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be aware that some of this page WILL contain strong ADULT language !


Name: James White (a.k.a. Smiler) / [email protected]
Age: 26
Town/Area: Kirkham/Blackpool/Preston
Started Skating: 1988 (Cheers Andy!)
Total years Skating: always had a board, just had small rest preiods (16
Fave terrain: Transitions – mainly mini/midi ramp, also bowls when you can
find them

Fave Park ever: USA – ‘Grinders’ Bradenton, Florida. UK Goshen
Least fave park ever: Callington concrete midi, Cornwall. OUCH!
Fave board ever ownded: Zorlac Metallica, San Diego trucks, Do Do wheels
Most memorable skate moment: Nailing blunts at Hutton
Brief comments: Things I remember: Andy Bottomley, Danny & Dave Billington,
Big Woody, The Briggy’s, Pete Rodgers, Leaky Lee, Goshen, Barrow Skate Shack,
Kirkham Ramp & building it, Lytham Sk8 Park, Hutton mini, Swarby, Maughn,
Greeny, Greer, Shorty, the custard man, the Banny, Skal, Ted, Cenetaph,
it goes on!


Name: Dave Andrect
Age: 43 -

Town: Escondido –
Years Skating: 30 –
Favorite Terrain – Pools –
Favor Park: Hard to Say: Spring Valley/Marina Del Rey –
Least fave park ever: I didn’t have a least favorite park. I skated some
great ones and some not so great.
Favorite board? I would have to say mine. That was the only board I skated
back in the day.

Most Memorable Skate Moment – Way to many – Old school skate Jam – Just
seeing everyone 25 years later. That was awesome, All the traveling and
contests. Back in the day as well as currently. Don’t mean to be so boring.

Town/Area:sunset beach hawaii
Started skating:1965
Total years skating:add it up
Fave terrain:pools or bowls nice smooth

downhill run snake runs the list could go on
Fave park ever:hard to say loved marina and cherry hill
Least fave park ever:any park with nasty power hungry managers
Fave board ever owned:my own
Most memorable skate moment:skating derby with my twoyear old on the front

Name: Ian Pearce / [email protected]
Age: 29
Town/Area: Belfast

Started skating: 1989
Total years skating: 15
Fave terrain: concrete/ kerbs/ hills/ banks
Fave park ever: Stockwell, Kilkeel
Least fave park ever: They’re all good in their own way
Fave board ever owned: My first ‘proper’ deck. Santa Cruz Salba with budget
trucks and OJ 2′s

Most memorable skate moment: Too many to mention
Brief comments: Fuck the posers.

Name: Jamie Bevan / [email protected]
Age: 27
Town/Area: London Town
Started skating: 2004. Cheers Chip Dude.
Total years skating: Still in my first year.
Fave terrain: Anything, it all works for me, occasionally.

Fave park ever: Harrow when the sun’s out.
Least fave park ever: none as yet.
Fave board ever owned: At the moment my ‘Rum Runner’. But there are plenty
to try out.
Most memorable skate moment: Won’t forget dropping in for the first time
but it’s starting to get hazy..
Brief comments: Just love the feeling of skimming accross the tarmac. Finally,
i’ve got someone to play with.

Name: Andy Hirst / [email protected]
Age: 37
Town/Area: Bradford

Started skating: 1976
Total years skating: 6
Fave terrain: half-pipes below 9’ and bowls of about the same depth
Fave park ever: Roxy Skate, Colne, Bradpipe,
Least fave park ever: Probably Wakefield or even a place in Liverpool (the
name escapes me)

Fave board ever owned: I was a very small skater, yet I had a twelve inch
Alva. Favourtie wheels Benjyboard Boots. Trucks: ACS650 or Trackers
Most memorable skate moment: Winning the Bradpipe junior tournament and
lifting the ESA junior skater of the year title in 1982.
Brief comments: Would love to hear from any old school that frequented the
parks I’ve mentioned above. I was the really short lad who they called
‘Britains answer to Tony Hawk’. Snigger. Look how he progressed
while I hung up my board. Still, I’ll dust him next year if I take
it up again! :)

Name: Stephen Lowe / [email protected]
Age: 40
Town/Area: Manchester
Started skating: 77-79 2004-?

