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Name: Rob Livesey / [email protected]
Age: 39
Town/Area: Oswaldtwistle, Lancs
Started skating: 1976
Total years skating: 3, but more to come
Fave terrain: Ramps, streets, smooth downhills

Fave park ever: never visited enough parks to know
Least fave park ever: Old Bolton was pretty hard to ride
Fave board ever owned: My current one – Bulldog deck, six-tracks, kryptonic
slammers, but there’s a longboard in my future
Most memorable skate moment: 1977, putting ACS500′s and 60mm kryps on a
fibreglass Skuda deck, starting at the top of our usual hill and scaring
shit out of myself. Jeez it was steep and they were FAST.
Brief comments: Just enjoying riding again.

Name: Andy Fell / [email protected]
Age: 39

Town/Area: Gosport/Hampshire
Started skating: 1976
Total Years skating: 1976-1983, 1985-1986, 2004-
Fave Terrain: Concrete bowls
Fave park ever: Brighton Barn
Least fave park ever: None

Fave board ever owned: Z Flex Pig, Lazer 8s, Powerflex 9s
Most memorable skate moment: Meeting Tony Alva at Southsea Skatepark
Brief comments: I don’t remember it hurting this much!!!!!!!!

Name. Pete Thorpe / [email protected]
Age. 41
Town /Area. Bristol
Started skating ’76 / ‘ 78
Total yrs skating 1yr this time round

Fave terrain. like to try a variety of parks,
Fave park.Round here its Yate + Hengrove.
Least fave. Memories of my mate smashing his kneecaps at Stalybridge 1977
Fave board. home made deck ,ACS 651′s green kryptonics
Most memorable Sk8 moments. 7x 360 spins.Handstands while riding(1978).

Dropping in for the first time April 2004

Brief comment. What was I doing not skating in the ’80′s + 90′s,Why did
I sell the above set up,

Name, Ian / [email protected]

Age, Less
Town, Edenbridge
Started, 76
Total yrs skating, dont ask
Fav Terain, concrete
Fav park, guilford

least fav park, loved em all
fav board owned, benjy jeremy henderson
most mem moment, getting back into sk8ing
brief coment, getting old is not an option but acting it is

Name: Martin Drayton [email protected]
Age: 44
Town/Area: London/Skate City/South Bank.
Started skating: 1977

Total years skating: 15.
Fave terrain: Hills,Bowls and challenging Slalom courses.
Fave park ever: Park City Skatepark,Utah (where I live now) and Kennington
Least fave park ever: Some of the Council-erected ones in London in the
Fave board ever owned: My current board-TurnerSummerSki Eurofighter (my
Most memorable skate moment: Meeting Bob Turner whila skating @ La Costa
with Hester,Skoldberg,Olson,Hackett,Tony Mag and Duane Peters.

Brief comments: "Once a skater, always a skater"-SK8 4Life.

Name: David Stansfield (Stanny) / [email protected]
Age: 41
Town: Burnley
Started skating : 1977/8
Total years skating : Never stoped
Fave terrain: Bowls , pools, or U half pipe. and Kitchen

Fave park ever : Colne skatepark….Interact, Burnley
Least fave park: Southport…Too much sand!( crazy chinese man on the door)
Fave board: Sims Taperkick in the picture.Tracker mids ,OJ Wheels.
Most memorable skate moment: Meeting and skating with Tony Alva,(he’s signed
the sims board)
Brief Comments: I,m a man held together with velcro, phone the ambulance
NOW! . When you hit that lip put your faith in Jesus!.

Name: Kelland Ong… [email protected]
Age: 43

Town/Area: Goleta, CA then Honolulu, HI and now Seattle, WA
Started skating: 1975
Total years skating: a while.
Fave terrain: Bowls
Fave park ever: Grindline parks in the NW
Least fave park ever: Aala park

Fave board ever owned: Powell brite lite
Most memorable skate moment: Oxnard 1977-78, adams, alva, and kubo totally
dominating the double bowl and I sat on the fence the whole night.
Brief comments: Appreciate the parks that have come up this past decade
as history could repeat itself all over again and that would be a crime.

  Name: Andy Garland / [email protected]
Age: 34 going on 12
Town area: Yorks/Bucks/Cornwall
Started skateing: 78
Total years: 26(couple of years off here and there)

Fave terrain: Pools,Bowls,Mini.
Fave park ever: Romford
Least fave park: No such thing
Fave board: So many!gota be Schmitt Stix "danger"
Most memorable moment: First grind at Knebworth first day of our (very sweaty)
mini bus tour of the uk back in 1989.
Brief comments: I have had 26 breaks,over 30 stiches,metal srews and plates
in my leg and ankle,lost jobs,lost girlfriends,drifted away from non-skater
mates,been attacked by guard dogs,drunks,and abused by just about anyone
and everyone.But hey fuck it!I will always skate and those guys will always
suck! PEACE.

