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be aware that some of this page WILL contain strong ADULT language !


Name: Craig ‘Old and Confused of Uxbridge’ Atkinson
Age: 39
Town/Area: Uxbridge / NW London
Started skating: Newcastle Upon Tyne 1977
Total years skating: 3 years(1970′s) + 3 years (1980′s) + 2 years (1990′s)
+ Last 2 years.
Fave terrain: Mellow Concrete

Fave park ever: Fond memories of Tynemouth in 70′s – Didn’t it burn down?
Home made ramps
Least fave park ever: Pass!
Fave board ever owned: Benji ‘Sab’ + ASC + blue Kryps (Happy days!)
Most memorable skate moment: Skating with my daughter!
Brief comments: Will we still be skating in our 50′s??

Age: 39.5 [at the time of writing]

Town/Area: Huddersfield/via Nottingham
Started skating: 76/77 retired ’80 recalled to service 84/85
Total years skating: 20 yrs plus-although I’ve had some coffee breaks
Fave terrain: transitions/flat banks
Fave park ever: Broad marsh banks
Least fave park ever: the council built ‘skateboard track’ on bradford road
Huddersfield-it re-defines crap

Fave board ever owned: I’ll have to have a think about that
Most memorable skate moment: Chris metcalf and his ridiculously outrageous
slides 1985 at broadmarsh banks
Brief comments: It’s good that a lot of people never really gave up-roll

Name: Lewis Brundige aka (IOWASK8ER)
/ e mail [email protected]
Age: 40
Town/Area: Des Moines,Iowa USA
Started skating: 1976
Total years skating: Off and on last 28 years (still Skating)

Fave terrain: Any Good Concrete Vertical Skatepark (the way they built them
in the 70′s)
Fave park ever: Roll’in Magic Skatepark in Lenexa, Kansas & Funpark
DM, Iowa
Least fave park ever: The Ones with NO Roundwalls!! No Lines, all Rails
& Stairs.
Fave board ever owned: my Alva, Rockit, Sims Quicktail, Elgato, Kryptonics
foam (see pic)
Most memorable skate moment: Skating w/ Eddie Elguera & Dale Smith back
in 1980 at Funpark DM, Iowa + Winning Highest air contest with a 4 foot
10 inches backside air in 1979 Roll’in Magic, (see pic)

Brief comments: Old School Skater’s Make all the Trick’s (So Go for the
Vert Kid’s & Get Old School)

Name : Barry Gribble / [email protected]
Age: 41 (soon)
Town/Area: Henley On Thames Oxfordshire UK
Started Skating; 1974/5
Total years Skating; about 12
Fave Terrain: Half pipe/ bowl

Fave Park Ever: The Flamingo in Pool near Redruth
Least Fave Park Ever: Playing Place near Truro. An almost unskate-able
slab of concrete. Still go there though.
Fave Board ever owned: Apart from my current set up of Dog Town with independents
and Bones it would have to be, 8 1/4" wide 30" long Alva
with Tracker Mid Tracks and White Yoyos.

Most Memorable Skate Moment: Winning the High Jump competition at The Flamingo
in 1978.
Brief Comment: Kids have forgotten how to do handstands!! Keep grinding

Name: Joe Antonik
Age: 38
Town/Area: Long Island,NY
Started skating: 1976
Total years skating: 27
Fave terrain: curved concrete walls

Fave park ever: NorthPort Pipeline
Least fave park ever: No such thing as a bad sk8park
Fave board ever owned: Sims Brad Bowman 10.0/Powell McGill Skull/Snake pig,
G&S Warptail, Alva pig
Most memorable skate moment: Entering Red Bull Urban Waves banked Slalom
contest in Brooklyn,NY going head to head against the legends
Brief comments: I’m just as stoked today on skating as I was 27 years ago.

Name: Richard mann / [email protected]
Age: 36

Town/Area: Sheffield
Started skating: 77-82 2000 – present
Total years skating: 8
Fave terrain: New conc.
Fave park ever: Epic at mo
Least fave park ever: Firth Park Council owned 70′s

Fave board ever owned: Sims Superlight
Most memorable skate moment: Skatin the bowl in front of my gran in 78 at
Healey Bridge Skate park. She nearly shit it.
Brief comments Better Skate than get fat in front of the TV. Don’t bail
on crete it smarts.

Name: Marc Simpson / [email protected]
Age: 39
Town/Area: Newport, Shropshire
Started skating: 78 – 82 and May 2003 – present (thanks to my two lads Jake
9 and Alix 7)

Total years skating: 5
Fave terrain: Bowls
Fave park ever: Arrow, Wolverhampton (yes that 6m Traknology ramp did make
the place smell of fiberglass but those wooden bowls were brilliant!)
Least fave park ever: Skate city, London. Too much bull and red tape, let
the kids skate for Christ’s sake!!!!
Fave board ever owned: Alava 10"/Trakker full trucks/ Z-Farrels
Most memorable skate moment: Overcooking a lip slide at Kidderminster and
breaking my wrist (concrete hurts more than wood !)

