area: Bacup Rossendale

Started skating: 1977

Total years skating: Cant remember

Fave terrain: Any transition

Fave park ever: Mini ramp at Bolton

Least fave park ever: Stalybridge 1978

Fave board ever owned: Anything as long as I  can skate it

Most memorable skate moment:  Fuck me, I’m vertical !! (at Bolton

skatepark 1978 on a polyprop deck)

Brief comments: Betta buy some knee pads lol.

Name: Gary Bloom

Age: 35

Town/ area : Pretoria, South Africa

Started skating: 1984

Total years skating: +/- 15

Fave terrain: ditches, mini ramps

Fave park ever: Boogaloos,/ Monte Casino (Johannesburg)

Least fave park ever: Thrashers, Pretoria, (Shit upkeep and now they’re running it into the ground with no repairs)

Fave board ever owned: Tom Knox Everslick, 159mm San Diego Trucks, Bullet 92a wheels (still have it)

Most memorable skate moment: Pulling off a rock fakie on a 8ft vert ramp.

Brief comments: Never too old to skate, never to old to do a whole lot of things. DO it while you can.

Name: paul ‘the spook’ moxham /[email protected]
Age: 35 yrs
Town/Area :Accrington/ lancs
Started in :83 – 85 – 2004 – the world ends
Total years skating7 yrs -ish
Fave terrain: shred most terrain with crypto’s on – street , banks
Fave park ever: clitheroe crete park , smooth as a giesha’s gash
Least fave park ever: Accrington skatepark, biggest pile of shit you’ll ever sk8, lazy ass council!
Fave board ever owned: 9″ real aces edition,indy trucks , crypto cr-59′s, firm rails.ssssswwweeeetttttt
Most memorable skate moment: watchin my 10 yr old son nail the illusive kickflip, your never to old ,if any1 tells you any different , pow!
Name: Neil brown

Town/Area: Lewes U.K

Started skating: 1976-77 then started again 2007

Total years skating: 4yrs total

Fave terrain: streetCrawley Sussex UK

Fave park ever: Seaford (old park)

Least fave park ever:

Fave board ever owned: almost impact, Venture trucks, Ricta cores wheels

Most memorable skate moment: learning to drop in / ollieing started at 42 (ollie culture style, skate as much as poss but my son witnessed my one of my  accidents, broken wrist and i knocked myself out for 8 mins ( still have memory loss )   :(

Brief comments:  but its all part of the experience!

Name: Ryan Verburg 

Age: 35

Town/Area: Cleveland, Ohio

Started Skating: Jr. High School…around 1987
Total Yrs. Skating: 1987 – 1992, 2006 – Present

Fave Terrain: Street, Ramp, Kitchen Floor…it’s all good

Fave Park Ever: Still Searching For It

Least Fave Park Ever: Any that’s too overrun with bikers

Fave Board Ever Owned: Natas Kaupas Panther or Mike McGill’s

Most Memorable Skate Moment: First time I ever ollied

Brief Comment:

Name: Russell Wade 

Age: 33

Town/Area: Bedford/Chingford

Started skating: 1986
Total years skating: 7

Fave terrain: Street

Fave park ever: Stevenage/Rom

Least fave park ever: Wicksteed Park

Fave board ever owned: Blind Jason Lee (Mad Hatter)

Most memorable skate moment: Bones Brigade/H Street Tours of Stevenage, Slam City Comp – South Bank 87ish (Think Curtis ‘peewee’ Mcann won it)

Brief comments:

Name: Scott D.
Age: 33 

Town/Area: North West London

Started skating: 1988 (‘seriously’), First Toys-R-Us Board in 1985-86

Total years skating: 21 (or so)

Fave terrain: Street (terrain/longboarding), But getting into Pools!!!

Fave park ever: Meanwhile 2

Least fave park ever: Haven’t met it yet.

Fave board ever owned: Maybe this little stock Lush.

Most memorable skate moment: Last Sunday when I threw myself into the bowl and bit it hard.

Brief comments:  Used to buy my boards from the ‘rich kids’ in the lunch cafeteria (Boards would have been thrown away if I didn’t buy them).   Rode them to death behind the Quick Check in Bogota, New Jersey, USA.  Learned to Grind on the yellow parking blocks with Rob and Sean.