  Name. Karl Neville / [email protected]

Area. Warrington now in Leeds
Started skating. 76
Total time skating. Always owned a board since so about 28 years
Fave terrain. Minis , bowls , pools, slalom,
Fave park. Southsea,
Least fave park. Winsford Cheshire now dozed thank god

Fave board. Surrey ripstik tracker fulls 60mm excelorators
Most memorable moment. Fisrt drop in on the old warrington vert ramp
Comment. When you’re a skater you stay askater you always look at every
bank and every concrete ditch and think is that skateble no matter where
you are or who your with.

Name: Richard Wager / [email protected]
Age: 30
Town/Area: London
Started skating: 1986-1990 started again summer 2003

Total years skating: 5 years
Fave terrain:Concrete,Rom moguls
Fave park ever: Rom
Least fave park ever: Cant say i have one
Fave board ever owned: First board was a Neil Danz Ripstick with the tribal
masks.Loved all my boards to be honest
Most memorable skate moment: The Bones brigade demo That never happened
at the rom in 88 or maybe 89.It was crazy

Brief comments:Wanted to skate again for years,finally got the balls to
do it again.So get a board and get out there.Found old friends and made
new friends,That cant be bad.

Name – Jeff Hewings

Age – 43
Started skating – 1977 -1978 then again 2000 to present
Fave terrain – smooth concrete, mellow bowls and indoor parks
Fave park – Cardiff indoor (I helped build it) sadly no more. R.I.P.
Least favourite – Any council effort.
Fave board – Krooked deck, ventures, heroin wheels

Most mem moment – Getting back on a board and just pushing down the seafront
at Cold Knap, Barry.
Brief comment – I am too old, I ache, I push chicken, enough said.

Name: Pete "SPARKY" Corp
/ [email protected]
Age: 29
Town/Area: Cape-Cod, MA; Roswell, NM; Memphis, TN;Pensacola, FL; St. Mary’s
county, MD; Oklahoma City,Oklahoma (ALL in USA)

(CIRCA 1991), INDY 159mm stagesix, NMB Bearings, rat bone wheels.
Most memorable skate moment: THE FIRST FIVE TIMES I DROPPED IN ON A HALF-PIPE.

Name: Mike
Age: 38

Town/Area: Farnborough, Berks
Started skating: 1976
Total years skating: 5
Fave terrain: Bowls, Pools, Half Pipes
Fave park ever: Harrow
Least fave park ever: ? The ones we had to save up and pay for

Fave board ever owned: Skate flyer! ……But seriously; Alva board, tracker
mid tracks, yellow and red 88 durometer Yo Yos; way ahead of their time!

Most memorable skate moment: First backside air in a pool
Brief comments: Take omega 5 fish oil tablets for the knees.

Name: Colin
Age: 46
Started: 1968
Years: 36
Fav Terrain: Pools,Bowls

Fav Park Then: Pipeline, Marina Del Rey, Skate City Whittier, Pomona Pipe
& Pool
Fav Park Now: Etnies Lake Forest, Glendale, Montclair, Fontana, Newburg
Least Fav Then: Malibu Grand Prix Pomona
Least Fav Now: Hawthorne
Fav Board Ever: My Board Now

Board: Madrid Bill Danforth Circa 85 Reissue, Wheels: Cowboypunk Black Plagues,
Trucks: Indys,Bearings: RocknRons Rockets
Most Mem Moment: One of a trillion, 1978 Kevin "The Worm" Anderson
flying out of the pipe with the lip set on fire. We were using gas soaked
t-shirts duct taped to the side of the pipe. So many insane times.
Comments: Skate/Surf for Life

Name: Henrik Nejezchleb / [email protected]
Age: 41
Home: Boulder, Colorado & Budapest, Hungary

Started skating: 1975
Years Skating: A Few
Favorite Terrain: Ramps, Bowls, and Smooth Pavement
Favorite Park: Boulder Skatepark
Least Favorite Park: Concrete Curl (Denver, CO)
Favorite Board: Sims La Mar Model

Memorable Moment: Any good session with cool people
Comments: I want to be skating when I’m 70

Name: James [email protected]
Age: 36
Town/Area: La Crescenta, Ca
Started skating: 1983
Total years skating: 12 years
Fave terrain: Anything with transitions and a lip

Fave park ever: Skatelab
Least fave park ever: Benicia
Fave board ever owned: Allen Losi blank
Most memorable skate moment: Watching Losi blast 6ft airs on our backyard

ramp, skating with my bro and friends back in the day, jacking plywood and

2×4′s at the newest construction site in our town

Brief comments:

