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Please be aware that some of this page WILL contain strong ADULT language !

Name: Jason Hurley / [email protected]
Age: 35

Town/Area: Chorley, Lancs

Started skating: 1977

Total years skating: 6 after a 19 year break

Fave terrain: Park

Fave park ever: Stockport at the moment

Least fave park ever: Tatton, Chorley

Fave board ever owned: Current hideous green and purple Death board

Most memorable skate moment: Pulling off a fakie rock on the fifth attempt
last week

Brief comments: KEEP ON TRUKKIN!

Name: Russ Howell / [email protected]

Age: 53

Town/Area: Southern California moved to Boise, Idaho
Started skating: 1958 on steel wheels

Total years skating: 45

Fave terrain: Snake run skateparks and flatland freestyle

Fave park ever: Concrete Wave, Anaheim 1976

Least fave park ever: Eagle Skatepark, Idaho (bad concrete work)

Fave board ever owned: My own freestyle design – Howell Skateboards

Most memorable skate moment: Performing at the Beach Boys Concert in front
of 55,000 spectators, winning two World Championships, touring the world
for skating, setting the World 360 Spinning Record at 163, ….

Brief comments: Skateboarding has always been important in my life. I have
always strived to serve the sport with ethical and moral motivations. The
Sport of Skateboarding is pure; it’s the skaters who influence its character
to be either good or bad. The Sport needs skaters who are willing to make
responsible decisions that are not influenced by greed. The magazines and
manufacturers act according to profit, not what’s best for the sport. Time
to change and elevate our sport to its rightful place.

Name: Andy Eaves / [email protected]

Age: 38

Town: London

Started skating: 1974

total years skating: 10

fave terrain: small halfpipes (so it doesn’t hurt much)
fave park: West Midlands Safari Park (Kiddy) RIP

least fave park: monstrosity in Cambridge in about 1977

fave board: Powell Ollie tank 25th anniversary reissue

most memorable skate moment: last year learning to do a frontside air aged

Brief comments: why did I give up in 1985? what a stupid *@!~&{} I was,
but I’m making up for lost time now. If you haven’t started again yet, get
on with it before arthritis sets in.

Name: Gary Bliss / [email protected]

Age: 30

Started skating: 1982

Total years skating: 14

Fave terrain: Anything mellow!

Fave park ever: Bedminster before they fucked it up

Least fave park ever: aint got one

Fave board ever owned: Schmitt Stix Bryce Kanights, Indies, Slimeball Vomites

Most memorable skate moment: Skating a sketchy mini in a barn in southrop
when Goffy and Alex Moul turned up

Brief comments: Started skating again because my kid got into it, forgot
how much fun it was, never stopping.

photo vans combi march 2002 photo tomsk Name: mark “trawler” lawer

Age: 40 yrs young

Town/Area: plymouth and the south west

Started skating: 1976

Total years skating: 21+
Fave terrain: bowls and vert, slalom and downhill events

Fave park ever: plymouth 78-82 and newquay wooden waves vert

Least fave park ever: mount hawke

Fave board ever owned: zorlac john gibson, deadbolt, trucks and zombu wheels

Most memorable skate moment: my 40th birthday bash sept 2002 at bristol

Brief comments: riding more than ever now for vision shoes , sector nine,
and capix helmets sk8 4 life

Name: Tony Goodwin

Age: 37
Town/Area: West London

Started skating: 1976

Total years skating: Since 1976, with a lay off from ’91 – ’96, what was
I thinking?

Fave terrain: Skateparks, grew up at Rom and Rolling Thunder (33 tube stops
apart didn’t stop me)

Fave park ever: Rolling Thunder (R.I.P.)

Least fave park ever: A bulldozed one..

Fave board ever owned: All of them, but currently my slalom set up: Pocket
Pistol, Indy 101′s and Turner Avalon’s and my street board: Heroin Good
Shit, Indy’s and Great Potato Wheels

Most memorable skate moment: Getting a gun pointed at me by a security guard
with Mickey Mouse ears on his car in the parking lot at Disneyland, whilst
being told “no skating in the parking lot….”