Total years skating: 3
Fave terrain: pipes, ramps, bowls
Fave park ever: Arrow
Least fave park ever: I’ll sk8 anything
Fave board ever owned: Hopefully my new Z-Flex J.Adams
Most memorable skate moment: Meeting the MAS for the first time at Stocky

Brief comments: Starting sk8ing again is one of the best decisions I’ve
ever made

Name: Jeff Seaver
Age: 34
Town/Area: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Started skating: 1976
Total years skating: 28 years off and on
Fave terrain: Anything w/ vert

Brief comments: Feels great to be skating better than at 18. Never too old…

Name: Rob Farran [email protected]

Age: 41
Town/Area: Hayes, Middx
Started skating: Early 70′s Just when Kryps hit the scene
Total years skating: maybe 2 back then and a few months now
Fave terrain: anywhere without hoody twats
Fave park ever: Not got that far, yet

Least fave park ever:
Fave board ever owned: G&S Warptail 2, Calif Slaloms and Blue 65 Kryps
Most memorable skate moment: Head butting the floor while doing handstand,finding
remains of a small bowl (maybe big pond) at the top of Hillingdon
Hill. And visiting Alpine Sports, ohhhh Yoyo’s, Bones and Kryps every where.

Brief comments: To actually ride a bowl some day soon.

Name: Andy Brown / [email protected]
Age: 40
Town/Area: Chorley/Bolton

Started skating: 1974
Total years skating: Too much on and off to work out!
Fave terrain: Wood ramps
Fave park ever: Southport Skatepark (dead’n’buried)
Least fave park ever: New Southport Skatepark

Fave board ever owned: The copy of a ‘surf flyer’ that my mate
Tom made
Most memorable skate moment: Meeting Tony Alva at Ardwick Ramp
Brief comments: Just started–up again and I’m still crap but I
love it! Its quite an experience to skate with my son (10 y/o).

NAME : JOAO BESSONE / [email protected]
AGE : 36



Name: PJ / [email protected]
Age: 42

Town/Area: Originally Bodmin, Cornwall. Now Monmouthshire
Started skating: 1976
Total years skating: 29
Fave terrain: Bowls, half-pipes
Fave park ever: Then: Plymouth Zoo, Now: Epic, Birmingham
Least fave park ever: St. Austell Leisure Centre

Fave board ever owned: Still my Sims Rocco Freestyle, Tracker Mid-Tracks
and Excellerators
Most memorable skate moment: Best: Getting my carving together at Burnley.
Worst: Smashing my ankle on the vert ramp at Epic.
Brief comments: Through MAS, skateboarding is better than ever. I’ve
met some great people, and skated some amazing spots. I don’t skate
at my age because it’s easy, I skate because it’s hard. And I
intend to skate for a very long time.

Name: Nik Randall / [email protected]
Age: 36
Town/Area: Kettering, Northants
Started skating: 1976/77

Total years skating: erm….
Fave terrain: CONCRETE
Fave park ever: Wicksteed Park (loved that 18 footer!), early Radlands
Least fave park ever: Not really got one, they’re all a challenge!
Fave board ever owned: current Alva/ Jay Adams Grindkings/ Abec11 No Schoolz
– or G & S pintail/ Seismics/ Abec11 Flashbacks

Most memorable skate moment: coming 18th at Bude Downhill 2002 on board
I designed and built
Brief comments – slalom, downhill, bowls, pools, ramps – it’s all good!
gonna be skating till my zimmer frame arrives….

Name: Rob Mertz
Age: 38
Town/Area: San Diego originally Pennsylvania
Started skating: 1972
Total years skating: 32
Fave terrain: vert, vert and more vert….If it ain’t got vert, Mertz gets

Fave park ever: Cherry Hill
Least fave park ever: those are the ones that I’ve forgotten.
Fave board ever owned: Kryptonic Micke Alba K-Beam
Most memorable skate moment: There’s a bunch…most revolve around skating
with Hosoi and Phillips
Brief comments: Skate while you can. Don’t let it pass you by.

Name: Tim Caudrey / [email protected]
Age: 31
Town/Area: Reading/Berkshire

Started skating: 1990
Total years skating: 6 or 7 on and off
Fave terrain: Street
Fave park ever: Radlands
Least fave park ever: Caversham "Skate Park" / Muggers Hangout.

Fave board ever owned: World Industries Valleley effort – 2nd hand (can’t
remember exact model)
Most memorable skate moment: Ollie to manual to kickflip out on a pub bench…
Brief comments: Just started skating again (seriously) after about 7 years
off – Scabby Knees are back again…..