Brief comments: Skate smoother and faster, get those BIG soft wheels on!

Name: Daniel Creadon / [email protected] /

Age: 32
Town/Area: Chardon, Ohio USA (east side of cleveland)
Started skating: about 10 years old
Total years skating: probably about 22 years.
Fave terrain: concrete open spaces, city curbs, bowls, anything illegal
to skate
Fave park ever: Lorain (PAWLAK PARK) outside of cleveland

Least fave park ever: none.
Fave board ever owned: my Factory13 Ditch Bitch (’95)
Most memorable skate moment: almost getting plowed by a car in Florida coming
off a railslide towards the street, my board was crushed and almost me too.

Brief comments: Factory13 is about LIBERATION, no one telling you what to
do or what to ride, no limited choices, no stale boards. all creativity.
Join us and be free from commercial trends. we are true skaters.

Name:Eric Hayto / [email protected]
Age: 41
Town/Area:Fareham in Hampshire

Started skating:1975
Total years skating:29
Fave terrain:anything my old bones will put up with,(and what doesnt scare
Fave park ever: Marina Del Rey & Southsea
Least fave park ever:Holywell Bay

Fave board ever owned:Santa Cruz Duane Peters,Indys,Bones cubics.
Most memorable skate moment:My stag night in july 1989 it was the same day
as the "SHUT UP AND SKATE" at Southsea,100 drunk skaters out on
the town!!!!
Brief comments:at my age i cant believe that skating is still a huge part
my life even if i seem to be getting worse everytime i skate.

Name: Matt’Buffalo’Hammersley / [email protected]
Age: 31

Town/Area: forest of dean gloucestershire uk
Started skating: 1982ish
Total years skating: 22 years i think
Fave terrain: concrete parks
Fave park ever: bedminster or holywell bay
Least fave park ever: lockleaze

Fave board ever owned: vision ken park indy trucks schmitt wheels or my
current still stoked 6′ foot.
Most memorable skate moment: droping in on a half pipe for the first time
and skating with jessie martinez and natus
Brief comments: stay stoked & pass on the good vibes to the groms!!!

Name: Andy Bain / [email protected]
Age: 31
Town/Area: Reading
Started skating: 2003

Total years skating: 0.5
Fave terrain: anything that’s truly flat (and not covered in stones/sticks)
Fave park ever:
Least fave park ever:
Fave board ever owned: Monke board
Most memorable skate moment: ollieing up my first curb

Brief comments: a cheaper mid life crisis than owning a ferarri, loving

Name: Graham Inchley / [email protected]

Age: 40
Area: Southampton
Started Skating: 1976 till 1982 when I joined Royal Navy. Started again
last year!
Total years: 8 on and off
Favourite terrain: Quality Vert Pools
Favourite Park: Andover, the club members built it themselves!

Favourite Board: Zorlac (Mark and Barry Abrook model) 1991
Favourite Skating moment: Doing Frontside Handplant at Andover after 4 years
of trying to do it.
Comment: The fact that so many Skaters are still around speaks volumes for
the sport and the people involved. I love Skating. Excellent Web site!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Richard “Trickster”Molyneux / [email protected]
Age: 38
Town/Area: Alresford, Hampshire. UK.
Started skating: 1976

Total years skating: 3
Fave terrain: Mini ramps, hips etc.
Fave park ever: Newbury, Berks ’77 I think (all wooden indoor park)
– well it was all I knew!
Least fave park ever: Airborn (indoor park), Wareham Dorset.
Fave board ever owned: Current set up I guess, Vallely deck, Indys, and
Most memorable skate moment: Learning tiny backside airs at Wokingham skatepark,
Berkshire in ‘77

Brief comments: Wish I was a better skater. I’m not gonna give up this

Name: Rick Hurst / [email protected]

Age: 30
Town/Area: Bristol (but used to live and skate in cambridgeshire)
Started skating: 1988
Total years skating: 15 (big gaps unless you count skating to spar)
Fave terrain: concrete
Fave park ever: Playing Place, Nr Truro

Least fave park ever: Wicksteed Park (only cos they wouldn’t let me in
without a helmet!)
Fave board ever owned: Alva Bill Danforth
Most memorable skate moment: Street session with about 30 locals on
Cambridge Lion Yard roof garden one glorious summer day in the late eighties
Brief comments: Skateboarding changed my (dull smalltown) life. really.