Brief comments: The answer is never…

Name: Garry Reeves / Gaz / Gaza / The Gaza Strip / [email protected]

Age: 36

Town/Area: Singapore (Ex Burnley / Darlo / Jakarta)

Started skating: 1976

Total years skating: 76 to 91 + 00 to 03 = so, 20 … ish
Fave terrain: Wide bendy smooth steep hills without a T junction at the
bottom … and a bus back uphill

Fave park ever: Any – I’ve been to so few

Least fave park ever: Same again

Fave board ever owned: Nostalgia – My old Fibreflex with independents /
Trackers and Krypto’s, Now – Landyachtz with Randals and oversize Abecs

Most memorable skate moment: When I was a kid, hitting a pile of horse shit
at about 30mph on a gravelly N Yorks B road miles from anywhere; As a MAS,
getting the kids on a board and into the feel

Brief comments: If you ever knew the rush, feel, power, and even sometimes
the grace of boarding, get back on. If not, try it out – It’s never too
late. Then teach your kids.

Name: Guy Hague (M.O.T.H.S) [email protected]

Age: 44.
Town: Taunton.

Started skating: 2002 this time around.

Fave terrain: Wooden ramps.

Fave park: Dreamfields, Taunton and Wooden Waves, Newquay.

Least fave park: At my stage of the game they’re all interesting.

Fave board ever owned: Deathbox 32×8″ with Randall 150′s and Gravity
73mm wheels and my current Old Skool board for ramps.

Best memorable skate moment: Discovering the fun to be had at a skate park
- why didn’t it happen earlier in my life?!

Brief comments: Just wanna say thanks to the great crew at MOTHS for all
the encouragement, i.e “drop-in? – course it doesn’t hurt”!

Name: George Perlinger / [email protected]

Age: 43

Location: Location- Ft. Huachuca, Arizona; Heidelberg, Germany; Karlsruhe,
Germany; Killeen, Texas; Houston, Texas.

Started: 1974

Total years: 7, 1974-1981, 2003-

Fave Terrain, Wooden ramps and drainage ditches
Fave Park: La Villette; Paris, France

Least Fave: Is there such a thing???

Fave Board: Shugo Kubo Dogtown Skate

Most memorable moment: Skating at the European Championships in Zurich,
Switzerland in 1979

Brief comments: YOU’RE NEVER TOO OLD!!!!!!!!

Name: Tim Woodrow / [email protected]

Age: 31
Town/Area: Exeter, previously Oxford area

Started skating: 1984 i think

Total years skating: 19 minus 3 years when I discovered beer, women and
more beer

Fave terrain: Conctrete. Curbs to Bowls

Fave park ever: Dame Emily Smythe, Bristol before they took the bowls away.

Least fave park ever: Dame Emily Smythe, Bristol after they took the bowls

Fave board ever owned: Sims Kevin Staab signed by the man himself

Most memorable skate moment: My first ollie up a curb.

Brief comments: Stop Councils from building cheap, shitty, “freestyle”
type, metal parks. Get involved.

Name: Andrew (Willy) Williams / [email protected]

Age: 35

Town/Area: Adelaide/South Australia

Started Skating: 76-82, 2002-now

Total Years Skating: 1&1/2 (properly)
Fave terrain: Bowls, multi story carparks

Fave park: West Beach

Least Fave park: Adelaide City

Fave Board ever owned: 1980, Mickey Alba K beam, trackers, Alva conicles

Most Memorable skatemoment: my last skate

Brief comments: A couple of beers helps you skate, too many fucks you up.

Name: Jon “spooky” Parsons ([email protected])

Age: 35 1/2
Town/Area: Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Started skating: ’79-90 (surfing 89- present), 2002-present

Fave terrain: Concrete

Fave park: Stockwell bowl (c.90ish)

Least fave park: -

Fave board owned: My current set-up, Lush longboard 46″, Death Skateboards

31″, Randalls, Krypto 76s

Most memorable skate moment: Rediscovering concrete hurts at speed

Brief comment: Are we all just having a mid-life crisis!!!! How do I get
my son off my board, I want it back!!!

Name: Mark Murphy / [email protected]

Age: 34

Town/Area: Nottingham via Tucson, AZ

Started skating: 1983ish

Total years skating: 5+2=7
Fave terrain: Bowles, Bowles, and more Bowles

Fave park ever: Newberg, Burnside, Brookings, etc. Oregon is Niicceee

Least fave park ever: Edward Lane in Notts ‘an un-skatable turd’

Fave board ever owned: Latest, the shit just keeps getting better

Most memorable skate moment: 1985 ‘Street’ contest w/ Hosoi, Cab,
Guerrero, and Gator