Name: Rodel Padua / [email protected]
Age: 32
Town/Area: Calgary, Canada
Started skating: 1984
Total years skating: total of 5

Fave terrain: Bowls
Fave park ever: Calgary
Least fave park ever: Penticton BC
Fave board ever owned: Skaterbuilt Piglet and Factory 13 Chissel Tip
Most memorable skate moment: Getting back on the board and riding transition
for the first time in 15 years.
Brief comments: This go around has been even better than when I skated as
a kid. The terrain I have available to me is incredible and the people I’ve
met through skating have been awesome. The learning curve getting back into
it has been steep and well worth it.

Name: Neil Johnsen / [email protected]
Age: 47

Town/Area: Brighton, East Sussex
Started skating: Jan 2003
Total years skating: 1 1/2
Fave terrain: Smooth tarmac/concrete, preferably downhill also a bit of
Fave park ever: Never skated one, but would like to have a go
Least fave park ever: wait until i’ve tried a few

Fave board ever owned: Have got 2 (both current ones) Flexdecks Stinger
36 & Comet Slalom John OShei
Most memorable skate moment: The moment i could skate fast and do long slow
carves, low on the board, touching tarmac mmmmhhh. Sorry lost the plot there
for a minute.
Brief comments: There are people on this site older than me! Just wish i
had started this a few years ago when the joints weren’t too stiff
Will send photo when someone takes a picture of me thats half way decent,and
i’ve had my hair done and put makeup on, only joking

Name: Joe Popp
Age: 39

Started Skating: 1975
Total Years Skating: 10 years on and off (15 years off! 4 months back!)
Fave Terrain: Smooth Cement Bowls
Fave Park Ever: Sayreville, NJ USA
Least Fave Park Ever: Even a bad Skate park is better than none!

Fave Board Ever Owned: My latest, a Bulldog Flat Pig
Most Memorable skate moment: Falling from the coping to the flatbottom onto
my chin at Kona, in Jacksonville , Florida
Brief Comments: I am so glad to be skating again! Why’d I stop!?!?!?!

Name: Phil Woodhall
Age: 39 and a bit
Started skating: 1977 – 81
Total years skating: back ridin again for the last 12 months

Fave terrain: Smooth bowls with no rails
Fave park ever: Chester Sealand Road. Rode it in the 70s for a week solid
before it got ripped up. Now its Epic, or St Georges Bristol
Least fave park ever: None
Fave board ever owned: My Sablosky which still sits in my garage
Most memorable skate moment: Breaking my arm while skating Epics bowl during
my one weeks holiday from serving in Iraq last year. Wife was thrilled to
bits that I started skating again.
Brief comments: all the new mates that I have made since I started standing
on a peice of wood again has given me a new lease of life. I used to say
to my son,"keep practicing and you will be as good as your old dad"
he’s 9 now and i stopped saying that 2 years ago cus he pisses all over
me….smart arsed little git!!!!! The picture is me with a busted arm skating
at Rom

Name:Jeff Blair [email protected]
Age: 33

Town/Area: Westhoughton Bolton England
Started skating: 1986
Total years skating:1986 to 1990 But Just got a natas!
Fave terrain:Banks, kerbs, Fast hills, Ramps.
Fave park ever:Moss Bank Love the Mini train!!!! No parks just had ramps
Blackburn Warrington Wigan Ardwick so much vert silly !!!!
Least fave park ever: I wish :-(

Fave board ever owned: Had so many but i guess Sma Mini Natas 1988 so good
!baggy Indy’s and some small hard wheels…………………
Most memorable skate moment: Pauls F-ck’d Thrasher van sooo Rad !!!! What
happend to mr walker anyone know?????
Brief comments: I’m just another empty head…….Ride on!!!

Name: Jon ‘tomo’ Tompkin [email protected]
Age: 40
Town/Area: Bolton
Started skating: 1975
Total years skating: 10 years on and off

Fave terrain: wood ramps bowls
Fave park ever: Arrow in wolverhampton
Least fave park ever: Skateopia in wolverhampton
Fave board ever owned: G&S KT4, mid trackers with lime green kryps
Most memorable skate moment: learning to axal dropin at Ardwick halfpipe
Brief comments: Didn’t realize how much fun it was going to be, getting
my fat lazy arse back out skating again ;)

Name: John "TEX" Gibson

Age: 39
Town/Area: Texas
Started skating: around 75 or so
Total years skating: almost 30 yrs
Fave terrain: Ammo,Parker Pool,Miracal on 34 St.,The Line,Meatgrinder and
a shitload of other places
Fave park ever: Hard to say, but I loved Lakewoods Clam Pool

Least fave park ever:Wizard Skatepark (Dallas)
Fave board ever owned: Jay Adams 27" blue Z-Flex,Bennet Pro’s with
Tunnel Rocks(with grooves cut in them so I could skate in the rain)
Most memorable skate moment: In 1978, I was at the Oklahoma State Skateboarding
Championship Contest. I was skatin this plexiglass halfpipe
with no flatbottom or rollouts.Also there were touring pro’s(Chris Strople,Shogo
Kubo,Tony Jetton, Dennis Martinez,Steve Cathy and others) I
did this frontside ollie and they all flippedout. The next summer I was
out at the 1979 Hester Seriesat Del Mar skatin for Caster/I.P.S. and my
life has

never been the same.Thank God,
Brief comments:Sorry it took me so long to find this site. It is a breath
of fresh air.