Name: John Pearson / [email protected]
Age: 32

Town/Area:Canadian side of the "Hub of the Great Lakes"
Started skating: 1985
Total years skating: figure it out, it’ll change next year
Fave terrain: transition or anything skateable
Fave park ever: The Turf in Milwaukee + R.I.P.+

Least fave park ever: My hometown park, Still working on it…
Fave board ever owned: Schmitt Stix Ripsaw
Most memorable skate moment: fs grind 4ft vert capsule ext. @ turf
Brief comments: Your site rips! Thank you!

Name: Chris Kelman, [email protected]
Age: 41
Town/area: Aberdeen originally, but now in Radcliffe, Lancashire, England

Started skating: 1977 I think
Total years skating: approaching 27
Fave terrain: I’ll try anything really but like to avoid metal
Fave park ever: Radcliffe Community Skatepark I suppose, as I began the
campaign for it, helped raise the money for it and help look after it.
Least fave: The now gone ramp in the squash court at Ardwick, Manchester.
I concussed myself on it once.
Fave board: My old hand cut bit of ply with ACS 500′s and Yo-Yo Pro’s.

Most memorable skate moment: Buying my first ever copy of Thrasher at Alan’s
in Ince, and realising that I wasn’t the only skateboarder left in the world
after all(circa 1984.)
Brief comments: I’ve just always loved it since being a 15 year old kid,
and I love it just as much today. I’ve even given up offers of sex and football
to go skating! It’s the one thing in my life that was always mine, if that
makes sense.

Name: Paul Green / [email protected]
Age: 40
Town/Area: Grantham Lincolnshire
Started skating: 1976
Total years skating: 7 years ish
Fave terrain: Half pipes & bowls

Fave park ever: Rolling Thunder / Malibu Dog Bowl
Least fave park ever: Ilfracombe
Fave board ever owned: Kanoa Tri Beam
Most memorable skate moment: Skating with Jeremy Henderson at Rolling Thunder,
Earth n Ocean Barnstaple for a weeks holiday – Breaking my vertebrae
in the ‘80’s falling off the back of a vert ramp!
Brief comments: My third dabble with skateboarding – it never really
leaves you does it?

Name: Alan Portwood / [email protected]
Age: 38

Town/Area: Misterton, Doncaster.
Started skating: 1976
Total years skating: Lots
Fave terrain: Bowl/Pool/Pipe.
Fave park ever: Hemsby & Roxy Skate in Swinton.

Least fave park ever: Wakefield Classic.
Fave board ever owned: Alva pool board
Most memorable skate moment: Ankle break 2003 & Wrist break 1980.
Brief comments: It Hurts but i can’t stop !

Name: Peter Trevor / [email protected]
Age: 38
Town: Grantham Lincs

Started skating: 1981, stopped in the mid 90s
Years skating: 14years, plus whatever happens from now on
Fave terrain: vertical halfpipe or bowl
Fave park: Horncastle (rat house)
Least fave park: knebworth (rough was not the word)
Fave board: Powell Rodrigez

Most memorable skate moment: Summer of 84, did an interrail tour around
europe with Brian Shaw and Trog, skated some blazing halfpipes with some
great people. Got back to the uk straight to Kiddy comp, then we went to
see the Damned at Nostel Priory with Lance Mountain (He was near the stage
and got mashed)
Comments: Great to see so many guys still going for it, hope to catch up
with some of you soon

Name: Oliver Taylor / [email protected]
Age: 38
Town/Area: London Sarf
Started skating: Age 14 ( was always crap )
Total years skating: 5
Fave terrain: Concrete

Fave park ever: Romford now , Black Lion in Gillingham ( as was ) then
Least fave park ever: Southsea
Fave board ever owned: Alva 28" pool board, my first proper.
Most memorable skate moment: Dropping in to the half pipe at gillingham
for the 2nd time.
Brief comments: Er, like wow man, it was radical. Yet somehow mundane at
the same time.

Name: Paul Lewis / [email protected]
Age: 40

Town/Area: Newport, South Wales
Started skating: 1977
Total years skating: Off and on periodically through 80′s and 90′s
About 15 yrs in total
Fave terrain: Concrete
Fave park ever: Plymouth/ Bedminster

Least fave park ever: Brean Sands Somerset
Fave board ever owned: Alva Bill Danforth,Gullwings, Alva wheels
Most memorable skate moment: Snapping my mates Dogtown Shogo Kubo while

showing him how to ollie. (Sorry Crump)
Brief comments: Why can’t I give up??

NAME-Jonny(other Buffalo) Antrobus / [email protected]
Age -36

TOWN-Crapton on Sea,Essex
Started-77-82,then girls,89-92,hospital,96-present
FAV TERRAIN-Marble seafronts(Hunstanton)
FAV PARK-Anything with banks banks banks
FAV BOARD-superleggera ski longboard,SKUDA trucks,deathbox do do’s

FAV MOMENT-1st reverse hang ten(titanic)bailed over the edge of the seafront!