Brief comments: Should have NEVER taken 13 years off

name/david parry/[email protected]

age/ 39
town/ watford

started/at 15

total years/ always had a board

fave terrain/concrete,pools

fave park/harrow,stockwell

least fave/ knebworths nasty skin flaying concrete snake run

fave board/ powell mcgill,trackers and hosoi rockets

fave moment/grinding pools at harrow and romford

comment.meeting people of my own age and ability is fantastic thanks steve
and ewan

Name: Rudee Rolston / [email protected]

Age: 38

Town/Area: Maidenhead

Started skating: Long Time Ago

Total years skating: To Many
Fave terrain: Wood & Concrete

Fave park ever: Skatewave

Least fave park ever: Any new park

Fave board ever owned: My 1st A Skuda

Most memorable skate moment: Seeing Bones Brigade @ Bracknell

Brief comments: I Wear Boxers

Name: Steve Broomer / [email protected]
Age: 31

Town/Area: Reading/Berkshire

Started Skating: 1986

Total Years Skating: Approx 14 (a few breaks)

Fave Terrain: Smooth Concrete

Fave Park: Never really skated parks

Fave Board Owned: Santa Cruz Jeff Kendal Graffitti, OJ 2s and Tracker Ultralites

Most Memorable Skate Moment: Power sliding into a copper and getting a serious
bollocking from the sergeant at the station

Brief Comments: Simply sliding, spinning and pushing your way through life
is a liberating experience.

Name: PETE GEORGE – [email protected]



Started skating: 1977
Total years skating: 6

Fave terrain: CONCRETE/BOWLS

Fave park ever: NOT SEEN IT YET

Least fave park ever: EVERY PARK HAS SOMETHING !

Fave board ever owned: ALL OF THEM (LOTS)

Most memorable skate moment: FIRST FRONTSIDE GRIND


Name:Tony Luna


Started skating:1977

Total years skating:10

Fave terrain:Ditches

Fave park ever:

Least fave park ever:

Fave board ever owned:Vision Mark Gonzalez

Most memorable skate moment:Being drunk off my ass and falling down a flight
of stairs and breaking my pinky.

Brief comments:fuck

Name: Alan (Ratboy) Routledge / [email protected]

Age: 40

Town/Area: Hertfordshire
Started skating: ’76-’81 / 2002 ’til death

Total years skating: I think the above totals 6 so far

Fave terrain: Pools, bowls & pipes

Fave park ever: I dunno – er, Meanwhile 1? (crap surface but great

atmosphere – I learned a lot from those guys!)

Least fave park ever: The ‘metal one’ in Flitwick, Bedfordshire

Fave board ever owned: BB Comp2 / Tracker Midtrack / White Yoyo’s

Most memorable skate moment: Seeing my 8 year old son kickturn the Harrow

Brief comments: Thanks Mum, for not throwing out my old skate stuff!!

Name: Richard Clinker ([email protected])

Age: 34

Town/Area: Towcester; Northants
Started skating: early 2000

Total years skating: 3 and a bit

Fave terrain: Mellow hills; mellow bowls

Fave park ever: Watlington, so far.

Least fave park ever: Any with no concrete to carve.

Fave board ever owned: Libtech Surfer

Most memorable skate moment: Getting the wobbles when I first started skating

Brief comments: Keep showing the groms how it’s done!

Name: Guy Mazza / [email protected]

Age: almost 40

Town/Area: Palmdale, Calif (Los Angeles Co.)

Started skating: 1974

Total years skating: About 7 (off/on)

Fave terrain: Pools/Concrete Skateparks
Fave park ever: Aloha Skatetown Agoura, Calif (1977)

Least fave park ever: No such thing

Fave board ever owned: Current: BDS Paul Constantineau TTII

Most memorable skate moment: Skating with Z-Boys

Brief comments: Great to be back skating w/my Bros. Im losing weight too,
thats a plus!

Name: Mike Richardson ([email protected])

Age: Just 39!
Town/Area: Cambridge

Started skating: 1976

Total years skating: 6+

Fave terrain: Bowl and Pools

Fave park ever: The Barn, Brighton

Least fave park ever: Pandora’s Box, Manchester

Fave board ever owned: Dog Town Wes Humpston ’78 (see pic)

Most memorable skate moment: First time I dropped into the half pipe at
Llandudno in 1978

Brief comments: Left it far too long to start skating again – just do it!