Name: Chris Reynolds 

Age: 34

Town/Area: Belfast
Started skating: 1988-ish

Total years skating: never enough

Fave terrain: kerbs and driveways

Fave park ever: Mike’s ramp n’ rail with a pint in the ivy but have rose tinted memories of brushing out the cinders in kilkeel

Least fave park ever: temporary thing in lisburn

Fave board ever owned: gotta be the first santa cruz with indys and big balls but as was the thing your tail became lethally sharp!

Most memorable skate moment: Conor, Che, Lee (RIP), Barry and I in competition at the top hat? roller rink in the early 90’s

Brief comments: no matter when or why I’ve given up (kids, pain, girls) no matter what else I ever do I always feel I’m a skater

Name: Bret McDonald 

Age: 30
Town/Area: Chorley

Started skating: 88

Total years skating: 7

Fave terrain: Midi spines and big concrete steps

Fave park ever: Radlands in the early 90’s

Least fave park ever: Birmingham wheels in the early 90’s- dangerous, half finished bowls and a lethal concrete street sections

Fave board ever owned: Any of the Vision boards I skated

Most memorable skate moment: Some friends of mine thought it would be a good idea to strap me to a board with a BMX inner tube and propel me up a quarter pipe in a car park, apparently it was the most hideously death defying spectacle they had ever witnessed.

Brief comments: Great to be skating again and great to meet a bunch of lads with the same take on life

Name-Tony Quayle 



Start date-1975ish

Total time skating33 years on and off

fave terrain-smooth tarmac
fave park-old skate [email protected]

least fave park-not got one all are good to some degree.

fave board-fun-da-mental skates longboard,original trucks,avilas,awesome.

most memorable skate moment-all the time,carving and sliding plymouth hoe.

Brief comment-old guys and young guys rule,i am better now than i was back then,more focused.

Name: Michael Hopkins

Age: 44

Town/Area: Olathe,Kansas, USA

Started skating: 1977- 85 and again 4-05 present

Total years skating: 8 years

Fave terrain: ½ pipe, bowls, pools

Fave park ever:

Least fave park ever:

Fave board ever owned: Mickey Alba K-Beam, Tracker trucks, Sims the Wheelprototype wheels

Most memorable skate moment: First pool I ever carved and first handplant on a 7 tall wood ¼ ramp.

Brief comments: Nothing like the feeling of vert.>

Name: Tom Halliday
Age: 23 

Town/Area: Saffron Walden

Started skating:2001

Total years skating: 8

Fave terrain: Bowls

Fave park ever: One Minute Park (Saffron Walden)

Least fave park ever: Takely (haha)

Fave board ever owned: Darren Navarrette

Most memorable skate moment: When i broke my arm for the 3rd time and had two plates put in.

Brief comments: I Love to skate…. I ride creature,indy,spitfire,vox. Go Fast!!! And ALL HAIL CARDIEL!!!!!



Name: Adam Floyd 

Age: 45

Town/Area: Plymouth

Started skating: 76

Total years skating: 33

Fave terrain: Pools

Fave park ever: Locomotion – Hemel Hempstead

Least fave park ever: Millendreth near Looe Cornwall

Fave board ever owned: Powell Beamer – Tracker 6 tracks (with copers) – Bones Cubics

Most memorable skate moment: Jeremy Fox breaking his arm in the massive bowl at Harrow. (I am ashamed to say I made him carry his own bag home).

Brief comments: When life is getting you down just hit the coping harder!

Name: Nicky ‘Pye’ Morgan 

Age: 35

Town/Area: Neath, Wales/Perth, Australia
Started skating: 1987

Total years skating: 22

Fave terrain: Street dude, no parks around when I was an NCP/Rainy Day Local in wet ole Cymry

Fave park ever: None, I could name numerous street spots though …

Least fave park ever: The one I stone-chiped slammed on in Pemberton, WA a few weeks after 4 minuts of skating

Fave board ever owned: H-Street, Matt Hensley Kingsize of course.  My Mike Crum ‘Gun-Knot’ was nice but I snapped it.

Most memorable skate moment: About 95% of every moment I’ve spent on a skateboard.