Name: Mark & Barry Abrook
Age: 40 & 37
Town/Area: Alton/Dallas/Southsea
Started skating: Same time back in time
Total years skating: Over 25 (not always on vert but always to the offy)

Fave terrain: Vert, bowls, pools….all of it really
Fave park ever: Cherry Hill & Southsea
Least fave park ever: Ones we ate bad at or bad attitude owners
Fave board ever owned: 10" Alva Pig/Malba Krypto Beamer/ Zorlac Abrook
Most memorable skate moment: Too many….Skating together everyday &having
a 100% of a laugh.

Brief comments: What a way to spend your life!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Ken Owens

Age: 42
Town/Area: Austin,Texas,west Texas USA
Started skating:1976
Total years skating: 28
Fave terrain: full pipes,kidney pools and ditches
Fave park ever: William-Sam,Midland,Texas

Least fave park ever: haven’t made it to that one yet…
Fave board ever owned: 1978 Wes Humpston Dogtown
Most memorable skate moment: First moments in ammo,standing in AWE
Brief comments: I was turned on to skateboards on a flat day along the Texas
Coast,an old Jaws or Makaha,in 1976. Took one back to the System and
drainage ditch’s of West Texas in ’77,and soon graduated to the Bent Cement
park and fullpipes by ’78. With fine parks popping up everywhere,it’s good

to still be skating in ’04!

Name: pete neff / [email protected]
Age: 38

Town/Area: mira loma cal usa
Started skating: 81-85 back again 2004
Total years skating: 4+
Fave terrain: any im learning again
Fave park ever: fontana
Least fave park ever: riverside (hunts park)

Fave board ever owned: sims lester -sims hosi
Most memorable skate moment: mark center telling me do it 3 more times dont
give up!
Brief comments: thanks mark for gettin me back in to skating and learning
how to drop in at 38 years old


Name: Andrei Buckareff / [email protected]
Age: 33
Town/Area: Buffalo, New York
Started skating: 1985
Total years skating: 10

Fave terrain: Backyard Pools and Concrete Bowls
Fave park ever: Upland Pipeline Skatepark
Least fave park ever: X-treme Wheels Skatepark in Buffalo, New York
Fave board ever owned: What I’m riding now—viz., a Bad Apple
Bill Danforth Pool Deck
Most memorable skate moment: Knocking out one of my front teeth bailing
out of a failed attempt at doing a rock n’ roll on the hip of the
combi at Pipeline. I went straight down on to my face. I still have nightmares
about it.

Brief comments: Kill coping, not people

Name: Anthony "Tone" Gates / [email protected]
Age: 35
Town/Area: Canberra, Australia
Started skating: Xmas 1978
Total years skating: 10 on and off

Fave terrain: bowls and vert
Fave park ever: VBs Ring of Fire, Melbourne
Least fave park ever: They’ve all got something to offer.
Fave board ever owned: Lee Ralph re-ish (the one that brought me back).
Most memorable skate moment: 2004 MOSS Jam at Ring Of Fire
Brief comments: Saw the Lee Ralph and bought it for my 5yo boy. He wanted
the $25 k-mart spider-man job instead. Next thing you know I’m a skater
again !

Name: Marcus Johnstone / [email protected]
Age: 40

Town/Area: Barry, Basingstoke, Bolton, Edinburgh and now Ramsbottom
Started skating: 77-80….and 2 weeks ago July 2004
Total years skating: 3
Fave terrain: pools, half pipes, connected concrete shit, big banks, sweeping
Fave park ever: Bones Stockport
Least fave park ever: Gorsynon Swansea….only because i knocked myself
out in the pool

Fave board ever owned: Benjyboard Jeremy Henderson, Indies, Belair Lipbombs
Most memorable skate moment: Apart from every new thing.First frontside
air at Farnborough. Watching Danny Webster, Adie Shepherd and the Albrooks
doing all the stuff the Americans were doing in the mags.
Brief comments: Looking forward to learning it all again and then some…and
not stopping!!