Name: Brad “Oddy” Odland / [email protected]


Town/Area: Waukesha, Wisconsin

Started skating: 1974

Total years skating: 6 plus
Fave terrain: Half pipes, pools, fresh smooth blacktop parking lots for

Fave park ever: Never had the chance to go to a good one, being from So.Dak.

Least fave park ever: n/a

Fave board ever owned: Hobie Flex Cutaway Slalom, Gullwing HPG IV, Hobie

Most memorable skate moment: My daughter dropping in for the first time

Brief comments: Started riding ramps again this summer, have been slaloming
off and on for years. Like my pic? Daughter took that one at 4 seasons in
Milwaukee….she’s funny like that.

Name; Phil House or P.K. e-mail; [email protected]

Age; 43
Town/area; Plymouth

Started Skating; 1970!

Total years Skating; 6 years during1976 to 82 period but always had Sk8
to hand since for nostalgic playtimes!

Fave terrain; Concrete banks, bowls or half pipes, anything with a bit of

Fave park ever; Plymouth.

Least fave park; St Austell (Cornwall 1978) bowl.

Fave board ever owned; All faves at the time so; present board, Old G&S
Pine Design Bowlrider, 8″ Lazer trucks & Bell-Air Wings.

Most memorable Sk8 moment; 1976 (I think) Brands Hatch, Kryptonics team
on half-pipe and Tim Levis Speed skating.

Brief comments; If it feels good, do it. Just have FUN!

Name: Tom Beardshaw / [email protected]

Age: 36

Town/Area: Cardiff
Started skating: 1987

Total years skating: About 2 years in the l8 80s and I picked it up again
Spring 2003

Fave terrain: The streets of Cardiff, bowls, smooooth street parks.

Fave park ever: Wavehouse Skatepark at Gateway Durban, South Africa – snakerun,
kidney, street, “rhythm skate area (!)”, vert – the lot, under
blazing skies… designed by Tony Hawk

Least fave park ever: Castle Grounds, Cardiff… cos there isn’t a skatepark
there… but there should be.

Fave board ever owned: My current setup: Alva special edition 34 x 8.5 with
Indie 169s, Bones Swiss bearings and NoSkool wheels – 88duro and phat

Most memorable skate moment: Carving my first bowl, whizzing faster and
faster arond the thing until I was dizzy

Brief comments: You’ll see me skating around in Cardiff – say hi.

Name, John Taylor / [email protected]

Age, 41

Town/area, Milton Keynes

Started skating, 76

Total years skating, 6

Fave terrain, Concrete/bowls
Fave park ever, Kelvin Grove,Glasgow

Least fave park ever, Most of the new stuff

Fave board owned, 10″ Alva, A.C.S trucks, Lime green Kryps’

Most memorable skate moment, First time I stood on a board,August 1976

Brief comments, Just because the road has no destination doesn’t mean it’s
not worth travelling.

Name: Darren (Wilbut) Williams

Age: 39
Town/Area: Adelaide/South Australia

Started Skating: 75 – now

Total Years Skating: many

Fave terrain: Pools, Bowls, Pipes, Vert

Fave park: Parafield Gardens (circa 1980), The Turs

Least Fave park: Any street park

Fave Board ever owned: Salba K beam or Lee Ralph model

Most Memorable skate moment: forgot

Brief comments: All skate parks should have some decent vert sections and
less street crap.

Name: Joseph Vazquez III / [email protected]

Age: 38

Town/Area: Singer Island/ Tampa, FL USA

Started skating: Mid 70′s

Total years skating: hard to tell off and on allot
Fave terrain: Bowls, pools, verts and long hills-everything

Fave park ever: Olsener YMCA

Least fave park ever: don’t have one, love them all

Fave board ever owned: Red Kross Duane Peters Full/Sixtracks/No-Skoolz 60mm
98a/ Sims Loni Toft!!

Most memorable skate moment: When I lost my virginity…isn’t it for everyone?

Brief comments: Skating has brought back everything that I have lost when
I became an adult…Hmmm I don’t think I ever grew up?

Name: Geir Linge / [email protected]

Age: 27
Town/Area: Oslo/ Norway

Started skating: 1984

Total years skating: 19

Fave terrain: Langeland (Aalesund, Norway)

Fave park ever: the Aase ramp

Least fave park ever: the blindheim ramp

Fave board ever owned: Santa Cruz Claus Grabke

Most memorable skate moment: when i did 360 to grind on the coping.

Brief comments: I just love to skate on the local mini-ramp with my

old-school board. And the kids like skating with me too, because I do those
funny trix…










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