Brief comments: Keep on rolling.  Peace out to the Swansea Sk8ers. Oh … Chris Pullen, you owe me juice money for that ride to Merthyr in my Capri late one night back in … 1991 ?

name:Scott budynas 


town:Liverpool N.Y.

started skating:1972

years skating 72 to 85 picked up again in 06

fave terrain: concrete

fave park sea side skate park emerald Is.north Carolina

least fave park:ones with bikers

fave board :dog town bulldog indys,bones cubes

memorable skate moment :finding out there are more old farts out there still skating.

comment:maybe ill nut up and drop in the local pool this year ,sk8 hard and don’t DIE!!!!!!!!

Name: Chris Lomas [email protected]

Age: 37

Town/Area: Wirral (formerly Greenfield,Oldham)

Started skating: 1986
Total years skating: 23

Fave terrain: Park

Fave park ever: Newlyn Cornwall/ Runcorn

Least fave park ever: Edge Lane Liverpool

Fave board ever owned: Powell Peralta Ray Barbee Rag Doll, Venture Trucks, Bullets. Now Death Zarosh.

Most memorable skate moment: Teaching my 9 year old to drop in

Brief comments: No it’s not a mid life crisis! Get off my back
Name: Michael Sweeney 

Age: 35

Town/Area: Blackburn

Started skating: 1983

Total years skating: 11

Fave terrain: Skateparks

Fave park ever: Wicksteed Skatepark
Least fave park ever: None, you make your own fun in this world:)

First board ever owned: Powell peralta Sword and skull

Fave board ever owned:  Powell Peralta Bucky Lasek

Most memorable skate moment: First kickflip in my mums lounge

Brief comments:Really pleased skating is back in my life and that my 6 year old son is also so excited about starting. Good times!!

Name: stephen(hotdog) hayton 

Age: 35

Town/Area : back of beyond(near lancaster)
Started skating: 1986

Total years skating: about 10-15 years

Fave terrain: was street wanting to skate some pools though

Fave park ever: marseille france

Least fave park ever: ?

Fave board ever owned: h-street sal brb

Most memorable skate moment: f/s melon over 50p shaped box at heysham

Brief comment;

Loydell_skating Name: Rupert Loydell
Town/Area: Cornwall [was West London and then Exeter]
Started skating:1975
Total years skating: 1975-88 dedicated; random and occasional since.
Fave terrain: mellow concrete bowls and pipes
Fave park ever: Rolling Thunder, Meanwhile 2, Romford
Least fave park ever: Hatfield and Stevenage
Fave board ever owned: Lonnie Tofts, 8 inch indies, green bones [still own it]
Most memorable skate moment: Skating Rom with a broken wrist and having to go to casualty with suspected other broken wrist – the same nurse was on duty and gave me hell. [Turned out not to be broken but damn near.]
Brief comments: Stopped skating seriously as I realised everyone
else was on the car park roof in Exeter was about 12 and was there for a smoke…
Loydell_skating Name: Steve Delvoye
Age: 45
Town/Area: Green Bay, WI USA
Started skating:1967 

Total years skating: 1967-1980 then 2009
Fave terrain: ramps, bowls
Fave park ever: karls back yard 1/2 pipe
Least fave park ever:
Fave board ever owned: kryptonics steve alba kbeam (borrowed after i broke my dogtown)
Most memorable skate moment: 1st frontside air at a demo in the mall.
Brief comments: i want air again!
Name: Patric Randby
Age: 44
Town/Area: Gothenburg/Sweden
Started Skating: 1978-1990, 2007-Now
Total Years Skating: 15
Fave terrain: Vert and pools, but nowdays it´s most crusing and flatland freestyle
Fave park: Skate Land Gothenburg (gone)
Least Fave park: Loftet Skate Club Gotehburg (also gone)
Fave Board ever owned: Allan “Ollie” Gelfand (with the tank picture), Tracker Trucks Six Tracker, Tracker Trucks copers, Powell Peralta rails and Powell Peralta green Mini-Cubic (a real battleship)
Most Memorable skatemoment: Must be in the good old days (late 70s). Just skating around 24/7 and had nothing else to think about! Remember New Sports House in Stockholm , skate where Tony “monkey” “T-Mag” Magnusson (still active in US) was skating. One of Sweden’s first skateboard facilities together with Loftet Skate Club Gotehburg. Those were the days!Brief comments: Where others see a wall, I see a playground! Never grow up! 

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Started skating:

Total years skating:
Fave terrain:

Fave park ever:

Least fave park ever:

Fave board ever owned:

Most memorable skate moment:

Brief comments:

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