Name: Ian Duckhouse / [email protected]
Age: 28
Town/Area: London (Notting Hill)
Started skating: Jul ’04!!!!
Total years skating: 0.08

Fave terrain: Nice flat even surfaces…at the momnet :o)
Fave park ever:
Least fave park ever:
Fave board ever owned: The one I have at the moment…
Most memorable skate moment: Just getting on a board for the first time!
Brief comments: Man this is great fun…not as easy as it looks though!

Name: JaWill"JaDreemah" Bey / [email protected]

Age: 33
Town/Area: Brooklyn, NY (USA)
Started Skating: 1977
Total Years Skating: 1 year 10 months
Fave Terrain: Da Streets of NYC
Fave Park Ever: Owls Head State Park (Brooklyn)

Least Fave Park Ever: No Such Thing
Fave Board Owned: Popwar
Most Memorable Skate Moment: Finally being able to ollie up a curb and over
man hole covers…
Brief Comment: I’ve found I’m never too old to do anything once I put my
mind to it…SK8 or Die!!!!

Name: Matt Chamberlain aka "Potty" / [email protected]
Age: 32
Town/Area: Canberra Australia

Started skating: 1983
Total years skating: 21 years (with a couple off due to bender)
Fave terrain: Concrete bowls, mini’s just not street.
Fave park ever: Aumsville,Oregon or Crack Pipe, Vancouver
Least fave park ever: One of the many shit pre fabs in Perth the worst ever.
Fave board ever owned: Bonite Tommy G

Most memorable skate moment: not sure, When Duane Peters turned up to our
Bowl Comp, or finding a huge full pipe in the Snowy Mountains and being
the first to skate it.
Brief comments: Check out Ozi skateboarding at

Name: Tony Jetton / [email protected]
Age: 44
Town/Area: SO-CAL USA
Started skating: 1970
Total years skating: 34
Fave terrain: ¾ pipe

Fave park ever: “ Paul Revere” in Brentwood Ca.
Least fave park ever: Carlsbad
Fave board ever owned: Santa Cruz deck with Gyro wheels, Tracker Titanium
trucks, with copers, and AZF Speed bearings.
Most memorable skate moment:
Brief comments: First pool encounter with Tony Alva

Name: Jonathan "Wurzel" Worsley / [email protected]

Age: 28
Town/Area: Swinton, Manchester
Started skating: First in 1986/87 and again in 2004
Total years skating: 5 first time round and about a month so far
Fave terrain: Bowls, My driveway
Fave park ever: Bones in Stockport

Least fave park ever: The nasty council designed thing on beech fields in
Fave board ever owned: Santa Cruz Jeff Grosso (red coke deck), Indy’s, Tracker
ollie 66 wheels, Bones swiss
Most memorable skate moment: Used to be droping in for the first time at
Goshen but now replaced by Carl encouraging me to drop the deeepend at stocky
resulting in more than a couple of broken bones.
Brief comments why did i ever stop?

Name: Drew Munn
Age: 43
Town/area: Merchantville NJ Philly Pa,Upland Ca (originally West
Deptford NJ)

Started skating: 1976
Total years skating: 29 off and on
Fave terrain: Skateparks, ramps and pools
Fave park ever: Cherry Hill (New: Chandler Arizona)
Least fave park: These New Jersey "can’t afford to build a descent
concrete park due to insurance propaganda" skatelite speed bumps they
call parks "Hey McGreevey that 110,000.00 grand you paid for your pocket
monkey would be a good start for an insurance reform bill."

Fave board ever owned: 1978 Brad Bowman (still have it)
Most memorable skate moments: Dolphin II pool sessions in upland Ca. 1988,
Va. Beach and all the West Deptford sessions
Comments: Thank God or who ever for allowing me to be able to participate
in this amazing three dimensional art form for which my soul was truly inspired.

Name: Anders Tellen / known as "Pulpanek" before
I changed my name to my wifes name / [email protected]
Age: 35
Town/Area: Münster/Germany

Started skating: 1980
Total years skating: 24 years
Fave terrain: Everything, pool, pipes, ramps, street
Fave park ever: Clairmont, california
Least fave park ever: nothing is bad if you can do something on it
Fave board ever owned: all of them

Most memorable skate moment: evry day is great and i try not to forget any
session that I had
Brief comments: don`t stop…never


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Started skating:
Total years skating:
Fave terrain:
Fave park ever:
Least fave park ever:
Fave board ever owned:

Most memorable skate moment:
Brief comments:

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