Name: zach lepak / [email protected]

Age: 14
Town/Area: canada
Started skating: 1998
Total years skating: ?
Fave terrain: mini pipe, bowl, ramps & junk

Fave park ever: skatechurch
Least fave park ever: there all good
Fave board ever owned: ethan fowler
Most memorable skate moment: when i was skateing a
board i made and it had huge wheels and i got bad wheel
bite and i was going fast and busted up my shoulder and knee.

Brief comments: ?

Name: Scott (basenji) Lehman. [email protected]

Age: 39+
Town/Area: Fort Worth, Texas. U.S.A.
Started skating: 1970 something to present day.
Total years skating: Ummm, I know this one…..
Fave terrain: Whatever is under my board or jet ski at the time.
Fave park ever: Jeff Phillips S.P. – Dallas (R.I.P.). Or Big Bend N.P. Texas.

Least fave park ever: Have not found one yet!
Fave board ever owned: Zorlac J.P model – learned alot on that one.
Most memorable skate moment: Becoming obsessed 20+ years ago while riding
a clay wheeled "goofy foot" Nash for the first time.
Brief comments: Age has no factor on ability. I’m skating better now than
ever. Health and state of mind – that IS the key! Also, M.A.Sers rule!


Name: Dave Anthony / [email protected]
Age: 37

Town/Area: Pinner, West London
Started skating: 1977
Total years skating: 3 years then a gap of 23 years
until last year
Fave terrain: Bowls / Ramps
Fave park ever: Still waiting

Least fave park ever:
Fave board ever owned: First proper board which was a Z-Flex with Trackers
+ White Yo-Yo’s –that was sweet at the time!
Most memorable skate moment: Turning up at Skate City in London for the
first time and being blown away by it. BBC’s Nationwide programme
were filming there that day. I fell off on camera, made a right tw*t of
myself and got loads of stick from my mates at school the next morning!
Happy days! :-)
Brief comments: You NEVER lose the feeling. I guess there was always something
burning in the back of my mind. Always kept an interest in skating + looked
out for it on TV etc but I never thought I’d actually end up back
on a board again myself. I’m really stoked that I have. Years later,
the old feelings of freedom + excitement that I felt as a kid are still

Name:tom knox

Started skating:1982
Total years skating:22
Fave terrain:concrete tranny
Fave park ever:the turf,milwaukee

Least fave park ever:fresno
Fave board ever owned:my first jason jesse board
Most memorable skate moment:all the tours with the o.g. santa cruz pro’s
Brief comments there is more to skateboarding than handrails.

Name: Craig Condon, aka Craigo / [email protected]
Age: 42
Town/Area: Kill City, Michigan
Started skating: 1975

Total years skating: 29 (so far)
Fave terrain: Cement Bowls & Smooth Hills
Fave park ever: Modern Skate Park, Grand Rapids, Mi
Least fave park ever: The Golf Club (yes, it was a skate park!), Fort Myers,

Most memorable skate moment: Entered Clearwater Pro-Am in 1979 and met Tony
Brief comments: Trying out slalom for the first time, see you at the Gathering!

Name: Ollie Dent aka Ogy Bear / [email protected]
Age: 18
Town/Area: Haverfordwest-side
Started skating: 2000
Total years skating: 4 do the math
Fave terrain: long steep smooth hills

Fave park ever: cardigans new park i guess
Least fave park ever: the one the kids built on mount estate in milford
Fave board ever owned: the powell i have now but when the edges didnt give
me splinters during board grabs
Most memorable skate moment: duno if it counts but getin an email from Alan
Gelfland was sweet
Brief comments: visit thanks for the link half shred.

Name: Stu Liddle / [email protected]
Age: 32
Town/Area: West Yokshire now,From Kent originally

Started skating: 1986
Total years skating: 5.5ish,stopped in 91 started again 03
Fave terrain: Bowls/mini/midi ramps
Fave park ever: ROM/Canterbury town centre,Southsea,Stockwell…..
Least fave park ever:Crow Wood Sowerby Bridge!!
Fave board ever owned: Losi Skate Designs 1990 teamrider

Most memorable skate moment: Kneesliding at 45mph plus downhill after being
towed up to speed!
Brief comments:Met more freinds in 6months than I have in ten years! Skateboarding

Name: mike briggs / [email protected]
Age: 42
Town/Area: tallahassee, florida
Started skating: 1972
Total years skating: 32
Fave terrain: pools,ramps,park bowls

Fave park ever: kona
Least fave park ever:
Fave board ever owned:
Most memorable skate moment: skating with my 3 kids.
Brief comments: carving gets better with age.

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Fave terrain:
Fave park ever:
Least fave park ever:
Fave board ever owned:

Most memorable skate moment:
Brief comments:

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