  Name: Rob Ellis [email protected]

Age: 42
Town/Area: Bath ,Bristol
Started skating: 1975
Total years skating: 7 years then, and from now till ?
Fave terrain: Pipes! and the roof of Bath’s Tiffany’s Nite-club! anyone
remember that! :-)
Fave park ever: Thruxton Circuit, which I opened with the other guys from
the Emotion team

Least fave park ever: Dame emily Smithe Bristol
Fave board ever owned: G&S Fibreflex, Oak St Trucks & Yandell Bowl
Most memorable skate moment: Skating with Torger Johnson & the 70s Hobie
Team During their tour of Britain around 1978

Brief comments: Skated Pro for Bath Skateboard Centre, then Avon Wheels
and The Emotion Team. Finished with Stardance Sketeboards. First board was
a Gecko! I loved the Scene, kids fall about laughing when I tell them about
hanging ten and shooting the Duck!

Name Tim Leary (EcoFly) [email protected]

Age 44 (1961)
Town/Area Bristol as youth/Pembroke West Wales now.
Started Skating 1973 (ish)
Total Years skating 31 on & off
Fave terrain 6ft curves & slippery slopes

Fave park ever Vassells Park Bowl
Least fave park ever Camarthen skatepark now
Fave board ever Home made deck/Tracker Trucks/Green Kryp’s
Most memorable moment ever Pulling massive airs at Locklease 1/4 pipe but
landing on feet with flourish, on the flat, for the camera & visiting

A&E Frenchay, due feet crippled.
Brief comment "Voltarol" works for me – Keep on rollin’

Name: Mac [email protected]
Age: 44
Town/Area: Denver Colorado
Started skating: 1 year ago, after a 30 year lay-off

Total years skating:
Fave terrain: Long smooth hills
Fave park ever: Denver skate park
Least fave park ever:
Fave board ever owned: Gravity 47" Hyper Carve / PPI Chicken Dagger,
slalom set up

Most memorable skate moment: My first time I made it thru all the cones
and posted a reasonable time.
Brief comments: Been getting into the Slalom scene here in Colorado with
some of the best in the world. Jason Mitchell, Dave Pernack and Barker.
These folks have taken me under their wing and have rally helped me with
this sport. We have a great scene going and I am so happy to be a part of

  Name: David Wylie ([email protected])
Age: 34
Town: Partington, Manchester
Started skating: Early 80′s
Total years skating: 3-4 yrs (but none since the mid 90′s)

Fave terrain: Concrete bowls & parks
Fave park: Southport in the 80′s
Least fave: Only skated 2 & I loved both!
Fave board: The one i’ve just bought (A Southstar I think!)
Most memorable Sk8 moment: Any summer at Southport.

Brief Comment: Thanks to Marty at SK8FX for helping me keep the faith.

Name: Chris Doree [email protected]

Age: 41
Town/Area: Southampton
Started skating: 1976
Total years skating: 5ish
Fave terrain: Bowls & half pipes

Fave park ever: Guildford
Least fave park ever: I’m sure it’s out there somewhere, just haven’t seen
it yet
Fave board ever owned: Wes Humpston Dogtown, Trackers and……er…..Bones,
I think! The one in the piccy.
Most memorable skate moment: Grinding the coving at the Guildford Black
Brief comments: Got to get back into it! Debbbbb! Where’s me credit card?
You can buy skateboards on the internet!

Ally Barr / [email protected]
44 years old
Kettering (now Porthcawl)

35 years skating
Pools & Concrete
Glendale Vaduga.
Y2 SK8 Peterborough.
All of them.

Arriving at Skateside Kettering in 77 and watching a black BMW pull in with
Bobby Peircey driving, Jerry Valdez, Kent Senatori, Wenzell Rumell. What
a session.
Keep Skating, Keep Loving !

Name: Sean Hollowell / [email protected]
Age: 38
Town/Area: Mukilteo, Washington, Northwest United States
Started Skating: Early 70′s
Total Years Skating: Off and on since. Longest break about 5 years. Recently
back at it.
Fave Terrain: Big bowls and pools, anything that needs speed

Fave Park: My local, Mukilteo YMCA,
Least fave park ever: Don’t like it? Don’t go.
Fave board ever owned: Current one, Beer City BC12 blank with Indy 169s
and 60mm Powell owlriders
Most memorable skate moment: First frontside oververt carve in the Mukilteo
clamshell…….. bliss.
Brief comment: Express yourself

  Name: Dan B
Age: 29
Town/Area: Ascot/London

Started skating: 84/85
Total years skating: 8
Fave terrain: At the moment – wood mini’s, banks, curbs
Fave park ever: Southsea, Playstation, Stockwell
Least fave park ever: Bracknell vert ramp – oof!
Fave board ever owned: Santa Cruz Jeff Grosso, Indy’s, Bullets

Most memorable skate moment: Coming back to skateboarding in 2003 &
my first kickflip aged 27. Bones Brigade demo @ the old Bracknell vert ramp
c. 1990.
Brief comments: I should never have quit around 1993 to go study & rave
– my biggest regret. Feels great to be back :-)

Name: Trev Wells / [email protected]
Age: 40
Town/Area: Hillingdon
Started skating: 1976

Total years skating: 76-78, a bit in 85, this time round it’s a year or
so regularly.
Fave terrain: Concrete parks, bowls
Fave park ever: Tuckingmill….Botley…. so far!
Least fave park ever:
Fave board ever owned: My latest…..Skaterbuilt piglet, indies, abec no
skools…its a whopper.
Most memorable skate moment: Speed wobble on way home from Brunel skate
club 77′…ending with me upside down in the ditch….ouch!This weekend….seeing
Ginger Steve carve up Harrow, then do a frontside grind in the Harrow halfpipe….right
in front of me…cool bloke too.

Brief comments: ……I love it, I’m hooked, I take supplements for my joints!

Name: AL WELSH / [email protected]

Age: 45!
Town/Area: Brighton/London
Started skating: 1968 ‘Stingray’ board – then 1976
Total years skating: 1976-1981
Fave terrain: Pools with coping, Flat freestyle
Fave park ever: One in Paris (pictured)

Least fave park ever: Skatopia
Fave board ever owned: Pool-Dogtown Freestyle-G&S fiberflex 25.5 inch,
just bought another 70s one
Most memorable skate moment: Skating with Shogo of the Z-Boys
Brief comments: Still friends with Steve and Brian
Kellner who never stopped skating, EVER!

Name: Nigel Sluman
Age: 19
Town/Area: Hayes, Middlesex

Started skating: August 2004
Total skating: erm……0.6
Fave terrain: Concrete bowls by far.
Fave park ever: Harrow Skatepark
Least fave park ever: Went to a really small one in Humberstone, Leicester
last week which wasn’t great..or anything wooden or metal i can’t ride them!
Fave board ever owned: Well i don’t own it yet, but in less than two weeks

i’ll have a 9" x 33" Dogtown Reddog with Alva Dual Duro 97D 62.5mm
wheels, Tracker Dart 161mm SixTrack Polish trucks withe good ol’ Bones Reds
Most memorable skate moment: Few weeks ago, just started to carve up the
bowls at Harrow more, being kicked off of a small street section in Aberystwyth
several times..not many memories as i haven’t skated that long!
Brief comments: Not much to say about me…except….I Love Skateboarding

Name: Chris Eggers / [email protected]
Age: 39

Town/Area: Ettlingen/Germany
Started skating: 1976
Total years skating: 29
Fave terrain: vert
Fave park ever: Hard/Austria, GreenRamp Karlsruhe
Least fave park ever: every "park" without transitions

Fave board ever owned: Sims Brad Bowman 10"
Most memorable skate moment: seeing Mike McGill do the first McTwist in
Täby/Sweden in 1984
Brief comments: Skateboarding is everything

  Name: Matt Moran
Age: 35
Town/Area: Erdington, Birmingham
Started skating: 1988

Total years skating: 2
Fave terrain: parks, pavements
Fave park ever: Not done skate parks due to lack of facilities when I was
Least fave park ever: see above
Fave board ever owned: Only owned one – a nasty polypropylene job for a
Most memorable skate moment: Carrying my tuba to college and back on my

Brief comments: Got into skateboards as a way to transport my huge instrument(!),
gave it up when I gave up playing – more of a roller-
skater originally. Much inspired by your site, aiming to get a new board
and gear once I get paid next month. Time to go to Epic and
learn to do it properly.

Name: Tony Gretton / [email protected]
Age: 43
Town/Area: Nottingham
Started skating: 76ish

Total years skating: 4
Fave terrain: Third planet from the sun
Fave park ever: got to try them all first !
Least fave park ever:
Fave board ever owned: G&S Proline 500 deck, 9inch laser trucks, BelAir
Wings wheels (see my Pic !)
Most memorable skate moment: Finding myself sk8ing & getting a grind
after a 23 year lay off !!!!

Brief comments: Why did, I stop? Passion re-lighted…. Obsession take me!


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Total years skating:
Fave terrain:
Fave park ever:
Least fave park ever:

Fave board ever owned:
Most memorable skate moment:
Brief comments:

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